Korg Prophecy v0.1

Graphic interface for controlling the Korg Prophecy.

This panel isn’t finished, but all controls are working.

To do:
. add sysex dumps to & from the unit
. add bank for storing user patches
. graphical tweaks (eventual new skin)


11 thoughts on “Korg Prophecy v0.1”

  1. this is nothing short of fantastic! thank you so much for this. all controls working on my prophecy but doesn’t seem to do anything when i select a preset from the list? i appreciate this is not complete yet but just wondering if it was supposed to be working at the mo?
    also, will there be an init preset and be able to save into my ableton projects?
    sorry to bombard you with questions…. i am quite excited about this ctrlr as i only found it yesterday.
    thanks again

  2. I can’t get this one to work at all – Korg Prophecy is set to SysEx enabled, I can change Programs from this CTRLR panel (encouraging), I have disabled my DAW host ports (and other panels are working with other synths/panels – e.g. Matrix 1000, DW8000 and DSI Mopho) but this one seems to be a dead duck … I’m a n00b here with CTRLR however have 20+ years of using MIDI, etc … Tweaking parameters on this Panel does not effect the sound on the Prophecy.

  3. Hi there,
    Great stuff. Got everything working but automation in ableton live isn’t.
    I checked the midi monitor, and it’s sending out midi when I move a control in the plugin…but when I try to configure the controller in ableton it’s not registering it.
    Does it even work ?

  4. cant get it to work , i can get other panels working by other makes but not this one under any conditions and ive worked with this stuff for years , is anyone actually using it ok ?

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