How to fix Norton’s quick scan error via

Most of the users nowadays have deployed Norton Security on their devices. This allows them to safeguard their devices when at risk of being infected with a virus, malware, or Trojans. Because of its wide range of security features, people consider using it over any other security software. Quick Scan is also one of its features that allows you to scan for viruses on the go. A quick scan, as the name itself suggests is not slow like a usual scan.

A person usually performs a quick scan using Norton because he wishes to know at the earliest if his pc is infected or not so that he can take required actions. But, sometimes, due to some issues, the quick scan function doesn’t work as it should be. You see various kinds of error messages while running it. These errors might be occurring due to a problem with the operating system and this frustrates a user a lot. In this article, we are going to discuss what errors you might across along with the solution to fix them.

Symptoms of Norton quick scan error

Below are given some of the symptoms when such error with Norton quick scan occurs and these will help you in finding out the relevant answers to your queries:

  • In case you are seeing an error message reading as “You are at Risk Error Message” in a dialog box on your screen
  • While running the scan, it stopped
  • It stopping at the final stage of the scanning process
  • Quick scan is not scanning all the files
  • In case it stopped due to slow server
  • The presence of viruses can cause it to stop scanning again and again
  • In case you are running the older versions of the operating system

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Workaround to fix Norton Quick Scan error

You should perform the steps given below carefully so that you can continue with the scanning process once again:

  1. Restarting the device seems best in such situations, therefore you should restart your device first.
  2. Make sure you exit all the programs before doing so.
  3. When the PC restarts, you need to run the full system scan and see if it works.
  4. To run the scan, first of all, you need to open Norton.
  5. After this, go to its main window and then click on ‘Security’.
  6. Further, you have to click on the ‘Scan’ button followed by ‘Full System Scan’.
  7. After doing so, click on the ‘Go’ button.
  8. Once it gets completed, tap on Finish and you are done.

 In case you see the error stating that the scan could not work because of update issues, in this situation, you need to again restart the computer. Now, try to run the scan again and if you cannot see the ‘Run a Scan’ option, then you might need to uninstall Norton. But remember to install it once again. You can easily do so by using Norton Removal and Reinstall tool via In case you are having any doubts regarding this, you may need to contact experts.