How to resolve TurboTax Error code 1719?

TurboTax costs more than other tax preparation services. It was created in the 1980s, and starting now and into the foreseeable future, it has made itself the best software in filling charges flawlessly, working either with your phone, tablet, or PC. Now, to meet the particular need of the clients, the organization has dispatched different versions of the program, mostly deluxe, premium, home, and business. Below we will list down comparisons so that it gets easier for you to choose as per your requirement.

However, the users of TurboTax keep on facing technical issues when they try to install TurboTax on Mac or error 1719. Now, if you wish to fix TurboTax Error code 1719, first you must understand what TurboTax Error code 1719, its reasons, and then common ways to resolve it is.

What is Turbo Tax error code 1719?

This can also occur when the user fails to access the Windows Installer Program. Now, this issue might appear extremely frustrating for you, but all you need to do is to follow a few significant instructions that are explained here.

Some Steps to fix Turbo Tax error code 1719

If you are stuck and want to fix TurboTax Error code 1719, you are expected to follow a few important steps that are explained here; check out the steps to know more about it.

For windows 10

  • First of all, you should see the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  • Look for update service in the process tab and end process.
  • Look for MSIexec.exe in the Details tab and end the process.
  • Try installing TurboTax again.

For Windows 7

Run the Windows System File Checker, then try updating again.

 Re-register Windows Installer.

  • Select Start > Run > and type MSIEXEC /UNREGISTER.
  • Select OK (it’ll look like nothing happened).
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2, but this time type MSIEXEC /REGSERVER.
  • Try updating again.

 Start the Windows Installer Service.

  • Now, you must choose Start > type Services. MSC, which is in the search box, and then press the Enter key.
  • Scroll down and select Windows Installer.
  • Select Manual as the Startup type.
  • Select Start, then OK.
  • Try updating again.

The above-stated steps clearly bring out the different ways and steps which will help you to troubleshoot TurboTax Error code 1719. In case you are stuck with this error code, nothing could be better than reading, understanding, and implementing the steps that are given above. Now, in case you did follow the steps, yet you are unable to resolve the issue, then nothing could be better than seeking ways to get in touch with TurboTax Live Person. Now, you can simply take help from the experts and technicians who will help you to fix your problem without any fuss.

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Facebook Not Working- How to Troubleshoot the Issue?

Facebook is a famous social media platform where users can communicate freely. You can easily connect with your friends and family, gather all the information about the global events, and promote your business. So, if you can across an issue like Facebook not working, it can be really annoying. If you cannot connect to Facebook, then try out the troubleshooting methods available to deal with it.

How to Deal with Facebook Not Working on Mobile Device?

There are several reasons because Facebook gets freeze and you are unable to use the Facebook app on your iOS or Android devices.

  1. Facebook Should be Updated

Facebook comes up with updates quite often, so any older version might crash at any moment. It is very important to update your Facebook app. For that, move to Google Play Store or App Store and download and install the latest Facebook version.

  • Clear Cache from Android Devices

Move to the Facebook app in your App management; you will find it in settings and clear the application cache. Your app can keep freezing as a result of the app’s cache accumulating over a long period. Hence, if you clear cache regularly, it can troubleshoot the issue, and if you are an iOS user, the system will automatically clear all cache.

  • Log Out App and Restart Phone

Try logging out of Facebook app and then log in again, as it might troubleshoot your Facebook app issue.


Check out the guide to know about troubleshooting steps to deal with Facebook not working. After following the methods, if Facebook is still not working, it is advisable to contact Facebook or How can I contact Facebook Support to guide you properly. 

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How to fix QuickBooks error 6010 100

You would be one of those people who have landed on the frustrating stage of getting a QuickBooks error. There are more than 100,000+ people each who go onto google to resolve their issues.. Don’t worry we are here to help you out with Quickbooks error 6010 100, Quickbooks error 3371, and Quickbooks error h202.

Steps to solve the QuickBooks Error -6010 -100

Switch off Quickbooks company file hosting and change the name of the Quickbooks company file with .nd extension.

