Top 7 Popular Career Options in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies of the decade. Studies suggest that the industry will have 2.3 million positions by the year 2030. Artificial Intelligence is being used for multiple applications in multiple industries leading to more openings for AI jobs. AI will not seize jobs from us but is creating more jobs and making our mundane tasks easier and faster.

Some of the industries impacted by AI include manufacturing, healthcare, business intelligence, transportation, education, supply chain management, construction, retail, cybersecurity, and information technology.

When it comes to careers in AI, these industries stand out. Gartner’s report suggests that enterprise applications for AI have grown 270% in four years. Likewise, the number of industries using AI is also increasing rapidly. This has paved the way for qualified job candidates to take up AI jobs.

Let’s take a look at the career opportunities in AI here.

Robotics Programmer

As industries turn toward AI adoption, many industries are looking forward to hiring robotics programmers who can program their machines. Robotics programmers are generally involved in robotics design; an assemblage of robotic devices; corrective or preventative maintenance of the robotic systems; disassemble, repair or reassemble of robots or their components, test performance, train operators, and develop path programming.

A robot programmer earns about USD 54,600 per year or USD 28 per hour in the USA.

AI Engineer

AI Engineers are responsible for the commercialization of AI in businesses. AI engineers are responsible for designing and implementing AI applications; understanding business problems and find solutions with AI; apply the right AI computing technologies to solve the problems. They are mainly responsible to transform the entire infrastructure of the organization.

In general, the national average salary for an AI engineer is USD 1,15,320 in the United States.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

It is a special designation where professionals use data to design new technological solutions for businesses. They develop innovative applications by using existing and emerging technologies. The professionals may work with robotics, AI programming, algorithms, and cloud computing.

The average salary for a Computer and Information Scientist is USD 115740.

AI Research Scientist

Research in Artificial Intelligence is as important as other application careers in AI. Discovering ways to advance AI technology is as important as applying the technology. AI research specialists help to advance the data systems, get actively involved in the development of new software, and look for new possibilities in the domain. They are accountable for creating new AI tools.

Studies show that AI Research Scientist earns about USD 109,859 per year.

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning forms the core of AI projects. Machine learning engineers are responsible for understanding theoretical data science models and scale them out to production-level models which can handle terabytes of real-time data.

In fact, machine learning engineers command high salaries with a record salary of USD 127,000 per year.

Working in the defense department

Professionals having an AI certification and a relevant degree can land a position in military forces. The AI professionals here are generally involved in developing smart weaponry. They also have the option of pension after their retirement period.

The AI professionals in the military force earn about USD 73,000 per year along with a benefits package.

Video game programmer

This is an interesting AI job profile. Candidates with AI degrees, AI certifications, and computer languages are eligible for this job. They also should know 2-D and 3-D animating and design and its related themes. They are mainly responsible for role-playing mechanics and improve the user experience.

Currently, video game programmer earns about USD 75,000 to USD 125,000 per year. 

To conclude…

These are some of the most popular career options in Artificial Intelligence we find today. To choose anyone among them, it is best recommended to hold an AI certification along with a degree. Being a problem solver along with business skills is much needed to ace a career in Artificial Intelligence.

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