How to fix Gmail not syncing on your android?

Gmail is an email service provider and sometimes to sync with android can be tedious. So we have laid down hassle-free steps for all the Gmail users who fail to sync their Android devices due to basic issues. Read the blog to know more and visit our website to know the solution to Gmail won’t load!

Follow the following steps to sync with Android:

  1. Firstly, make sure your app is updated, so go to your Gmail app and click on the update button
  2. Restart your device as there may be a bug in your system
  3. Check if the Gmail syncing option is on or not. Go to the side button on Gmail where you will find the settings drop-down menu. Enable the sync Gmail option on the top side when you open Gmail.
  4. You can also choose the option of Auto-sync personal data when you select accounts in your settings app.
  5. Make sure your wifi is stable and connected successfully to your device.
  6. Check if you have free storage in your internal shared storage.
  7. Download an updated version of your browser if your app is not working. Log in through your browser and reinstall the app.

How to fix Gmail not syncing on your iPhone app?

  1. Make sure you enable IMAP on your Gmail settings.
  2. Check if your internet connection is stable and not on airplane mode.
  3. Check if the Gmail is updated
  4. Reinstall the Gmail app if the error still persists.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to sync with the iPhone app with Gmail. If the issue persists then make sure you get in touch with Gmail assistance as they are available for your technical queries. If you wish to know more make sure to visit our website to know solutions to issues like Gmail not Syncing!

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