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A simple editor for the Akai SG01v sound module. Fairly simple box with surprisingly good sounds. This is my first attempt at panel programming, so any suggestions will be welcome. Happy tweaking!






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  1. silkuswormus

    Just had to register to say thanks! I was just about to start programming NRPN’s in FL Studio when I saw this. Been after something like for ages. I got my SG01v in 1996 and it’s incredible that I’ve never used it properly until now! Thank you!

  2. pauchi

    Awesome Work
    I just can’t seem to be able to change patches as it doubles my messages by looking at the midi monitor
    by every else is working fine
    any chance to be able to change the programs (patches and sound banks)
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pauchi

    Got it to work now so if anyone faces the same issue just set Multi to ON by Pressing Select Prog. and then pressing Multi and then Minus or Plus to On or Off on the Akai Hardware Module and Bam! its all rocking sounds amazing this Control is the Bomb! thank you so much for creating such tool for other musicians!!!!!! you are a generous Soul wishing you good from Berlin!

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