All About The Alternatives to Extratorrent

Torrenting websites have been offering great content to users who do not feel like spending money on digital media and applications for a long time now. These websites offer tons of movies and TV shows to the users and there are thousands of such websites that are easily accessible on the internet to the users. Among these websites, the extratorrents website made its way to the top and then fell off the top.

It was taken down yet the craze for this website remained unmatched. If for some reason, you feel like you want to access similar services with other websites, we have made a list of the top torrenting websites that can replace the Extratorrent website.

Given below are some of the best alternatives to extratorrent

  • The pirate bay– the most popular and probably the best torrenting website available on the internet. This amazing website is regarded by many as the best alternative to extra torrents that is available on the internet and offers a ton of content ranging from movies, TV shows, music tracks, software, and whatnot. In simpler terms, it is a non-profit organization that was originally developed in 2003 by a group of anti-copyright activists. This is one of the lesser-known websites that have faced the test of time and have passed with flying colors while maintaining to stay within the legal boundaries.
  •– this amazing website was founded way back in 2008. The website uses peer-to-peer sharing via BitTorrent to share and transfer files. Although this website has been banned in several regions of the world, fans from all over the globe still access this website with the use of a suitable VPN to enjoy the content of their choice. The best part about this website is not only done it offer great content, but you can also get all the updates along with many other things which makes this website a fan favorite.
  • 1337x– the website that site on third is the world-renowned that is one of the fewer websites that are still working even to this day. The same BitTorrent protocol is also used by this website by peer-to-peer method to share and transfer files with relative ease. The reason behind the longevity of this website is that the website keeps changing its domain every now and then which makes it quite hard for the authorities to keep track of this website. Although this is also one of the main reasons why users are unable to access this website many times.

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These are some of the best torrenting websites that fit the description as the alternative to extratorrent. These amazing websites offer content that is similar in nature and are also easy to access which is why they made this list.

There are tons of other websites that also similar content with a wide range of options at a better speed or terms and one can simply search for these websites on the internet, to begin with, his or her binge-watching session.

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