Behringer Odyssey patch saver

Patch saver for the Behringer Odyssey

v1.1 2020-10-03

This panel is only a patch loader/saver on computer as the Behringer Odyssey does not support the load/save of programs or the manipulation of program parameters by Midi NRPN/CC messages except for Global settings that can be transferred to the Odyssey synth.

It can thus also be called a “patch mapper”.


  • Behringer Odyssey patch saver/loader for PC and Mac
  • Interface with same look as actual synthesizer
  • Top row of support “screens” with old look
  • Simple sliders or sliders with white or color LEDs (v1.1)
  • Ability to view and select any effect and adjust its 3 parameters according to the actual synth
  • Envelopes graphs handled by mouse or the AR/ADSR sliders
  • Load / Save programs from individual .syx files
  • Easy program renaming
  • Display and export of program parameters as text file
  • Ability to describe 9 input/output patch cables with different sources/destinations
  • Programs have a name, author, save date and description. They can be associated to a category
  • Ability to describe the usage of each program in a step by step mode (up to 15 steps)
  • Browser of the files on the disk
  • Patch sheet tab with patch sheet for Odyssey and other gear (external synths/sequencer/FX chain)
  • Patch cables (9 colors)
  • Display of current precise parameter value when moving sliders
  • Program settings management with automatic/manual send to the Odyssey synth
  • Global settings management with automatic send to the Odyssey synth (as Behringer Synthtool)
  • Panel zoom with memory
  • Automatic reading of wav files associated to a patch
  • Manual/Automatic reading of any wav file
  • Standalone versions for PC and Mac
  • VST versions for PC (32 and 64 bits)
  • VST and AU versions for Mac
  • All buttons associated to a Midi CC controller number so you can adjust them from a hardware controller (still no impact on the synth of course and unfortunately)

The manual can be downloaded from the Sunny Synths’ drive or website

For more info on getting this panel, please contact

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