Why Is My Roadrunner Email Locked?

Roadrunner’s quality of email service is always high and also it has users all around the world. It is managed by TWC( Time Warner Cable). Day to day the number of people using this service increases more and more. So when you find that your roadrunner email is not working then you can check out the following steps that are explained below. 

Reason for email not working:

There will always be a reason behind an issue so here are few reasons for roadrunner email not working. If you are not able to log in and if it says incorrect password, note that RR is case sensitive. Look whether the caps lock is on or off.

  • Check your network stability, in case your internet is weak or it has no network the email will not work.
  • Clear the cookies and cache of the browser you are using at present.
  • Sometimes the virus you have installed in your device will also stop working. So in a situation like this disables the antivirus from your device temporarily. 
  • Look at the email address that you have entered is correct or wrong. 
  • When involved in inappropriate behavior or hacking, the account gets either locked or disabled.  
  • Not updating or no recovery email address or phone numbers. 
  • Check the settings of roadrunner.
  • Browse and find whether the roadrunner email is down.
  • Identify if there is attachment space.
  • See whether you have blocked the user.
  • When the login credential is wrong.
  • Problems in configuration of servers.
  • Wrong setting of IMAP or POP.

How do I fix the issue?

  • Through any site look if the RR email is down only for you or everyone. If it is for everyone, there is no issue in your email. Just wait until the email gets recovered.
  • In case if your email is locked because of inappropriate behavior, then send a request or do nothing your account will be normal in a few days.
  •  When you attach something in a mail, have a look at the size of attachment. If it is too heavy, the mail cannot be sent. 

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