ensoniq SQ80 editor

Voice bank       editor



• CTRL Panel for ensoniq SQ80, (maybe compatible with ESQ1 and ESQm, but not tested).

• Voice editing, all parameters except Split/Layer.

• Bank page with dedicated buttons for internal voices only (no cartridge support).

configure midi IN/OUT in ctrl menu to receive voice name and settings.

• Save and rename edited voices must be done from the synth itself.


2 steps MUST be done in the ensoniq to receive midi parameter changes

every time you turn power on.


• Enable Sysex Exclusive  (MIDI page, ENABLE = KEYS + CT + PC + SS + SX).

This setting is not held in memory when power off.

• Press one of the voice editing buttons (OSC, DCA, ENV, FILTER…..)


Built with Ctrl version 5.3.85






7 thoughts on “ensoniq SQ80 editor”

  1. Hey this is great work!
    Seems to drive my sq80 very well.

    Ideas that came as I was using it…
    1. Randomise would be a great function to have for parameters.
    2. If you increase the upper number limit for the waveform selection you may be able to access the ‘secret’ waves in all sq80’s. (I had an editor that could do this).

  2. Thanks for your response!

    I also want to implement a randomise parameter function, i’m new to programming and lua scripting so updates can take a while.
    The “hidden” waveforms in the synth i thought you needed a special rom version?, but if it’s available from sysex it should be easy to increase the waveform list.
    I hade hope compatible with ESQ1 sadly it wasn’t , theSQ80 can read ESQ1 files from disk, if comparing the operating manuals midi parameters seems to match, but i have no way to test this panel other than on an SQ80.

  3. Hi Meastempo,

    I’ve just had some problems getting the editor to work in a new studio set up and I think I may have found a bug. It seems that the editor will only communicate properly with the sq80 if the midi channel it set to 1. I’ve tried setting both the synth and the editor to other channels and there is limited communication but its not functioning properly (e.g. parameter changes not being sent to the correct control and no midi data being received from the synth).

    Btw, very late I know but I didn’t see your reply all those months ago – anyway, the hidden waves are apparently only accessible via program dump, not via midi parameter sends. That is unless you have the updated ROMs which is supposed to make them generally accessible (I don’t have the updated ROM). I think it would be quite alot of work to implement prg dump in your editor, but if you were to add a librarian function, keep it in mind 🙂

  4. Hello Meastempo,

    I am wondering if you could give me insight into this panel. I am trying to adapt it to the ESQ-1, but don’t understand LUA (or SYSEX for that matter) too well. It appears that the waveform selection in the panel will in fact change the ESQ-1 waveform, but because the ESQ-1 has less waveforms, it splits the selection in groups of 4 (i.e. Waveform 1 = value of 0-4, Wvaeform 2 = value of 5-8), but your panel doesn’t do it that way. Is there some sort of “multiplier” in there that affects the response? This is also the case with some envelopes, since the ESQ-1 does not have a bi-directional LV. It only goes from 0-63.

    Any help would be great. Also, if I am able to adapt this to work for the ESQ-1, do you mind if I post it up with the other panels?

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