MIDI Widget 1.0 VST

MIDI Widget 1.0 VST

Created by dnaldoog and myself, this VST is primarily designed to route MIDI out of DAWs where MIDI generating devices are sandboxed (such as Propellerhead Reason). The Widget will route MIDI to and from both virtual and physical devices and back into your DAW via the IAC Driver, MIDI Ox or similar loop MIDI method.

I use the Widget with a VST host such as Minihost Modular (image above) this allows me to chain the Widget behind a VST sequencer; the resulting MIDI is then routed out to physical synthesisers.

Included in this zip download are a Ctrlr Panel, 64 bit Mac OSX VST, 32 bit Windows 10 VST and 64 bit Windows 10VST.

This panel has been created using Ctrlr version 5.3.0

MIDI Widget Download

Minihost Modular Link

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