Yamaha DX7 v1.0 panel

Proud to present this DX7 panel as a result of successful co-operation with forum member pascalc, who has done the Lua programming! This panel is mainly based on the TX7 panel, but due to some differences between the two devices a special DX7 panel was created.

Some notes on this panel.

  • make sure you have made the right MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connections before you start working with the panel. Both connections are required to interact with the synthesizer;
  • before you can send a bank or an individual voice to the DX7 you need to disable the memory protection on the device. You can achieve this by clicking on the button ‘disable memory protect’;
  • to change the name of a voice, double click on the name displayed in the LCD-screen (below right) of the panel;
  • if you like this panel so much you wonder how to express your gratitude, please donate to CTRLR.org so Roman Kubiak (aka atom) can finally buy a proper Macintosh computer ;-)!

This panel was developed using CTRLR version 5.3.122, build date June 17 2015, Juce 3.1.1, libusb 1.0.19


number of downloads: 4,630

11 thoughts on “Yamaha DX7 v1.0 panel”

  1. Great Stuff (y) It works with some failors with my DX7. I get a Data Error in the DX7 display when i get data from the DX into the panel but i can edit the DX7. The Operator on/off function doesn`t work, and only two Opertors in the panel are on, all others are off….strange. You are on the way i think ….gratz 🙂

  2. Hi again,

    I just tested the panel with my DX7 and both the issues you mentioned work fine on my setup.

    Can you describe a bit more detailed and send what sysex that is being sent?

  3. If you still have issues with this panel you might have a try with the TX7 panel. We noticed during the development of these panels that the MIDI implementation of the two devices differ quite a bit.

  4. I plan to try this with my DX7 but it has a Grey Matter E! Board and I would like to extend the MIDI implementation to support this. Anyone had any experience or success with this combination?

  5. Does it matter if its a Yamaha DX7 FD II? Will this panel still work? Considering buying this synth and curious as to wether the bi-timbral and layering additions effect how this panel will function.

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