Kiwi-3P Editor

A panel for Roland JX-3P Synthesizers that have been retro fitted with the Kiwitechics 3P Upgrade (version 2.5 firmware).

This panel uses predominantly Sysex commands to control the synthesizer parameters.

The current patch name and location are displayed in the centre screen. Next to the screen are two buttons, these select the panel features via pop-up menus. The the Kiwi-3P menu allows the selection, saving and moving of patches in the synthesizer memory. The Editor menu allows patches to be renamed, initialised and saved to and loaded from disk as Sysex files.

The panel was created and functions in Ctrlr version 1590.

You can view a quick demo here:

Download  Kiwi-3P Editor Manual

Download  Kiwi-3P Editor Software Mac OSX

Download  Kiwi-3P Editor Ctrlr Panel

5 thoughts on “Kiwi-3P Editor”

  1. Hi this looks great – I’m yet to get my Kiwi-3P but if I wanted to modulate the DCO mix with an LFO or ENV is this possible with a Kiwi-3P and from this great panel you’ve created. I don’t see any obvious way to do this from the screenshot? Cheers

  2. Hello,

    Some comments on this great panel (thanks lfo2vco!) after a day tuning it for my setup:

    1. It seems that all sysex messages are always sent on midi channel 1 (the “b0” in “f0 7f 7f 7f 60 01 00 b0 29 xx f7” as mentionned in => but not really a problem if you follow #2 and #3 below.

    2. There’s no need to send sysex messages for simple CCs => change components’s “midi messages type” property from “sysex” to “CC” and it works too. With the big benefit that the midi channel follows the one set in your panel.

    3. All “combo” component (aka dropdown menus like range, waveform, etc.) triggers a lua function to convert (map) the combo linear values (e.g. 0, 1, 2, 3) to a another value as required by kiwi specs (e.g. 0, 16, 32, 64)… and then sends a sysex string with that new value. This leads to many functions (one per combo) and a lot of sysex. => On all combos: 1. remove the callback to lua function, 2. select “CC” as “midi message type” and 3. use an expression into the “expression to evaluate when calculating the midi message from the modulator value” to map combo value to another value:

    # example for a “DCO1 range” combo with 3 mapped values (0 => 0, 1 => 32, 2 => 64)
    eq(modulatorValue,0,0, eq(modulatorValue, 1, 32, eq(modulatorValue, 2, 64, 0)))

    arg..all those parenthesis are a pain in combo with more values, yes :)… but still simpler then a function per combo + the benefit that this will follow the panel global midi channel. (maybe dev could add a new function “map([0, 16, 32, 64], index)” to avoid nested eq(eq(..))? 😉

    Hope that this will help or that someone will point me to a better solution about mapping combo values.

    Thanks again lfo2vco for the great work!

  3. Thank you lfo2vco for the great panel, and also thanks to Chab for following up on a question I had posted elsewhere about changing the midi channels., and sorry for the delayed reply. Will try this out hopefully tomorrow, so thanks again

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