Things to Consider When Personalizing Custom Pillow Boxes


If you are searching for insightful packaging arrangements for your business, you need to go for custom pillow boxes. These boxes look unique and popular in the packaging industry. It is not really difficult to understand why these boxes are so famous. Yet, those are things to consider when personalizing custom pillow boxes.

Why Do You Need to Personalize Pillow Boxes?

It is obvious that modern customers today would always go for excellent-looking boxes than standard, dull boxes. Even though custom pillow boxes already come in a beautiful layout, but personalizing them would be the plus point for highlighting your products. Accordingly, those customers would see how you take great care of their experience. To help you out in this case, below are some things you need to consider when personalizing these outstanding boxes.

Choose the Right One from a Wide Scope of Packaging Materials

Many packaging boxes are made of materials that are not easily accessible in the market. However, when we are talking about wholesale pillow boxes, you get different alternatives here.

These exclusive boxes could be produced from both cardboard and Kraft materials. It is a big reward, without any doubt. You should simply guarantee the material is of great, and that’s it. Far better, these boxes are recyclable.

In this way, if the boxes would be made of kraft, customers could reuse and recycle them. Regardless of how frequently you utilize these containers, their shape didn’t get influenced a lot.

Go for Appealing and Unique Shapes

In these modern days, when each brand tries various strategies to make the item look exemplary, pillow packaging boxes are perfect. The boxes that have been used by many are surely not a decent choice at all.

To find out about it, you could simply visit a store and check out the shelves. You would discover hundreds of rectangular boxes that look boring and dull.

Here we are not making a statement that such boxes are not useful for the items. Since even by using standard boxes, you could stand out enough to be noticed by those customers. Yet, what if you could simply go for appealing and unique shapes of boxes. This is where custom pillow boxes would be the most ideal choice for you.

Now let’s make it simple. Why would you spend time, money, and effort on a simple-looking box when you could have unique alternatives? Yes, choose the boxes that are not quite the same as others. In this context, all you need to do is printing your item subtleties on the right side and see the magic.

Presently, in case you are expecting whether there is a pillow inside these boxes, you are mixed up. They get the name “pillow” on the fact that their shape coordinates with the real pillow. The outside of these boxes is bent, which consequently improves their appeal. To open these boxes, the two folds are there on the two sides. The interest for these boxes is extremely high that each packaging provider produces them whenever asked by the clients.

Use Them to Pack Any Type of Product You Need

You would find out many boxes in the market that are made for only a few specific products. This simply means that customers can’t imagine using such a packaging box to pack some different products. When you see the box, you would immediately figure out what is inside the box. Well, it doesn’t mean you would be unable to use such boxes for different products, yet, this is very uncommon.

The great thing is, you could use custom pillow printed boxes to pack any type of product. Mostly, these are the boxes people used to pack gifts. Many brands out there have been using these beautifully shaped boxes to pack products such as clothing to make them look more interesting in customers’ eyes.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Can You Personalize Custom Pillow Boxes By Yourself?

In case you would prefer not to contact a packaging service provider to get custom pillow boxes, you could! This especially if you may only need a couple of boxes, you could make and personalize them at home. It is not difficult to make these boxes by yourself as you only need some simple things for creating these exceptional boxes:

  • Colorful paper
  • A pen for marking
  • Quality glue
  • Ruler
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ribbons and some decoration stuff

Steps to create and personalize pillow boxes by yourself

1. Search for a unique design on the internet

Before starting to create your pillow packaging boxes, you need to search and choose what topic is appropriate for your boxes. Browse on the internet to discover some unique designs and examples. When you find a design that you feel is matching your creative mind, print it out.

2. Cut it to make a perfect shape

After you have printed out the design, cut the design following dim lines. Remember, your box must hold the product you need to pack. If you neglect to follow the lines, the chances are high that while packing, your box would break down.

3. Assemble the box

Once the cutting is done, it is time to assemble the box. In case you are confused when seeing lines, you need to watch an instructional exercise video first. In the end, you would get a better idea about how you should do it.

4. Glue the last details

Now the last advance is to make your box is more complicated, and for that, you need to use quality glue. Press the edges of the box and glue them together. Also ensure you let the top and base twist out. That is out, and your personalized pillow box is ready. You could now decorate it with a fancy ribbon or stripe if you need to make it look more captivating.

Where to Get Custom Pillow Boxes with Logo?

If you have no time to make the boxes by yourself, contact an expert packaging provider as there are many out there. In fact, some of them would offer the assistance to get your custom pillow boxes with logo at the most affordable cost.