  • To switch of hosting, you need to restart your computer & then hold the Ctrl key and then double click the QBs icon and open the Quickbooks program without activating the company file
  • Select the “File” menu and then choose the “Utilities” option, and then choose “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access”
  • Then, you would need to confirm, then go to the “yes” option

If there are problems with the company file, then it is an issue with the desktop-based software, switch to web-based / cloud-based software

Here’s how you can change the name of  the .nd file:

  • Search on your computer for files with the .nd extension.
  • Then search the .nd files with the name of the company
  • Then, right-click the .nd file
  • Then, make sure to rename and type old at the end.
  • Finally, we hope that the company file opens without any error.

What is the QuickBooks Error 3371?

You may see some error messages like this displayed on your screen –

“Could not initialize license properties. Error 3371: Quickbooks could not load the license data.”

How to resolve Quickbooks Error 3371 –

  • Download the latest windows update
  • Then after that, select the button “All Program” tab – “Windows Update “
  • Then complete the upgrades of all the windows updates and then prepare to set up Quickbooks Software
  • Then create the damaged entitlementDataStore.ecml file and then you can solve the problems related to license and registration.
  • Download it again by performing a clean installation of the QuickBooks desktop software.

If you know more blogs like this one “How to resolve QuickBooks error code 6010 100” and also learn how to resolve the Quickbooks error 3371 and Quickbooks error h202. Make sure to read the blogs on our website.

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How to remove Google Chrome Extensions?

Google chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world; it has a lot of features like adding extensions, personal space, notifications settings, etc. You added an extension then days or weeks later; you realize that you rarely ever use that extension. Then you think about how to remove that extension. It’s simple. You just need only five minutes to do this in few steps. By following the steps, you would be able to find out the ways to turn off Google Chrome notifications.

  • Click on the menu button (3 dots) in the top right-hand corner and click on” More Tools,” and then “Extensions” in the dropdown menu.
  • Now, you’ll view a page of the downloaded extensions. From there, you can simply delete or disable the extension.
  • Once you’ve determined what you wish to keep, restart Chrome, so any changes take effect. This is the simplest way to remove extensions directly in the browser.

After uninstalling the extensions, if your Google Chrome is still processing slow, you can do some other things like you can completely reset your Chrome to its default settings, or you can turn off Google Chrome notifications.

What are Google Chrome Notifications, and how to get rid of them?

Notifications are one of the best inventions of modern browsers; they show previews of email, football scores, or even instant messages. But this can get a little irritating, particularly when it includes spam and advertisements. If too many sites have begun to send you notifications, or if you need to shut out all the unnecessary notifications, you should turn off Google Chrome notifications. Doing so is pretty simple:

  • Open the Google Chrome Settings page.
  • Select ‘Settings’ or type chrome://settings in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Under Privacy, click Content settings.
  • Scroll down to Notifications.
  • Select which websites you want notifications from
  • Click Manage exceptions to see the list of sites that you’ve granted permission for notifications. Click the X to the right of any of these URLs to stop the site from sending notifications.

Reset Chrome settings to default

After uninstalling extensions, how to reset your Chrome is one of the most frequently asked questions. You can restore your browser settings in Chrome at any time. You might need to do this if apps or extensions you installed changed your settings without your knowledge.

  • First, Open your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More and then Settings.
  • At the bottom, click Advanced.
  • Chrome book, Linux, and Mac: Under “Reset Settings,” click Restore settings to their original defaults and then Reset Settings.
  • Windows: Under “Reset and cleanup,” click Reset Settings and then Reset Settings.

These steps won’t provide a full reset. For example, some settings like fonts or accessibility won’t be deleted. To create a new user profile, add a new user in Chrome.

If you do follow the above-stated steps, you can simply find out some of the basic settings of Google Chrome? Go through the steps and find an effective solution to your problem. Know the steps for further details. Once you follow and implement the steps, you would be able to find the answer to the questions like how to reset Chrome.

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How to fix it if Google Docs are not working?

