MKS-70/JX-10 with OS4.x upgrade

This is a panel for the SuperJX-OS4.x upgraded Roland MKS-70/JX-10.

Please note: This will NOT work at all with standard Roland firmware equipped machines. It is not compatible with SuperJX OS v3.x too. So make sure you are using SuperJX OS v4.x before you try this panel. If you don’t know what the SuperJX OS v4.x is all about – look here:


I made the panel for screen resolutions starting at 1920×1200. With Ctrlr you are able to zoom the interface so it should be useable on smaller screens too. If you prefer a smaller layout with just one tone visible at a time (Upper or Lower) you can request my old panel which is not developed anymore and lacks several features compared to the new “XXL” panel.

A general disclaimer I send to all people requesting one of my Ctrlr panels:

The Super-JX panel has not been reported to be problematic but keep in mind that this panel is still in beta state. Beta means that the software is not fully tested and there may be bugs which have not been discovered yet. Therefore, everybody who is using this panel is a beta-tester not an end-user. Don’t get me wrong. Bug-reports and suggestions of any kind are very welcome, but I won’t accept blaming me of having problems with your synth (e.g. losing data) as a result of using this panel. This is a risk you are taking on your own when you are using it. If you don’t feel comfortable using beta software better leave the panel alone. As long as there is no official “stable” build of Ctrlr this panel will stay in beta state.

I recommend saving your patches before using this panel. This can be done with a sysex tool. There are reliable freeware tools to do this. If you need help saving your patches let me know:
roet32 (at)

A collection of all the JX-8P, JX-10/MKS-70 patches I found: JX Patches

You can download the panel here:

superjx_xxl1 superjx_xxl2

14 thoughts on “MKS-70/JX-10 with OS4.x upgrade”

    • Thanks for your nice comment. I have to say that the code for the graphic env’s is copied from a tutorial-panel made by atom. I just made some minor modifications to the code.

      • I’ve been inspired to implement a similar envelope display for my Ensoniq ESQ1 panel – good of you to credit your source and I’ll do the same. Still yet to dig into LUA properly … 😉

  1. If this panel will only run with Vecoven 4.x and above, could someone be so kind as to direct me to a panel that will run with the current 3.11 Vecoven upgrade. I’m very new to the original JX-10 code bungle and want to ride this Vecoven renaissance wave, only one step at a time. 3.11 would be my limit for the immediate future! Thanks for any help!

  2. Superb Panel !!! And thanks for the update, it’s makes creating sounds on a JX-10 a pleasure, especially with support for 4.0 is brilliant. Loving my Pwm now !! Cheers

  3. Hey Chris , the latest version is so impressive. What an achievement to be able to control the synth to such a high degree , bravo !!!! This has made the PWM upgrade come to life , and without the panel I wouldn’t be using the synth anywhere near as much .

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