The Importance of Character Names

When it comes to book characters names, we must say that it is essential for the author to choose the right ones. Choosing the characters names is an important part in the writing process and the author takes usually the time to find the right names and put them at the right place in the story, in order to catch the attention of the readers and introduce them into the wonderful environment of the fairy tales.

Why is this so important for the author to find and use the right names?

There are many reasons: on the one hand, the names should be original and reflect and identity of one real or fictional person or creature (especially when it comes to fiction). On the other hand, the names used in a book can help the writer to become popular as, along with other original elements in the writing, can contribute to making the book a masterpiece and increase the writer popularity.

Right names based on location

Firstly, right names should always vary based on location and this is a perspective that would help the writer. This fact gives to characters specific feathers and roots which help to understand characters in detail and from a national point of view. A friend of mine had an issue to find the right names for their characters regarding the location, and then she decided to use Random Name Generator and she said this had so much helped her to win time and forget about the frustration of finding the right names for her characters. This platform offers a huge variety of more than 80 countries original and typical names and surnames. She said it made her character’s name creation process much easier and she would definitely suggest any writer to use this tool to make the writing process way easier. Why not go and use the same tool to increase the writing speed and make your life as a writer easier.

Right names to help the readers identify characters and follow the story

Secondly, the right name can help the reader easily identify each character. Let’s take for examples a symbolic book which talks about myths and legends. In this case, finding the right name is extremely important as the names will tell the story for each character of the book. By reading and knowing the name of the character, the reader can more easily follow the story and anticipate what will happen or how the character will answer to a certain character. It is so helpful to have a clear perspective and understanding of the book by knowing the names and significance of the names of the characters, even starting with the moment when you “meet” them while reading.


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