Yamaha Reface DX, CS, CP, and YC

Yamaha Reface DX, CS, CP, and YC editor/librarian panels


  •  Edit Voice and System parameters
  •  Save *.syx to disk
  •  Load *.syx from disk
  •  Send SysEx bulk of all parameters to MIDI from Panel
  •  Receive SysEx bulk of all parameters from MIDI to Panel
  • Randomizer (Reface DX and CS)
  • Send (CC or SysEx) and receive (CC) parameter changes for most parameters



17 thoughts on “Yamaha Reface DX, CS, CP, and YC”

  1. Awesome work. One glitch is that is a display bug for the LFO information for voices it gets from the Reface. It always shows wave=sine, and speed and delay both = 0. I’m using the panel in Ctrlr standalone on OSX 10.8.5, Reface hooked up via USB

    • Hi, I am new to this site. I have fixed the SYX Problem in this panel, but don’t know, how to upload it here. It is very easy to fix in the LUA save method (Lua Editor: voiceSave). You see it rigth beneth the top of the code. The save method want’s to store 4 times the op1 data. Here is the correct code:

      function voiceSave()
      if panel:getRestoreState() == true or panel:getProgramState() == true then


      local voiceMidiData = MemoryBlock ()
      local outfile = utils.saveFileWindow(“Save Patch To Disk”, File.getSpecialLocation(File.userHomeDirectory), “*.syx”, false)
      if outfile:replaceWithData(voiceMidiData) == false then
      utils.warnWindow(“Save Patch To Disk”, “CANCELED!”)
      utils.warnWindow(“Save Patch To Disk”, “DONE!”)

      function saveName()
      local voicetext = string.char(
      return File.createLegalFileName(voicetext)

  2. Having no luck with any of the top tabs (init, get, put, load and save). Anyone ever getting these functions to work? I just discovered this yesterday. Like a lot of people I couldnn’t get Yamaha’s soundmondo website to work. It works well to control the Reface DX, but there is no way to access the 2700 sysex files that you provided.

    So yeah, Thanks. But is there an option for a 64bit windows 10 to point to a location for the CTRLR panel to look for the sysex files? I tried overwriting the above (comment’s) code in the voiceSave but it won’t work. I am pretty surprised there aren’t more comments here. Probably a lot of DX owners are iPhone owners.

    It’s a nice controller and feeling pretty lucky to have it. Just wish I could access the bank presets you put together from Soundmondo.

    • The latest version of my panel will “remember” the last location you used to save or load a sysex file. PUT, GET, LOAD, SAVE should all work. If GET doesn’t work the MIDI/USB connection isn’t established properly. Sometimes closing and re-opening Ctrlr is necessary.

  3. hi, new to this site, had a little experience last year using ctrl for my tx7. trying to dump a dx21 patch onto my reface dx right now. Having a problem, the panel isnt opening in ctrl and i keep reopening it and it opens a new blank panel. Am i missing something? thanks!

    • Late response … I don’t visit this forum very often.
      Are you still experiencing this problem?

      You can’t dump an original DX21 patch onto the Reface DX just like that, but I assume you mean a DX21 patch that has been converted to Reface DX format.

      But if you can’t even open the panel that sound more serious.
      Please try the latest version(s) of my Reface DX panel from http://ctrlr.martintarenskeen.nl and tell me what version of Ctrlr and on what OS you are working if you still encounter problems.

  4. Hi, great panels, the previous problems I had have all been fixed now.
    But is there any way that you could design in ability to search and sort in the files? There are so many patches and they all have the same prefix. It became impossible to search, and sort would be nice, by recently modified.
    Also it would be great if the suffix, .syx was added automatically.

  5. Another thing that would be quite useful is if the load voice window would stay open, after the voice is loaded, and have a cursor that could scroll through the presets from top to bottom. There are hundreds of these in there and it is too many extra clicks to have to push load every time. Similar to a preset bank where the user could + or – thru the presets.

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