All About 123mkv and Its Top Alternatives Site

Movies are an essential essence of life without which entertainment is null. Movies bring us all closer to emotions. The consumption of movies and entertainment in today’s time is so much that missing them can lead to FOMOs. If you have ever waited for your favorite movie release on silver screens, or OTT platforms and were not able to watch it due to uneven circumstances then you would understand that feeling can be crappy. 

Thanks to online movie download websites, since they come easily to save the day and one can watch as many movies as they wish without limits. is one such online movie download website that for a long time has helped users consume free entertainment without hassle! Explore everything related to 123mkv in this article and its top alternatives to never a miss movie release!

Why 123mkvmovies is the Best?

When you talk above movie download sites that give you the best Bollywood and Hollywood releases, then 123mkv lands in the top 10 sites for its amazing content and delivery. Being an online film center, the site has a commitment to delivering movie assortments in variant languages and suitable dialects, with the best classifications.

123mkv is not restricted to any genre and is available in both 123mkv Hollywood and mkv123 Bollywood. With an enormous library and collection from everything to Hindi cinema, Hollywood movies, Hollywood dubbed, south-dubbed, Bollywood movies, and more, there is no end to the entertainment. 

What Are the Best 123mkv Alternatives?

1. Newasiantv: 

Newasiantv is one popularly known piracy site that makes Hollywood movies and Asian tv movies accessible pretty easy for people to consume. Along with that it also has a collection of Bollywood movies for consumers of all tastes.

2. O2tvseries:

O2tvseries is the best known and one of its kind site which gives access to most Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood Hindi language movies and series for audiences globally. The site is easy to access and has a user-centric interface for interruption-free interaction.

3. Toxicwap:

Toxicwap came into being popular with continuous consumption of movies more so when most entertainment platforms were not so efficiently down to business. The site today serves as the best alternative to and serves movies in variant languages for free download.

4. Fztvseries:

Fztvseries before being named so was penned as MobileTvshows, yet another platform that serves as an effective alternative to and helps in downloading Bollywood and Hollywood movies without any hidden pays or transaction fees. It is free of cost and easily downloadable.

5. Counchtuner:

Couchtuner, like its name, is an amazing movie download site that throughout the years has been giving access to movie lovers conveying the latest movie genres in Hindi, English, dubbed collections. It is also free of cost for the users.


Movies are life, without which life is a tasteless journey. However, who needs to worry when you have the best sites to download crisp movies from! Head on to the best movie download sites today and find your best watch for binging now!

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