Why Is it So Difficult to Find Workforce Housing?

Workforce housing is difficult to find, and there are a couple of reasons behind it. Unless investors move away from conventional real estate investments, the chances of workforce employees finding a place to rent they can afford will always remain a dream.

With rising home prices, for employees earning minimum wage or 80% to 120% of their area’s median income, finding a house or apartment that falls under their budget can be challenging. Before we discuss the ‘whys’, let’s look at what makes workforce housing so important:

Typically, workforce housing is defined as affordable accommodation for low to moderate-income workers. However, industry professionals define it as affordable housing that is located near to an employee’s office. The range of eligible professionals for workforce housing includes service-industry employees, retail workers, first responders, and teachers.

The Importance of Workforce Housing

Workforce housing holds great importance for low-wage employees. Imagine the daily life of a first-responder. A call comes in about a burning building, and it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation, so all the firefighters are called in. Some live a little far away from the headquarters, and they have to make haste to reach on time.

Every second of delay will put a civilian’s life in danger, and this is why these workers need to be close to their office.

Three Reasons Why Finding Workforce Housing Is Difficult

1.      Increasing Rent

Due to COVID-19, many people have lost their jobs or have experienced a decrease in their income. With the housing market in shambles, owners who are offering apartments on rent have increased the price. This increase is because they need to pay down the mortgage, and with low rent, they will end up paying more interest rates. Circling back to the topic of high rent, which low-wage employees can’t afford, and you know why workforce housing is so difficult to find.

2.      Lack of Housing Aid

Workforce housing is more difficult to find in some regions than the others. That’s because places with jobs have expensive lands. Factor in the materials and labor, and you have got yourself a standstill situation. In this case, it’s not just about the high rent but low income too.

As a result, real estate investors feel that creating workforce housing might not give them a satisfactory ROI.

3.      Static Income

In the past two years, the workforce industries that were hit the hardest include tourism and hospitality. Those who were lucky enough to survive the crisis and stay at their job did not receive any increments or incentives. This led to fixed income, and because of it, employees had a hard time managing their financials.

Real estate investors can boost their economy by investing in workforce housing projects such as those by Maxwell Drever. Yes, this will lead to an increase in population, but this will also bring in companies worldwide and expand and diversify the job market.

Need To Earn Money Online Successfully

People keep nurturing the idea of making money online. There is no shortcut to success in this field. How much to earn is not the main question. On the contrary, the question is how you plan to make money. Remember – there are several sites that offer ways to make money. Each option is not equally financially beneficial. So what really matters is your way of thinking.

Below are 4 important things to keep in mind:

Desire to succeed.

What you really want to get out of your online work is the key to success. Do you want to gain financial freedom? Or do you want to spend more time with your family? Perhaps you don’t want to become very rich. On the contrary, all you want is to reduce the financial burden on your family. Similarly, maybe you just hate your job and your boss. You just want to be your own boss. Whatever the reason, there must be a deep desire in you. In other words, it motivates you and gives you tremendous power.

Stay focused.

earn money online bd has become easier because there are several ways to make money. For example, you can become an affiliate marketer and sell other people’s products. Similarly, you can choose the online MLM option and get busy creating your own income. Regardless of which option you choose, you should focus on your efforts. There are so many business opportunities like this. Every day is a new day as the Internet is filled with new opportunities every second. You may have a tendency to go from one opportunity to another. Instead, focus on your efforts and do your best.

Have patience.
Successful online earning doesn’t happen by magic. The key is dedication and hard work. You can’t succeed with just a few weeks or months of work. The whole process takes a certain amount of time before the expected results start to appear. Therefore, you need to be extremely patient before your hard work begins to produce monetary results.

Choose the right work at home job

It is only natural that you will work online to make money. This is only possible if the option you choose is legitimate. Therefore, it is very important that you choose it carefully. Familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions. This will help you make a wise decision and make a smart choice.

A strong sense of commitment and desire

A laser focus and a fiery desire will not, by itself, lead to satisfactory results. In addition, to make money online, you must have tremendous patience. In addition, you are required to have constant determination. This is very important because success and determination go hand in hand.

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Advantages Of Cloud Server Hosting

There is a growing interest in an online cloud server and cloud server hosting. Organizations want to host their websites, email, databases, storage, and more using cloud hosting solutions. There is also some doubt and hesitation about the move due to concerns about security and whether their cloud lives up to the hype. Change is always difficult, of course, but not for those just starting out, but there is always a desire to maintain the status quo by trying to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Organizations are looking to get more for less while giving more power to the web infrastructure. To be sure, look at some of the many benefits of an online cloud server in terms of hosting your site and determine whether or not the cloud is right for you. Virtualization and cloud computing has many benefits, but these technologies are not ideal for everyone, so a little due diligence can be helpful!

The first and most important benefit is that you get more value for your money. You pay almost the same or less than you would pay for basic shared hosting, but you get a set of features that you usually only find on dedicated server hosting. That’s really good news for those who want to take advantage of the many features of dedicated hosting at a lower price. Cloud hosting is definitely a solution that allows you to save on hosting costs and still have a great set of features for your websites at all times.

The next advantage of online cloud server is that you can add or remove servers at any time, and the instant up or down adjustment is great! This means you have control over the resources you are using at any given time. If you need another server to handle a large amount of traffic, you can choose an additional cloud server and it will be up and running within minutes. Once the traffic spikes have subsided, you can simply reduce the size of the server and only pay for the number of resources you’ve used. This is a very useful feature for many people.

