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A panel for Roland JX-3P Synthesizers that have been retro fitted with the Kiwitechics 3P Upgrade (version 2.5 firmware).

This panel uses predominantly Sysex commands to control the synthesizer parameters.

The current patch name and location are displayed in the centre screen. Next to the screen are two buttons, these select the panel features via pop-up menus. The the Kiwi-3P menu allows the selection, saving and moving of patches in the synthesizer memory. The Editor menu allows patches to be renamed, initialised and saved to and loaded from disk as Sysex files.

The panel was created and functions in Ctrlr version 1590.

You can view a quick demo here:


Download  Kiwi-3P Editor Manual

Download  Kiwi-3P Editor Software Mac OSX

Download  Kiwi-3P Editor Ctrlr Panel


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  1. jobinho

    Hi this looks great – I’m yet to get my Kiwi-3P but if I wanted to modulate the DCO mix with an LFO or ENV is this possible with a Kiwi-3P and from this great panel you’ve created. I don’t see any obvious way to do this from the screenshot? Cheers

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