Futuresonus Parva


Futuresonus Parva

Futuresonus Parva panel covers all available MIDI CC’s according to official documentation (as of 28.1.2017).

Don’t forget to save your patches manually on your Parva 😉

Let me know if you find any bugs, I’ve tested it just briefly.


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2017-01-30: Updated version – missing menu and cropped panel are sorted


Tasty Chips – Saw Bench

Tasty Chips - Saw Bench panel screenshot


Control panel for Tasty Chips SAWBENCH, 1 OSC analog mono synth (also availabe as DIY kit).

Cutoff and Resonance are unfortunately not MIDI controllable. Cutoff can be partially emulated by filter keyboard tracking parameter (KBD TRK).
LEGATO seems to work also like a note sustain switch.

It’s my first Ctrlr panel so bear with me if you spot any issues. I’ve used faders just because they are easier to use with touch screens.

Any feedback is welcome.


Release log:

2016-02-08: Improved layout

2016-02-05: Initial release



# of downloads: 667