How to use Mail Drop on the Mac?

Apple has introduced Mail Drop in the development of MacOS X 10.10, Yosemite. Mail Drop is an email function that allows you to transfer large file attachments in your email. This is required when sending large files or files of high resolution, such as videos or photos. 

How to use Mail Drop to Send Large Files on Mac

Not knowing how to send a large file from a mail drop ? so follow these simple steps. And to know how to open mail drop on mac.

  • On the right corner of the mac, there will be an apple icon.
  • Press system preference, then sign-in on the iCloud account.

There is not much difference in mail drop if you have a sign-in to iCloud.

How Does Mail Drop Work?

Maildrop works very easily. As it simply plugs the files from an email server. By this, you will not face any problem in sending large files.

Maildrop email can send files up to 5kb in size. You have to upload the file on iCloud.

As many email servers do not allow you to, send large files and make your work stuck in the middle. But the drop is so Helpful in this matter.

As I referred to iCloud, you might be thinking whether the document connection represents a mark against your complete record allocation in iCloud, and I’m happy to say that it doesn’t. So plug away! 5 GB is your new document size limit, on account of Mail Drop!

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1337x Proxy And Torrent Sites Unblocked/Mirror

1337x is one of the simplest as well as amazing torrent sites that have its proper share of users who love to use this torrent site. Almost every large charger provides a direct link for the torrents via this site. If users want to look for free movie downloads, TV shows, games, software, music, ebooks, and whatnot then 1337x movies are the best option for them.  

But recently there have been problems using the site by the users as the site has started being blocked in many countries and regions. And if your country or the ISP has banned the 1337x torrent in your country then you cannot use it in your region directly which means it becomes inaccessible. 

As a user must be aware that the users can still access the site using the proxies or the 1337x proxy unblock for the site and if you do not know about it then do now worry we will be talking about it in this article and will guide you step by step. And here you will get the best resources to download data which could be games, the latest webisodes, movies or music or TV series or software, etc for free without paying anything. 

Proxy And Mirror Sites of 1337X Movies

So let us have a look at the list of the reliable 1337x proxy which will help you to access the site and its content. 

Proxy Sites for the same – 

  6. 1337x 

Mirror Sites for the same – 

  3. https://1337×

Some Alternatives of 1337X Movies

We would recommend you bookmark all these sites to use later on to unlock 1337x. However, there are many other sites that you can try and we suggest you try to get torrent content. 

1. The Pirate Bay 

With a functional search engine and upload Pirate bay has always been an amazing torrent site to download torrent content and try instead of unblocked 1337x proxy

2. LimeTorrents 

It is another site that the users must try as it is a legitimate torrent and not only this it has been one of the largest legal sites. 


If you are a movie lover then this is the site for you as it will provide you with movies all you want and will also give you the list of the popular movies to watch so that you can decide accordingly. 

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