Apparels as Promo Products: 10 Clothing Pieces That Can Promote Your Brand

Apparels are among the most common types of promo products that companies give to their employees and customers. The fact that people use apparels in their daily lives and the fact that apparels look cool as a promo product are the reasons that businesses consider them as viable form of giveaways. From t-shirts and caps to hoodies and gloves, this list reveals some of the most common apparel promo products that can do free advertising of a business:

1.    T-Shirt

T-shirt is the most common type of apparel promo product that businesses use as giveaways in trade shows and promotional events. A t-shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that goes with majority of dresses and outfits, so there are more chances that your employee or a lead would wear it while going outdoors. Besides, the logo and custom patches of your company looks more visible and appealing on the chest of a t-shirt than any other apparel promo product.

Therefore, you should include this clothing piece in your promotional items and present it as gifts to your employees and clients.

2.    Cap

A cap is another promo product that people wear in their daily lives. Besides, companies distribute caps during promotional events to let more people know about their brand.

The good thing about caps are that they are worn over one’s head. So when you imprint custom embroidered patches or logos on a cap, it would likely to come in eye contact of hundreds of onlookers who might find interest in your brand.

A logoed cap with brand slogan of your company will likely to hook more leads to your brand and help promote it within the locality of your business.

3.    Hoodie

A hoodie is a favorite clothing item of teenagers and younger generation. So if the majority of your target audience comprises of the younger lot, then this apparel can be an excellent investment for promoting your business.

Apart from printing your brand identity on front of a hoodie, you can also consider putting the logo on the sleeves and hood. Whatever location you choose to imprint the logo and slogan of your company, a hoodie can carry it perfectly.

4.    Tank Top

Tank tops are common sight on the streets and beaches. People love this garment since it is looks supercool and is extremely comfortable to wear. No wonder a lot of people are seen wearing this upper garment on the streets.

To cash in the growing popularity of tank tops, you can give them away with printed logo and brand name of your company. The next time you plan a company-sponsored event, don’t forget to add this clothing piece in your marketing plan as a promotional item.

5.    Tracksuit

The growing obesity issues in North American region has forced more people to join gyms and fitness clubs to tone their body and this is where you have the room to promote your brand, especially if you are a health & fitness brand. Just order a few dozens of tracksuits and get them printed with logo of your company.

Every time your employee or customer will hit the gym, he will be implicitly telling the world about your company and how much it cares about health of people.

6.    Apron

Though not a conventional apparel item, an apron can be considered a good wearable item that you can give to your workers and clients to get free publicity for your business. An apron is an essential garment for people to wear when they are in kitchen or when they are hosting an outdoor party.

So while they will be busy in making foods, they will show the logo of your brand to their guests and other attendees. In this way, you can turn their weekends into an advertising opportunity for your business.

7.    Gloves

People need a pair of gloves in their daily lives. Sometimes they need them to fix things, while sometimes they wear them to protect their hands from effects of extreme weather. In either cases, they can attract people to the logo of your brand imprinted on the pair of gloves.

8.    Jacket

Jacket is an essential outwear in North America. People wear jacket during cold winter days to keep themselves warm and cozy. But in America, it is almost a perennial clothing piece due to constant chilly weather in this region. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the winter season to order these garment.

A jacket is available in variety of fabric and styles. There is bomber jacket and there is denim jacket. There is woolen jacket and there is leather jacket. Regardless of fabric of a jacket, it can turn out to be an excellent canvas for printing logo of your brand. You can print a logo on either right or left chest or you can keep it on the back which is a more visible part to the onlookers.

9.    Sweater

Just like a jacket, a sweater is also a necessity in North American region. During the extreme cold weather, it provides an extra layer of covering for people and keep them warm. You can use this apparel as one of your promo products using brand name and logo of your company.

Remember that winter is a favorite time for the people to go outdoors and travel the different cities. By giving them a logoed sweater of your brand, you will be able to catch more eyeballs who want to know about your business and they might end up becoming your customer.

10.                       Visor Cap

A visor cap or a sports visor is a type of cap that is often worn while playing a sports. If you don’t already know this cap, then let me tell you that it is not the same cap as we wear in our daily lives. Unlike a conventional cap, it doesn’t completely cover your head. It only has a visor with a strap that goes back to the head.

People also wear this headgear on the outdoors and on the beach which means you have plenty of eyeballs to direct to your brand identity. The front panel of this hat will sport your company’s logo and it might intrigue people to get more information about your brand.

These are some of the top-ranked apparel promo products that can carry the logo and slogan of your company. You can gift them during the promotional activities of your business to increase awareness of your business.

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