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    Kawai k5000s
    Jomox AirBase99
    Roland Juno 106
    Roland MKS-30
    Roland MKS-50
    Roland MKS-80
    Roland SH-101
    SCI Pro-One
    AKAI MPC2000XL
    Oberheim OB8
    Oberheim Matrix 1000
    Waldorf Microwave I
    Access Snow TI
    NI Maschine
    Nord Modular G2 Engine

    i am a gearslut :ugeek:

    next purchase is a tx81z , and as soon as i get my hands on a Jupiter 6 i will sell the MKS80.
    And probably im selling MKS50 soon….

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    My hybrid Digital/Analog home studio so far:


    Korg Ms-10
    MAM MB33 MK I (unfortunately not midi CC controlled)
    Roland Juno 106 reversed keys with all voice chips replaced by clones.
    Roland MKS-50
    TX81Z (bought after I saw there was a ctrlr for it)
    Oberheim Matrix-1000
    Waldorf Pulse +
    Jomox Airbase99
    MFB Polylite (arriving today because I heard it in my broh’s studio and it is awesome)


    Quad core pc running OSX(86)
    RME Fireface800 with Alesis AI3 ADAT convertor
    UAD-2 All plugins
    Ableton Live 8.1
    Akai MPK49 controller
    Akai APC40 controller
    USB Midisport 2X2
    Motu Midi express 128 USB
    Behringer BCR2000 (sitting there without a job after the ctrlr could be configured to work with the APC40)

    The ctrlr’s are the best thing happened to my studio in years because finally ableton can automate and recall these old little fellows.

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    here is mine

    Acidlab Bassline
    Utopia Synth
    Chimera Synthesis BC16
    JoMoX Mbase01
    Syntecno TeeBee
    SpectralAudio ProTone
    Novation DrumStation
    KORG MS2000BR
    Roland Juno106
    SCI Multitrack
    ARP Odyssey (brown)
    Yamaha DX21
    Vermona Tiracon 6V
    AceTone RhytmAce (with speaker cabinet)
    Lider II (russain guitar synth)
    Casio CZ1000
    Korg EX800
    Roland R8
    DSI Evolver

    Behringer Virtualizer Pro (the most crappy fx unit i ever saw)
    AKAI MPK49
    Tascam FireOne (for ctrlr devel)
    Echo AudioFire 12 (main audio interface)
    rack mounted PC with Windows and FLStudio (i’ve been using FLStudio since it was version 3)

    that’s all. i wish i hade that Oberheim Matrix synth, i’m doing a ctrlr for it now and the modulation parameters and all the stuff it has looks really nice.

    I also wonder why is everyone using Live! nowadays, i really don’t like that software.

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    DSI mono evolver keys
    DSI mopho
    DSI tetra
    Roland SH201, TR 909-808-707-727, RE 201, SRV 3030
    Ensoniq Dp2
    filtres: Sherman filterbank 2, Sherman restyler, moogerfooger(101, 105M)
    Mackie onyx 1640i
    Akai APC 40,live and logic
    + lots of records from detroit!!!

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    DAWs: Logic 9 , Live 8 , Reason 4

    Plugins from : Cakewalk , d16 , Gforce , Korg , NI , Novation , OhmForce , Waldorf

    I/O : Line 6 Toneport DI Gold + Podfarm , M-Audio Firewire 410 , Small analog mixer (for synths)

    Midi Controllers : Akai MPK49 , Alesis Control Pad , Korg Nano Pad ,Korg KLC MS20 USB Controller

    Hardware synths : DSI Evolver /Tetra / Mopho , Roland Alpha Juno 1 , Akai Miniak , Novation Xio

    ( You’ve done a ctrlr for all my synths … pending the Miniak)

    "atom":1vz2h18c wrote:
    I also wonder why is everyone using Live! nowadays, i really don’t like that software.[/quote:1vz2h18c] – Live took a long time to grow on me (as I started on V3) but the moment I realized midi sequences + clips + clip launching midi controllers = I was hooked . I think a lot of users are big on the fact that you can midi map almost everything in live + on mac it runs both VST & AU . <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> , but to each their own .
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    Andromeda A6
    Moog Little Phatty Stage 1
    Juno 106
    MkS 50
    MFB Polylite
    Waldorf Pulse

    Ableton Live 8.1 OSX
    MPK 49

    UAD 2 DUO
    TL AUDIO A4 16:2 summer

    Focal CMS 65
    AKG K601
    TC Level Pilot

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    i can’t get over how ugly and unuseful is the piano roll i Live, i just can’t switch from FLstudio cause of this feature.

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    Machinedrum SPSUW mk2 + TM, Yamaha RY30+2cards, Roland R8+8cards, Korg ER1, Korg ES1, Jomox Mbase01, Kawai XD-5
    Korg Z1, Alesis Micron, Yamaha SY85, Waldorf MicroQ, Mam MB33 mk2, DSI Mopho, Yamaha DX200, Korg EA1, Casio VZ8m, Korg Wavestation AD, Yamaha TX81z, Kawai K1m, Korg X5/DR, Roland GR1
    Yamaha FX900 + FC900, Alesis 3630, Alesis Quadraverb+, Roland GP8, Roland EF303, Pioneer EFX500, Boss GT8
    Imac 24inch c2d, Ableton Live 7.0.18, Yamaha RS7000, Motu 828 mk2, NI Audio Kontrol 1, Roland GI20, Motu Microlite, Emagic MT4, Godin Freeway SA, Yamaha Promix01, Adam A7, Korg Padkontrol, KDJ500, Technics/Pioneer Headphones, Ableton Live 7, Meinl Djembe, Samick Guitars, Classical Guitar, Guitar Pedals

    Should upgrade to Live 8 but mchinedrum is too much fun and I don’t like ‘rumours of crashes.’