Google Docs is like a word doc that allows for editing and sharing doc files with another. You can also use the Google app for online collaborating. If you have been using Google Docs and know how to transfer ownership of a Google Doc, you must have witnessed how beneficial this feature is to make your work easier. However, sometimes, it just stops loading and doesn’t work; there could be various possible reasons and solutions behind the issue. So, read this blog to know more about fixing a frozen Google Doc.

No or unstable internet connection:

Suppose you have a poor internet connection, which is one of the most common reasons your Google Docs are not working. If you feel that there is instability or shows “trying to connect,” then make sure you reconnect and try restarting the Google Doc.

Extensions and Plugins:

Third-party plugins and browsers can cause issues with Google and create errors while Google Docs are opening up. So make sure you delete unnecessary extensions from your device.

Cache and Cookies:

Caches and cookies are built from websites that you visit. So make sure that cache data and cookies are deleted when you re-access the browser to fasten up your loading as it may take up a lot of space on your device.

Outdated Browser

Your web browser may be old and have common bugs that are not resolved. Try to update your rbrowser frequently, which will help you load heavy files and applications on our device quickly. If your browser is updated, make sure you open from another browser as it may be possible that the browser may be incompatible with Google Docs for the time being.

Firewall settings

The firewall settings on your browser may be one of the reasons that can block access to your Google drive, so delete the unnecessary settings and reset by customization on the browser.

If you are using many resources, extensive apps, or sources on the docs, it is heavier.

It may also be possible that you have opened too many tabs or made the Google Doc heavy, which can also cause the Google Docs to lag while editing and opening.

Follow these steps mentioned above to know how to fix the issue of Google Docs not loading. You can also take the help of the professionals to fix up problems like how to If you wish to change margins in Google Docs or what to do if Google Docs are not responding.

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How to fix Gmail not syncing on your android?

Gmail is an email service provider and sometimes to sync with android can be tedious. So we have laid down hassle-free steps for all the Gmail users who fail to sync their Android devices due to basic issues. Read the blog to know more and visit our website to know the solution to Gmail won’t load!

Follow the following steps to sync with Android:

  1. Firstly, make sure your app is updated, so go to your Gmail app and click on the update button
  2. Restart your device as there may be a bug in your system
  3. Check if the Gmail syncing option is on or not. Go to the side button on Gmail where you will find the settings drop-down menu. Enable the sync Gmail option on the top side when you open Gmail.
  4. You can also choose the option of Auto-sync personal data when you select accounts in your settings app.
  5. Make sure your wifi is stable and connected successfully to your device.
  6. Check if you have free storage in your internal shared storage.
  7. Download an updated version of your browser if your app is not working. Log in through your browser and reinstall the app.

How to fix Gmail not syncing on your iPhone app?

  1. Make sure you enable IMAP on your Gmail settings.
  2. Check if your internet connection is stable and not on airplane mode.
  3. Check if the Gmail is updated
  4. Reinstall the Gmail app if the error still persists.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to sync with the iPhone app with Gmail. If the issue persists then make sure you get in touch with Gmail assistance as they are available for your technical queries. If you wish to know more make sure to visit our website to know solutions to issues like Gmail not Syncing!

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Get tips on how to connect Cannon TS 3122 printer to WiFi


If you are a user of the Canon TS 3122 printer and you are unable to connect with your Wifi then read this blog and learn. This article is only for people who use Windows 10 and want to connect their printer to the computer with a wireless connection. Read this blog to know more about How to connect Canon TS3122 and Canon MG3620 setup.

Types of Wireless connection for your Canon TS3122 printer

  • Easy Wireless Connect (Direct)
  • WPS Button (Wifi Protected Setup)

You can connect your Canon TS3122 printer using the Easy wireless connect option. This is used where you don’t have a WPS button on the router box. This is called the direct method: follow these steps to connect!

