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Movies and TV shows are watched more than ever before. With the Internet coming into the picture, people have access to more content than they ever had. Before the internet age, the only option they had was to go to the theatres or wait for 6 months for it to come to the TV. 

Now, its different movies and shows come straight to the web, in fact streaming sites are making movies and shows especially for streaming. However, not everyone can afford to have a subscription on sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. So, there are Extratorrents for movies that let you watch your favourite and latest movies and shows online. These torrent sites are absolutely free and offer a wide range of features that help users tremendously to binge on their favourite content. 

There is only one difference between those paid streaming services and these torrent sites that it is absolutely free of cost, however, it does contain ads that will irritate you for a while. It should not be a big hindrance as you are getting to watch content for free, a few ads would not hurt you. These are, however, not legal and might contain copyrighted content, hence are banned in many countries. 

To your benefit, that is not a problem as well, there is an Extratorrent proxy mirror site to help you watch movies despite the ban. If you want to know about these torrent movie sites, read the entire article. 

Extratorrent proxy and mirror sites that will help you watch your favourite content. 


If you are a movie fan and are looking for free sites to binge content, this section is for you. Your extratorrent search is over and you can use any of these extratorrent proxy and mirror sites mentioned below to stream, or maybe download content. 


Use any of these extratorrent mirror and proxy websites to binge on your favourite TV shows and movies. Having said that, there are other ways to watch movies on extratorrent sites. 

Other ways to watch movies apart from extratorrent proxy and mirror sites.

As we mentioned, extratorrent websites are an integral part of streaming now. As not everyone can have Netflix and Prime Videos, so they use these torrent sites. Having said that, these proxy and mirror sites provide great help in watching content in that situation.

You can use a VPN to watch your favourite movies on extratorrents sites. As we mentioned in the section above, due to the fact that torrent websites stream content that they do not have a license to stream, it is banned in many countries. Use a VPN and it will offer your end to end encryption that will enable you to access extratorrent sites that are blocked in your region. 

We hope this will enable you to watch your favourite movies on extratorrent proxy and mirror websites

We have shared all the relevant information about the torrent mirror and proxy sites, for more information visit expertsbadge.

Top Free Movies Streaming Sites In 2021

If you are a movie lover but are worried about the load on your pocket then we have some amazing options for you. We have some amazing free movies streaming services and sites that will save your money as well as will give you a source of entertainment too. You can enjoy unlimited movies and other shows for free. 

Here below we will be giving you a complete list of the free streaming sites with brief information about each of them. 

List of free movies streaming sites 

  1. IMDB TV

It is a free service which is used by the users to watch TV shows and movie shows to watch free on IMDB and Fire TV devices. It has deals with the studios including Warner bros; Sony pictures entertainment and MGM, and has titles available for the shows. This site has amazing shows like La La Land, Rain Man, etc. 

  1. The Roku channel 

The roku channel is one of the best free movies streaming site which has free shows of movies, shows, live news, kids TV and many more. It is operational on almost all devices like mobile phone, laptop or your personal computers. Live streaming of ABC news, Cheddar news is also available on this site. 

  1. Tubi 

Tubi has content of over 200 partners and has thousand hours of streaming from studios like MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount without any subscription fees. Shows like Scary movie My best friends’s girl, etc are up on this site and can be played on iOS, Roku, apple, Xbox, Play station and also online. 

  1. Pluto TV

Viacom owns the Pluto TV and offers over 100 live channels and shows along with partnership with TV networks, movie studios, and other publishers and digital media companies. It is also available online on Sony, Samsung, Vizio smart TVs and has content worth watching. 

  1. Vudu 

Vudu has an amazing service and allows the users to download free movies and the best part of the site is that it contains very limited commercials which do not restrict the usage of the site by the users. It has quality of content up to the quality of 1080p, which is a good quality to see videos and shows. 

  1. Crackle 

Crackle is mostly available in the United States and Canada and is an ad supported video network that features and shows full length movies. You will get shows like Catch & Release, The Jane Austen Book Club, Julie & Julia, Friends With Money and many other shows which you can enjoy. Also read: Kisscartoon Movies Site

All About F95zone And its Alternatives

Are you a game enthusiast and wish to discuss various things openly without the threat of being judged? Is this what you are looking for affiliated websites? Your search ends on F95zone! This free website allows users to play a massive variety of games along with a discussion section to have a healthy conversation on the same. Here is everything about the F95zone website and the best alternatives to it. 

