Why Should You Use a Soft Phone For VoIP?

Softphones have matured as a low cost communication device for business and consumers alike. Now VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) capable softphone offer users access to great value voice calling plans and features at a price they can afford. Consumers and businesses can now easily communicate from anywhere in the world at an extremely low cost. Exuberating and feature rich softphone models are increasing in popularity at a rapid pace as technology improves and demand continues to rise.

PortaOne softphone combine the power of Exeter’s Softswitch Technology with Acrobits exclusive Cloudsoft Phone Technology to provide resellers with mobile VoIP solution that expands their calling card business without the need for an additional phone line. The popularity of WiFi, and the continued growth of 4G mobile networks around the globe, are spelling tremendous opportunity for mobile phone resellers. The addition of portability to softphone is expanding the range of consumers who can utilize a softphone.

A portability offering like the Cloudsoft Phone is ideal for companies that have expanded their business and now require users to use portable devices to conduct meetings. A customized white label softphone solution provided by one of the quality providers will enable a company to take advantage of this powerful technology to expand their business reach. Video conferencing and web conferences are no longer simple experiences that only benefit large organizations. Now users have the ability to connect through a simple, affordable web cam, to participants located in remote locations.

The ability to easily customize a customized softphone with any look or design preference opens up new opportunities for your resellers to reach more customers. A white label reseller with a specialized IP network infrastructure can set the standard for the industry. The flexibility of customized softphone solutions opens up numerous new ways for companies to communicate and conduct meetings. Your resellers can now be responsible for providing a wide range of software applications, such as:

A customized softphone allows you to give your audience options when they’re searching for specific information. When they find your application offering in the search results, your application appears as a pop-up window. The application uses your company’s logo, URL, and voice prompts. With a white label reseller you can ensure that your customers always know where to find you, allowing them to continue searching for information on your products. A customized softphone also adds credibility to your brand, as people can trust your company because it uses an officially licensed, secure resource.

VoIP service providers have the ability to provide mobile phone users with many features they are accustomed to. You can offer voice over IP (VOIP) services through a dedicated IP network dedicated to your mobile softphone. These IP networks are typically offered through mobile service providers. An IP-based voice communication system provides the capability of transferring voice calls over the Internet. Most VoIP service providers offer this functionality as part of a packaged solution, making it easier than ever before for you to expand your customer base.

To take advantage of the added value that comes with using a custom softphone, mobile voip service providers should implement a customized, fully integrated mobile voip service provider app on their website. This is what will make you stand out from your competition and provide the unique opportunity to build a customer base that relies on you. The mobile voip service providers who provide these applications are well aware that consumers are moving toward convenience. That is why they created an easy-to-use and highly customizable softphone app. It makes your customers’ lives easier every day, letting them make an in-demand call whenever they need to contact you. The customization and ease of use further enhance the value of a custom softphone.

Webrtc is the native platform used for most VoIP service providers’ mobile and WebRTC implementations. Because it is supported by so many different operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Chrome, there is no excuse for mobile users to not take advantage of it. Even if you are only using a regular analog voice line, you can take advantage of SIP trunks and SIP conferencing with a webrtc integration. Implementing webrtc into your mobile application allows you to take your business and your employees to the next level.

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