  1. Turn your printer ONN.
  2. If you see a green light blinking, press stop on your canon printer
  3. Once it has stopped blinking, hold the direct button on the printer panel for some time.
  4. A wireless icon will bring on your printer’s screen
  5. Go to Windows 10 computer
  6. Download Canon TS3122 drivers from the website.
  7. Run the canon driver software
  8. Click on the Start Setup.
  9. Installing the Canon TS3122 software may take some time
  10. Select deactivate the block
  11. Press Yes where you see your printer’s name
  12. Enter the password of your WiFi.
  13. Hit Next.
  14. It will install the Canon TS3122 printer
  15. The last step is Page Alignment.

Once it’s done, your printer is ready to be used

How to connect MG2620?

You can also connect via the radio button, which is recommended. Make sure you have connected and selected Canon MG3620 in all of them, and then you can verify the serial number which is written on the sticker.

  1. You can select the option from your software installation list
  2. You can click next, and after it is completed successfully
  3. Click exit, and you are ready to use the printer.

Make sure you follow these steps to connect the Canon MG3620 setup with your devices without any hassle! For more information, visit our website!

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Find out how to Setup a Wireless Canon Pixma MG2922 in Windows & Mac

Complete Guide To Delete Page on Facebook

Are you the one having several pages on Facebook and wonder how to delete a Facebook page? Then you are on the right page. In this article, get step-by-step instructions to delete the page permanently.

Let’s have a look at the steps to delete the Facebook page. Before deleting the page, you should be the admin of the page.

Steps to Delete Facebook Page

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Now, go on the Facebook page.
  3. At the top of your page, click on “settings.”
  4. Go to general and click on the remove page.
  5. Tap on the delete option.
  6. Now click on “OK” and delete the page.

In case you want to restore the page, then you can do it in 14 days.

How to Cancel “Page” Deletion?

Steps to Cancel Page Deletion

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Now, go to “page” within 14 days of deleting your page.
  3. At the top of the page, go to “cancel the deletion.”
  4. Click on “confirm” and then ‘OK.’

Why Can’t A Person Delete Facebook Business Page?

People get confused sometimes about how to delete a Facebook business page and the reason is the user is not admin of the page. And, if you are an admin and still can’t delete the page, then there might be some other admin who has canceled the page deletion. 

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What to Do If My Account Cannot Be Accessible Anymore?

When you find your account fails to be accessed with your user-credentials, there is a need of doing some serious stuff for getting back the account operation. What you do is first try recovering your account by getting through the link – Forgot password?

If the process couldn’t help you out, you must try to search for the answer to the question, how do I speak to a live person at PayPal and resolve your issue instantly.

What If PayPal Account Gets Limited and You Want to Withdraw Money?

Whenever your PayPal account gets limited and you’re asked to verify that the funds are eligible for withdrawal, you should log in to your account and withdraw the left amount available in the account. How you do is follow the steps down below:

  • Log in to PayPal account.
  • Navigate to My Account > Withdraw.
  • Select on the option – Transfer to bank account, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $1.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Review the confirmation page and click “Submit.”

This sort of concern: PayPal limited account how to get money out is happened mostly to non-verified and verified PayPal users outside the United States.

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Brief Guide to Get Knowledge of Google Assistant and How to Use It

Google Assistant is integrated Android software, known as the Google’s next generation way of searching with Google. Instead of providing links to the websites, Google Assistant is designed to have conversations with you in order to finish off tasks.

Like Siri, interacting with your Android phone to do a variety of tasks, such as setting alarms or playing music can be done easily with Google Assistant. Coming to the point of discussing how to use Google Assistant, do a long hold on the home button or home icon of your phone. Hold the button, and the virtual helper will ask you to speak what you want. Then it will begin the search process.

Alternative Step-By-Step Tips to Use Google Assistant

  • On your Android device, open the Google app.
  • Tap on your profile or the “More” icon below. Then, select on the Settings.
  • Select the Google Assistant tab.
  • Next, scroll down to the General section.
  • Next to the Google Assistant, move the toggle button and you’re done turning the Assistant on.

That’s it! If you want to turn off accessing Google Assistant, keep following almost all of the same steps. At one point, you may be needed to flip the toggle in the opposite direction. This is how you can turn off Google Assistant without any help from others.

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