How to Setup HP Printer?

HP Printer Setup Steps guide is here to help you if you are a new Printer user. Understand the guidelines; complete the Printer setup to start operating the Printer. To begin executing the setup, you can follow the instructions below Steps in Detail

· Unpack the Printer from the package as the first step

· Then check if the necessary hardware accessories are provided with the package

· Find the appropriate port on your device to connect the necessary cables

· Complete the first time Printer setup and navigate to the device control panel

· Select the appropriate network settings

· WPS, Wireless setup wizard or Wi-Fi direct methods are compatible to use with HP

· Choose the required network settings

· Then go forward with the on-screen guidelines to complete the network setup

· Once if the network is active, go to the Printer software download page

· Then type the Printer name and version

· Wait for the driver search results to appear on your device screen

· Select the software

· Then tap on the icon, Download

· Now you can move the software setup file to the required folder

· Click on the setup file

· Finally, run the on-screen commands to complete the software installation

· After adding Windows, Mac device, you can perform the functions such as Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax

§ Windows users can go to the settings> devices and Printer

§ Mac users can use the system preference settings to add the Printer

· Also, resolve HP printer setup issues if you come across any

· process is now complete

How to fix issues?

The steps below can help to resolve setup issues that pop up on your device screen

· You can verify steps

· Check the network speed

· Also, confirm that the Printer software is up to date

· Use good quality cables to connect your Printer to the computer and Router

· Learn the setup procedure clearly before execution

If you are new to the HP brand, check out the device reviews to choose the best HP printer model that suits your budget and requirement

Get help to fix errors that popup

Please contact our Printer support team @ +1-850-761-8950 if you need any help setting up your HP printer and fixing setup errors. Wait after dialing the support number provided on our website portal.

How to Setup HP Wireless Printer

The demand for HP printers is increasing day by day as it is one of the most powerful devices in the business today. It is one of the most useful components in the world because of the many opportunities to deliver fine prints every time. HP Printer is a device that helps people convert documents running on the computer. Therefore, you need to understand how to set up an HP wireless printer for smooth printer operation.

Setup Default HP Printer WiFi Password

You need to review the WiFi Direct settings, then create your own new password while still being able to rename the printer using Printer EWS (Embedded Web Server). Here are the necessary steps in this regard.

  • You can click the WiFi Direct icon on a printer with touch screen controls. To turn this feature on or off, you can click the “Settings” icon, as well as change your connection method to make sure it requires a password manually or doesn’t require automatic mode.
  • For printers that don’t have a touch screen, you can easily print a WiFi Direct report containing all the information you need. If there is an information button on the printer, it can be pressed to get the report you need. You can simultaneously press the Start Copy button for other HP printers, or continue by pressing the Resume button to print the report.
  • These steps will help you set your new password by renaming the printer.
  • Make sure the printer is connected to the same network your mobile device/computer is connected to.
  • Printer’s IP IP address Obtain the authentication identifier that the printer has on this network.
  • For printers that do not have a Control Panel display, print the network configuration page to obtain the IP address you need.
  • For printers with a touch/menu control panel, the IP address will be displayed in the network settings or wireless menu.
  • Enter the IP address of your web browser Printer Select Enter to open EWS or the built-in web server.
  • Select network-wifi direct-status The message will indicate that you are redirected to a new page that is secured over HTTPS.
  • Select OK / Redirect to HTTPS, which is applicable in this case. If your connection isn’t private, select “Advanced,” then “Continue” (printer IP address).
  • Select the “Edit Settings” option for WiFi Direct Status on the screen to make the changes you want, then select Apply.

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