VR-09 Combo editor

This is a control panel for the Roland VR09-Combo keyboard, similar to the proprietary iPad-only app.

It is still a work in progress most of the functionalities are there. It’s my first panel; constructive criticism is welcome. Supports bidirectional editing of synth and organ tones and control of the built-in effects.

Still To Do: changing name of a sound (new name gets uploaded to the synth but it is not shown on the display); load/save sounds to file (has anybody any info on the file formats .UPG and .DAT used by Roland?); some synth tones are not editable (but same goes with the iPad app).

It is released under GPLv3.

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8 thoughts on “VR-09 Combo editor”

  1. Hi Higgy,

    I just checked out your latest version: I love it. Thank you for the great and inspiring work.

    Something popped up in my head. Would it not be wonderful to have 4 adjustable parameters added in a smaller letter size inside each of the sound tabs on top:

    (1) with the MIDI-channel number (which can be adjusted ranging from 1-16),

    (2) with the note range:

    2a) The first letter-number combination for the lowest key that allows triggering that sound with choices between A0-C8 ;

    2b) The second letter-number combination for the highest key that allows triggering that sound with choices higher than the first letter-number combination and C8,

    (3) with the velocity range:

    3a) The first number for the lowest velocity force that allowes triggering that sound (with a number ranging between 0-127),

    3b) The second number for the highest velocity force that allowes triggering that sound (with a number higher than the lowest velocity force and maximum 127).

    4) the amount of transpose showing the amounts of half notes the keyrange will be transposed
    4a) to the left side of the keyboard with a ‘-‘ in front of a number smaller than or equal to: the lowest number of the lowest keyrange,
    4b) or to the right side of the keybard with a or a ‘+’ in front of a number smaller than or equal to: the 88 minus the number of the highest keyrange.

    If these four features could be added inside each of the sound tabs above the screen (and maybe even for the two sets available GM2 soundtabs) ,with the sound name still being in the biggest letters and located in the centre and the other four parameters spread around it, your creation would be easily used in a multi tier setup (in my case a VR09 driving my second 88 manual and a 25 note pedal board),
    with different zones, easily being able to create complex layered sounds.

    I am allready very pleased with your creation, these features would make something excellent even better in my opinion. I hope it does not sound to fuzzy, and the maths behind the range and velocity may not be enterily correct, but I hope you get the picture 🙂

    But first and foremost many, many thanks for the excellent work allready done.



  2. Hi,
    I’ve looked everywhere but there seem to be no Korg 03R/W panels out there.
    I’d faint with delight if this could be edited by someone who knows what they are doing, unlike me, to support the Korg 03R/W as well!
    Deena ?

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