Novation Supernova


Allows editing of all the part parameters for the original novation super nova.  All knob/button/menu based variables are exposed for the 4.1 OS.

Does not yet include arpeggio or performance parameters.


20 thoughts on “Novation Supernova”

    • Nice work! You inspired my to build my own control panel for Supernova 2. I went further I made single program reading. I propose to implement my code to your panel in order to make patch reading available on it. My panel can control & read patches from nova/supernova1 as well. But yours is just more convenient to control first generation synth’s.

  1. @akis, it should work without even having to dump sysex if bloodykot’s supernova 2 code can be ported to this panel – a button click will request the dump and UI updates to state of current patch (such a useful feature!).

    rcbuse – I would be happy to do the work to port over bloodykot’s functionality so this Supernova/Nova 1 editor can work as well as the Supernova 2 editor does. Let me know if this would be possible.

  2. Also would be happy to add Arpeggio and Performance parameters. How do these CTRLR panel codes work? Is it already open source? Or do I need a source code to help develop the panel?

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