PCM-80 Editor / Librarian

OK, a Christmas Present for you all!

After about 5 months work (I never want to do this again, well thats the way I feel at the moment) I’m releasing Version 1 of my Lexicon PCM80 Editor to the wider community.

It’s been tested with a SIMM Expanded PCM80 running v1.1 Firmware.

It is by no means perfect or indeed finished but it is basically functional and mostly bug free 🙂

Known Issues:

1 It only works with the 10 Algorithms that are built into the PCM80, it does not at present work with any of the Expansion Card Algorithms.

2 The Master Controls for ‘Levels’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Panning’, etc… will offset the corresponding values for the individual voices. This is normal PCM80 behaviour but the panel will indicate the incorrect value. This does NOT stop the Editor from working and all Parameter Values are still stored correctly and can be saved and recalled, it’s just the Panel Display will be incorrect.

3 The Bank Change always resets the Program to 0.0, even though the Panel may indicate something different.

4 The ‘Tempo’ Mode Buttons on the Panel do NOT change the Mode on the PCM80, you will still need to simultaneously Press ‘Up’ + ‘Tempo on the Hardware.

Give it a go and let me know if find anything else, I’m sure you will.


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