What is F95zone?

This is a website for online gaming. For people who love to play online games with end-to-end or group discussions about gaming and various things along, this website best suits them. With a user-friendly interface, this free website allows individuals to share their words altogether. 

F95zone has multiple categories available considering the different age groups of audiences. That means kids and users above 18 can go for the games that lie in their interest group.  

However, as none of the free websites is free from bugs and malware, F95zone too features the same errors. Many users have complained about bringing systems threats while operating the F95zone website

What are the best alternatives to F95zone?

If you want to explore more websites like F96zone for gaming and more, here we have simplified your work! Go through this list of F95zone alternative sites. 

  1. TFgames

The website was launched in 2012 and now traces more than 3 million visitors on monthly basis. It allows you to share and upload your gaming videos, especially porn games. Though the website is free to use, you may be asked by the developer to donate something to this site. 

  1. Eroge Games

As the name suggests, the website has a high sexual content theme to display. Eroge stands for erotic, besides, it is a huge platform with erotic content. 

  1. Hypnosis Collective 

As soon as you click on the website, some sinister texts and images appear on your screen related to the erotic theme. Here you can connect with the same taste group of people while playing games. 

  1. Lewd Zone

This website is free from malware and viruses. However, some unnecessary ads can frustrate you while operating the site, you can free yourself off ads using an ad-blocker. This third-party content hosting site allows the users to install porn games. 

  1. DLsite 

This Japanese website experiences over 60 million visitors every month. This famous erotic website features some fabulous Japanese aesthetics. Access this best F95zone alternative site to play games for free. 

Online Free Kisscartoon Alternatives

All about the website: kisscartoon

Do you know children who hate cartoons? No way, most of the children can never pass a day without watching the cartoon. Even if the content is the same, they will still prefer to watch it because of the love they have for cartoons. Do children alone love cartoons, no at all; there is no age difference in it. 

People from all age groups prefer to watch different cartoons to keep themself entertained. 

Is it safe to watch in kisscartoon?

Though the website is illegal, it is safe to use it and that is the reason for everyone to use it. Yet there are so many rumors that spread around the internet that it is not safe to use such websites. Without any safety issues, you can watch the contents in this site in a high definition quality for free of cost. 

Alternatives to kisscartoon: 

Some people will not prefer ‘kisscartoon website or sometimes the website may get down, so at such time if the alternative of this site is known, you can keep watching the content without any hurdle. Now let’s have a look at the several alternatives available. 

1. Anime Toon:

We can say that this website is easy for kids to use and there are about 3 million people who visit the site and make it traffic. You can find not only cartoons but varieties of anime can be seen differently like dubbed, HD and more. 

2. KissAnime:

You can easily find the content it has since it is organised in the alphabetical order. 

3. CartoonCrazy: 

Nearly 11.5 million visitors visit this website every month and this trending website is used in most of the developed countries. Again this site also like other sites consists of more cartoons and anime. 

4. 9Anime:

It is a user-friendly website which will recommend all contents that will be usually preferred by that particular user. You will find all those cartoons and anime that are considered rare to get on this site. 


This is another Kisscartoon alternative which has nearly 14.5 million users who visit this site monthly. Majority of people from countries like the UK, Australia, USA and Canada use websites like this. 

6. Watch Cartoon online: 

Using this site will give you a similar feel like you are using the website kisscartoon. Even though the site is easy for kids to use, there are advertisements but it doesn’t have any harmful viruses or malwares.

Insight Email Addresses to be Shutdown if Not Converted

Times Warner Cable purchased insightbb webmail in 2011. However, the old users of the insight webmail account were allowed to transfer their email books entries along with messages to a new account registered with by using the same insight email address and the password. Because of its transition, insight webmail users were advised to shift or change their email address by a certain time period for the discontinuation of and 

Kentucky’s one of the largest telecommunications companies of that time, Insight communications, has sold insight webmail ownership to Times Warner Cable. It had around 297,000 phone customers, 537,000 active high-speed data customers, and around 679,000 cable television subscribers at the time of sale. 

However, the domain is still working and valid. If you are an old user of insightbb webmail account and wish to log in to your account or delete it, read the article by the end. 