    @ DBM: the Akai Miniak its the same as the Alesis Micron, meaning you can use "MICRONAU’ if you re on a mac… it works perfectly in Live, and its free!

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    "atom":79ib3zrm wrote:
    i can’t get over how ugly and unuseful is the piano roll i Live, i just can’t switch from FLstudio cause of this feature.[/quote:79ib3zrm]Maybe I just work too less in the piano roll for extensive editing purposes… the whole session view <–> arrangement view concept is great in Live and how you can use both of those as "background layers" then adding on the other "side" new elements. But as we know there are thousands of different workflow principles, everyone has to find what is best for their current knowledge and interests.
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    I’ve got these babies:

    Nord Rack 1
    Juno 6 w/ Kenton MIDI
    Waldorf Pulse

    Very interested in helping out with profiles for Nord Rack 1 and JX-8P. Don’t have any XML or graphics skills, though.

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    i’m actually watching an online auction for a JX8P if i get it a ctrlr will be definetly, if not i’ll make one anyway (it’s all sysex the way god intended it to be).

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    Alesis A6 Andromeda
    Moog Voyager RME
    Roland V-Synth XT
    Clavia NordRack2X
    DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard
    Korg EX-8000
    Waldorf Microwave
    Electron Monomachine
    Electron MachineDrum

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    hi heres my setup and my studio at the bottom of my garden <img loading=” title=”Cool” /> there is a lot of modded stuff and customised stuff have a look at
    cheers ciaran
    roland tr909
    roland tr707 hi hat mod,audio input
    bent roland tr505
    roland tb303 kenton cv
    roland juno 106
    roland juno 60 midi
    roland JX-3P
    roland SH-101 modded
    korg ms20 custom oak wood panels
    korg mini 700 with cv/gate,vca,audio in mods,oak panels and snakeskin facia
    korg prophecy
    korg poly 61M filter mod
    yamaha cs 15 don solaris mods blue leds, iroko panels
    Waldorf Pulse
    F.A.T freebass with reso boost
    kenton pro solo II x 2
    roland W30
    akai s2000 10 outs and fx
    korg electribe esx1 with jj valve upgrade
    korg ER1
    yamaha RY30 house+ rap card
    novation drumstation v2
    pentium4 3ghz 2gb ram cubase vst 5 / wavelab 5 -yamaha dspfactory+fostex vc8 da/ad x2
    pc athlon xp1800 used as master recorder
    mackie 32 8 buss
    boss se50
    boss se70
    TC electronic m300
    redsound federation fx/ audio to BPM convertor
    TC electronic finalizer 48k
    behringer patchbay
    LA audio gx 20 compressor
    LA audio 4×4 compressor gate
    akai mfc42 filter
    kenton control freak live
    evolution x session
    steinberg midex 8
    roland spd8 midi drum controller
    KRK V6 MKII monitors

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    • ★★

    Mine’s much smaller <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    Those are patiently waiting for their ctrlr counterparts, as they were a gift from someone who wasn’t using them anymore <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    Elektron MachineDrum MKII-UW

    Audio interface:
    MOTU Ultralite mk3

    Ableton Live Suite
    TAL audio plugins
    D16 plugins
    NI Maschine

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    Roland JX-8P
    KORG POLY-61M w/ filter mod (and soon to be audio in and chorus)
    YAMAHA DX-21(what’s up with the midi buffer on this one?)
    CASIO HT-700
    YAMAHA RY-30
    KORG DDD-1 x2
    Alesis HR-16b
    Roland TR-505 bent

    Studiomaster Diamond 16-2 mixer
    M-Audio Firewire Audiophiile
    M-Audio Axiom25
    MOTU Micro Express
    various Boss half-rack FX
    YAMAHA HS-50m monitors
    Mac G4 running Tiger
    Ableton Live 8

    Would like to get a Fender/Rhodes Chroma Polaris , ARP Odyssey and an EMS some day.

    I use Live because my machine’s a little slow. Live runs really smooth compared to something like Logic. I also love how easy it is to slice up audio in Live. I can mangle drums and cut loops out of synth parts i would have never bothered with in Logic.
    After I switched to Mac I kept an eye on fruity Loops for a while. It was the first piece of music software I used back when it was just a stand alone drum machine. They kept promising but never made a Mac version so I just let it go. I’ll have to take a look and see what I’m missing.

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    DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard
    Waldord Blofeld Desktop
    Novation DrumStation
    Yamaha TG-33
    NI Maschine

    2ghz, 4gb Black Macbook
    Motu 8pre + Ada8000
    Behringer Truth B2030A
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

    +Lots of Mics, couple Guitars, Jazz Bass, Tube Preamp, Box of Toys, Percussions etc.

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    Roland TR-808
    Roland TR-909
    Elektron Monomachine
    Waldorf Blofeld
    Roland Alpha Juno 1

    Soundcraft Series 500 (24-8)
    SonicCore pci-cards 33 dsp’s
    Creamware Ultra A16
    Fostex VC-8 (2x)
    Studio Electronic M-One
    Yamaha NS10’s
    Genelec 8020’s
    Alesis Monitor Two’s
    Behringer BCR2000
    EMU Xboard
    Evolution UC33
    Ableton Live 8

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    FutureRetro XS
    Flame Clockwork
    roland HPD10
    Poly evovler Rack
    Evolver desktop
    misc moduls modular synth

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    • ★★★★★

    ooh ooh i wanted the FutureRetro so much, have you got any demo/tracks done with that ? i’d love to hear how it sounds.

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    • Total: 85

    my favorite is the polyevolver rack , the problem is the editor , but not for long <img loading=” title=”Wink” />

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