Zoom RFX-2000 Editor

  • Version 0.3
  • 10/11/2020

DOWNLOAD:: https://sourceforge.net/projects/zoom-rfx-2000-editor/

Download Zoom RFX-2000 Editor

Editor for Zoom RFX-2000 multi effects rack unit. Includes full access to the hidden “EXTRA” effects inaccessible through the unit interface. † 

Changes to parameters can be saved to disk and reimported to panel.

Changes to parameters are saved in memory on reload.

How to run this program.

This program needs to be run from within the Ctrlr program itself. Download a copy of 5.3.201 for Windows/Linux or 5.3.198 for MacOS. and load this program into Ctrlr. This can be done from within a DAW too, by loading this panel into the VST version of Ctrlr, which will have been preinstalled into your VST folder.

[1] Go to :: File » Open Panel


It is also possible to run this program as a separate standalone executable or VST .

[1] Open this program from within the Ctrlr program
[2] Go to :: Panel » Panel Mode. Change the height of the panel from 571 to 595 (See below)
[3] Then go to File -> Export -> Export Restricted Instance.

※ Workaround/Bug Fix :: To build as standalone executable on Windows or export as VST, please add 24 pixels to the panel height before exporting. (otherwise you will find the bottom 24 pixels have been truncated).2

† MULTI EFX page


Version: 0.1 beta  ※ 10/09/2020
Version: 0.2 beta  ※ removed dev code 10/10/2020
Version: 0.3 ※ removed dev code 10/11/2020