How to log in to insightbb webmail?

Follow the instructions given below to login to your insight webmail account

  1. Open your web browser and look for insightbb webmail login–
  2. A sign-in page will open up
  3. Enter your email address/ username and the password in respective fields
  4. Click on the remember me option if you want to keep logged in.
  5. Now, click on the Log in blue button. 

How to delete an insightbb webmail account?

  1. Access your account from a web browser. 
  2. Provide your login details and sign-in to your insightbb webmail account
  3. Now go to your profile and click on the edit button
  4. Under the edit profile section, find the delete profile option
  5. Now, click on the delete insightbb webmail profile.
  6. Follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

Key features of insightbb webmail

  1. The insight webmail domain is still valid and working
  2. Feature of clean disposable email domain.
  3. Free from threats and risks
  4. Allows users to receive emails
  5. Insightbb webmail is still active
  6. Has been ranked on 48,244 popular webmail services across the world
  7. Has dedicated DNX MX records

Insight email configure


  • IMAP server settings name:
  • Password: your insightbb webmail password
  • Security type: none
  • IMAP server port: 993
  • SSL/TLS: On
  • Required authentication: Yes


  • STMP server name:
  • Password: your insightbb webmail password
  • Security type: None
  • STMP Port number: 465
  • SSL/TLS: On 
  • Required Authentication: Yes

List of The Best Kisscartoon Alternatives Sites For Watching Cartoons

Can you name any drama that fascinates audiences of all age groups? No doubt it is cartoons! We grew up with cartoons as something closer to the heart than a blockbuster movie or series. What do you experience while watching Cartoons? Cartoons bring a truckload of memories right back to the mind along with lifting your mood. 

Cartoons have been loved by people since there were no internet, websites, and any such means for entertainment except for comic books and TV channels. Now, numerous cartoon streaming websites are available online. One of the most famous and beloved websites Kisscartoon has been dominating the internet for its easy-to-use interface and free cartoon streaming.  

Are you new to the Kisscartoon website? or searching Kisscartoon alternatives? We will be discussing what are the best alternatives to the Kiscartoon website including a brief introduction about the Kisscartoon app and the site. 

What is Kisscartoon?

Kisscartoon is a torrent website that delivers free cartoon streaming of multiple cartoons, anime, cartoon movies, cartoon series, and cartoon TV shows. You can access the website from any browser for free! That means you don’t need to splurge a single penny to entertain yourself by watching your favorite cartoon videos. 

Now, the Kisscartoon app is also available for cartoon lovers. The Kisscartoon Website has a user-friendly and beautiful interface, which makes it easy for kids to operate it without any hassle. Since the site shows up some ads and pop-ups that can be a little irritating for the users. Additionally, this torrent website is banned in some countries, thus people search for Kisscartoon proxy websites. Read on to know what are the best Kisscartoon alternatives available online. 

Top Kisscartoon Alternatives  


From Manga to animation series, the website delivers you free content with authentic quality. This website stands out as the best Kisscartoon Alternative for the same features and American original content. Besides, it does not charge any subscription fees and offers high-speed videos. 


If you are fond of Japanese anime, this website is made for you! As Kisscartoon displays a beautiful and user-friendly interface, Likewise, KissAnime features the same for you. You will love the website as soon as you land on it. Moreover, its search engine will not let you struggle through pages to find your favorite cartoon. 


WatchCartoonsOnline website has around 300 pages of catalogs from cartoon videos to anime. For the ease of the visitors that website offers a search bar just like KissAnime long wide a huge library. You can smoothly access the website from any web browser and watch your favorite cartoon. 


The best alternative to Kisscartoon, the AnimeToon site is known for Japanese cartoon content. You can assume its popularity by the rate of its visitors on monthly basis, which goes beyond three million. The best part of this website is that it servers you with some of the best content along with subtitles. Dubbed videos are also available in excellent quality. 


Be it a pretty interface, a large library of streaming cartoon links, dubbed videos, and more, the CartoonCrazy is one of the best Kisscartoon proxy websites. CartoonCrazy allures more than 10 million visitors every month. This universally loved website has an additional feature of regular updates for new cartoon videos and series. 


