Unblock TSN outside Canada

It’s no secret that most of the content on TSN is region-blocked outside Canada. There are still, however, ways to watch the sports network outside the country. This means that if you try to access the website outside Canada, you’ll likely get returned an error saying something like, “content not available for viewing in your region.”

As a sports fan, this is probably frustrating as TSN is one of the best sports channels. Luckily though, there is a pretty cool way you can still access TSN no matter where in the world you live; a Canada VPN!

VPNs or virtual private networks are cybersecurity tools that not only secure your online activities but also help you access geo-blocked content from other countries. VPNs work by routing your Internet traffic through remote and secure servers, spoofing your location.

For example, selecting a Canadian server will temporarily replace your IP address with a Canadian machine. This means that now, you’ll be visible to the internet, ISPs, and all the websites that you visit as a Canadian citizen.

This will help you access Canada-specific websites like TSN and other channels from anywhere in the world outside Canada. You know what this means? You can keep enjoying your favorite sports with complete location freedom!

Now that we know what needs to be done to unblock TSN in Canada, let’s talk a little about how to go about doing it.

How to watch TSN online outside Canada using a VPN

In most cases, the problem with using VPNs is that they are usually banned on most platforms, like Netflix, for example. Fortunately, TSN doesn’t appear to have any anti-VPN technologies or measures in place.

This means that using a VPN won’t get your account in trouble or get you blocked. To unblock TSN in your part of the world and have it up and running within minutes, follow the steps detailed below!

  1. Subscribe to and sign in to a high-quality, professional-grade Canada VPN.
  2. Once you have a subscription, you can go ahead and download one of the applications or a browser extension—whichever one works for you. Run the installation wizard and sign in.
  3. Now, open the VPN application and select Canada as your server of choice, and then connect.
  4. Next, for the internet to recognize you as a Canadian citizen, go ahead and clear all your cookies.
  5. When you’ve done that, go ahead on to TSN and watch all the games you want from almost anywhere in the world!

Now that that is done and out of the way, you must be wondering how to choose the best VPN for unblocking TSN outside Canada. That’s a great question because VPNs aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal.

To let you know how to make sure you’re picking the right one for you, we’ve compiled a list of things and features you should look for in a Canada VPN.  

How to select the best VPN to unblock TSN

First of all, the VPN needs to have servers in Canada. This one pretty much goes without saying because, without it, you won’t be able to unblock Canadian websites, including TSN.

Second, make sure that you’re getting fast and reliable internet speeds on your VPN. Many VPNs, especially free ones that don’t offer the best infrastructure, come with limited bandwidth and even limited servers, affecting the quality of your browsing and streaming.

It’s better to look for a VPN that offers a split tunneling feature. This helps you use the internet with and without the encrypted channel simultaneously, thus lowering the load on the encrypted channel and increasing your internet speed.

Another thing to be careful about is the encryption level offered. Even though you’re getting a VPN for streaming, the tool in and of itself is a cybersecurity tool, and it’s always good to know that you are safe online. Looking for VPNs offering up to 256-bit AES military-grade encryption for maximum security.

One more added benefit to your VPN product is a no-logs policy. This also adds to the security benefits of your VPN and means that the product doesn’t keep logs of your searching behavior or personal information.

Finally, multiple logins and support for different devices are another great feature to have in your VPN!

Now, the list is long, and it’s going to be hard to find a VPN to offer all of that to you in the same product. So, we’ve done the homework for you. You should try Ivacy VPN, and what’s even better is that there’s currently a discount for unblocking TSN. The cherry on the top, before making the actual purchase you can download VPN trail and use it for free, and make the purchase once you’ve tried it.

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