Are You Haunted By These Scary Air Conditioner Noises?

Is your home’s HVAC unit making some unusual sounds? No doubt it’s never pleasing to hear those scary hissing, banging, and buzzing noises, particularly during the Halloween days. You don’t have to sweat over that loud clump in the middle of the night, realizing it’s your HVAC system. However, you shouldn’t rest easy after hearing those unusual noises knowing these are as hazardous as any other supernatural being. Perhaps you need air conditioner repair in Fort Worth TX, whenever you hear any unusual sounds coming from your HVAC unit. Here are a few of those weird sounds:

Air Conditioner Repair In Fort Worth TX For Clicking Sounds

Most HVAC units make a single clicking sound whenever you turn them on or off. While a single click is never a cause for concern, multiple clicks are a clear sign that there’s trouble ahead. Perhaps consider an electrical component is faulty if you hear your cooling and heating system clicking constantly. These noises are also a sign that your indoor air quality in Fort Worth TX could also be affected. Moreover, repairing your unit yourself should never be an option; calling a specialist for the job is always recommended. Professionals can also give you expert advice on whether a simple repair can be enough for your system to function flawlessly or if it’s time for a replacement. 


Your HVAC system depends on evaporator coils. If they become frozen or debris builds upon them, they may no longer work. When the frozen coils begin to melt, you will most probably hear a cracking sound. You can recognize these unforeseen problems through placing regular maintenance and inspections. As a result, a specialist will be able to fix the issue before it worsens.


This noise probably comes from the air handler, a part of the air conditioner that circulates air throughout the house. Without this component, your cooling system won’t be able to cool since it can’t draw air to cool it. That resistance will reach a point where the air handler motor will generate a loud grinding noise while working. When you hear this type of sound, it’s a sign that you need air conditioner repair in Fort Worth TX. Without a professional repair, you run the threat of the motor burning out, which will ultimately necessitate a replacement and can damage your air conditioner further.


When your HVAC system is functioning correctly, you should hear a mild hum whenever you turn it on to heat or cool your house. However, a clear sign of a severe problem is when that soft hum turns into a horrible hissing noise. Occasionally, hissing comes from the ductwork system of your HVAC unit, suggesting an air leak. Sometimes, hissing can be a result of a refrigerant leak. Irrespective of the reason, you should instantly call a specialist to come and help you. 

AC Vibrating Noise

While some homeowners take vibrating and related sounds from their HVAC system lightly, you should never overlook them. Perhaps these noises result from a loose component putting strain on a primary part of your cooling or heating system. Moreover, both the impact and sound can escalate over time which will also impact the indoor air quality in Fort Worth TX. Whenever you hear a vibrating sound coming from your cooling or heating system, calling a specialist for a maintenance service is an excellent idea. Executing an inspection and tuneup can allow your cooling and heating technician to recognize any components that need tightening before they become entirely detached and cause severe damage.

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