Korg DW-8000

This is a panel for the Korg DW-8000. It should also work with the rack version EX-8000 but I couldn’t test it.

If the synth’s midi output is connected to the panel’s input, the panel can receive sysex program dump data, and update its values according to the synth’s current program. There is two ways this can happen:

– if the “Load” button is clicked, the panel sends a dump request

– if the panel receives a midi program change message on the midi channel used to communicate with the synth, it will send a dump request. The synth always sends a midi program change message when a new program is selected.


The format is “compressed binary + ressources”.


4 thoughts on “Korg DW-8000”

  1. Great panel! However “load” button does not work in VST mode in Ableton 9 64bit on Win7 64bit nor does program change on synth update panel status :-(. Also is there a way to change the programs via panel and also save variouos new programs on computer to be loaded on “per session” basis?

    • Indeed – I love this synth! Mine has been dead for about the past 12 years and was recently resurrected by a tech friend … with all my patches from the 90s intact!

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