Do you remember Tom & Jerry cartoon show? Cartoon Network brings back truckload nostalgic memories to the mind of its users. Now, the website version is also available for the delivery of online content to its users. This fabulous website is 100 percent safe for users. 

  1. 9ANIME

Known for a wide range of content, 9Anime stands out as the best Kisscartoon alternative website. you can watch cartoons, especially Japanese anime, on this website without any hassle-bustle. This site analysis your searches and preferences and then delivers you some suggested content to simplify your search. 


Toonnova fascinates new users for its feature-rich interface and a wide variety of content. If you are looking for a website that offers you cartoon or anime content just after the release, this site is best for you. Toonnova updates the latest cartoon series, movies, and videos available within a very few hours of the release. you should give it a try to this Kisscartoon alternative website.

All About The Alternatives to Extratorrent

Torrenting websites have been offering great content to users who do not feel like spending money on digital media and applications for a long time now. These websites offer tons of movies and TV shows to the users and there are thousands of such websites that are easily accessible on the internet to the users. Among these websites, the extratorrents website made its way to the top and then fell off the top.

It was taken down yet the craze for this website remained unmatched. If for some reason, you feel like you want to access similar services with other websites, we have made a list of the top torrenting websites that can replace the Extratorrent website.

Given below are some of the best alternatives to extratorrent

  • The pirate bay– the most popular and probably the best torrenting website available on the internet. This amazing website is regarded by many as the best alternative to extra torrents that is available on the internet and offers a ton of content ranging from movies, TV shows, music tracks, software, and whatnot. In simpler terms, it is a non-profit organization that was originally developed in 2003 by a group of anti-copyright activists. This is one of the lesser-known websites that have faced the test of time and have passed with flying colors while maintaining to stay within the legal boundaries.
  •– this amazing website was founded way back in 2008. The website uses peer-to-peer sharing via BitTorrent to share and transfer files. Although this website has been banned in several regions of the world, fans from all over the globe still access this website with the use of a suitable VPN to enjoy the content of their choice. The best part about this website is not only done it offer great content, but you can also get all the updates along with many other things which makes this website a fan favorite.
  • 1337x– the website that site on third is the world-renowned that is one of the fewer websites that are still working even to this day. The same BitTorrent protocol is also used by this website by peer-to-peer method to share and transfer files with relative ease. The reason behind the longevity of this website is that the website keeps changing its domain every now and then which makes it quite hard for the authorities to keep track of this website. Although this is also one of the main reasons why users are unable to access this website many times.

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These are some of the best torrenting websites that fit the description as the alternative to extratorrent. These amazing websites offer content that is similar in nature and are also easy to access which is why they made this list.

There are tons of other websites that also similar content with a wide range of options at a better speed or terms and one can simply search for these websites on the internet, to begin with, his or her binge-watching session.

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Why Is My Roadrunner Email Locked?

Roadrunner’s quality of email service is always high and also it has users all around the world. It is managed by TWC( Time Warner Cable). Day to day the number of people using this service increases more and more. So when you find that your roadrunner email is not working then you can check out the following steps that are explained below. 

Reason for email not working:

There will always be a reason behind an issue so here are few reasons for roadrunner email not working. If you are not able to log in and if it says incorrect password, note that RR is case sensitive. Look whether the caps lock is on or off.

  • Check your network stability, in case your internet is weak or it has no network the email will not work.
  • Clear the cookies and cache of the browser you are using at present.
  • Sometimes the virus you have installed in your device will also stop working. So in a situation like this disables the antivirus from your device temporarily. 
  • Look at the email address that you have entered is correct or wrong. 
  • When involved in inappropriate behavior or hacking, the account gets either locked or disabled.  
  • Not updating or no recovery email address or phone numbers. 
  • Check the settings of roadrunner.
  • Browse and find whether the roadrunner email is down.
  • Identify if there is attachment space.
  • See whether you have blocked the user.
  • When the login credential is wrong.
  • Problems in configuration of servers.
  • Wrong setting of IMAP or POP.

How do I fix the issue?

  • Through any site look if the RR email is down only for you or everyone. If it is for everyone, there is no issue in your email. Just wait until the email gets recovered.
  • In case if your email is locked because of inappropriate behavior, then send a request or do nothing your account will be normal in a few days.
  •  When you attach something in a mail, have a look at the size of attachment. If it is too heavy, the mail cannot be sent. 

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