In addition, online cloud servers provide a guarantee of almost no downtime. This means that you will almost never experience your website going down, and in the unlikely event that it does, the downtime will last no more than a few seconds, which is very impressive. This is one of the main reasons why cloud server hosting has gained a good reputation in a very short time, and many people trust hosting their sites in the cloud because they know their sites can rely on reliable servers.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why cloud server hosting is such an attractive proposition. It really is very suitable for a large number of people who want to have full control over their website’s functioning while not making their pockets too easy. It really is a great deal for such individuals, who get a lot of features that you can normally only get on dedicated servers. So if you haven’t yet looked into cloud server hosting, now is the time to do so.

Choose the Best SEO Agency for Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) basically helps your brand appear higher on search engines and improves your online presence. If you are an entrepreneur and want to use the services of an affordable SEO agency, you are on the right track. That’s because SEO is very important for the online growth and success of your business. You can get confused by the huge number of agencies offering a wide range of SEO services, but you must be vigilant when choosing the right agency for your business. So how do you choose the right service provider for your needs?

Here are 3 key tips to keep in mind when hiring an SEO agency:

Research their past online experience

You need to dig into the background of the potential SEO partner you want to hire. This specific information is essential to help you understand their experience and skills and, most importantly, to understand who will be your partner on your path to growth online. Any mistake in hiring the right agency can be a disaster for your brand’s reputation. It can lower your rankings and damage your domain reputation and Google’s credibility. You should check their website, blogs, social media presence, and client portfolio. Look at their client list and visit their websites to see how well they are doing.

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It can also be a good idea to hire an agency with experience in your previous industry. For example, if you are in e-commerce, it is always better to hire someone who has worked in an online shop before.

Variety of services offered

On its own, SEO can’t do much for your business, but when combined with content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and PPC marketing, it can help businesses reach the pinnacle of online success. If an agency offers you all these services under one roof, climbing the SEO rankings will no longer be a challenge for your business. The benefits will come in the form of uniformity of work, common goals, and lower prices. It will also make it easier to manage, as you will have a single point of contact for all services, rather than having to deal with many people to do different jobs.

Accountability and transparency

The most important characteristic of a good SEO agency is that it should be transparent in its work. You should expect them to provide detailed weekly or monthly reports (depending on what suits your business). Most SEO agencies send out regular individual reports detailing the strategies they employ, their effect and the improvements made over time in key areas. Choose an agency that uses Google’s best standards, practices, and methods to organically increase your brand presence. Make sure the agency you plan to hire doesn’t use unethical practices that could put your brand in trouble.

6 Steps To Financial Freedom

Everyone dreams of living a financially secure life. Unfortunately, that goal is at odds with the world we live in. Even if you start working right after college, or even before it, by the time you reach your late 30s, there’s a good chance your net worth will be negative. If not negative, chances are it won’t be very high either.

Most people believe financial security means saving as much as possible. In reality, that’s not entirely true. Financial security is a combination of saving and investing.

If you just save, there’s a good chance you will have to work till your last day. But when you invest, your money grows by itself! And when you add regular investments to your savings, you can take control of your life and plan it ahead. 

Here are a few ideas for you to get started:

Step 1. Cut all the unnecessary expenses

The three biggies are Subscriptions, Club memberships, and eating out. That sums to a lot of money. If you manage to cut those out, it will be possible for you to save a considerable part of your salary.

According to Business Insider, an American spends in average about $3,000 a year on eating outside. I bet that is by far more than you expected. If you would put that money apart, it would easily add up to significant numbers over time. You can see here the statistics I am talking about:


Now let’s come to subscriptions. We all love to watch fiction movies, documentary series, play games online, use a cool fitness app, or store our photos in the cloud. But people often barely have time for all that things, so they end up by engaging in lots of paid services which they do not really use.

There is an interesting report by ZDNet, which says people are spending in average about $273 per month on subscription services:


I will not talk about Club memberships, since you got the idea. The main takeaway from step 1 is to identify your bad spending habbits and track the leaks out of your pocket.

Step 2. Pay off all those high-interest rate debts

If you have credit card debt from shopping during sales or a personal loan from a bank at an interest rate of 10%, or even a car loan, the best thing to do is to pay it off asap. You can also consider refinancing your house for a cheaper mortgage if you have one.

You can think about paying your 10% interest debt as of an 10% yielding investment. In the end, it’s about the money which exists in your pocket, regardless if it stayed there or came as investment return. It can be more profitable to keep a debt with low interest rate if you can get a higher return by investing the money, but that is another story.

Coming again to statistics, according to a CNBC report in 2021, the average American has $90,460 in debt… And they still manage to spend $3,000 per year on eating out?!  That is incredible!

In the mentioned CNBC report, you can also see the debt level by age group:


Step 3. Build an emergency fund

Not building an emergency fund is one mistake that can haunt you for years. From medical emergencies or sudden need of cash, building an emergency fund is the best way to be prepared for any unexpected life events. Experts recommend to keep three months of your salary in your savings account in case any incident happens.

Now be honest, how much do you have? Feel free to share that in the comments section. We can build our own statistics based on your feedback, but according to CNBC, half of Americans have less than those 3 months. If you don’t believe me, read this article, written in July 2021:


I personnaly do not have a saving account holding my 3 months salary, but this is just because I invested very aggressively during last 2 years. 

And here is where we come to our next step: 

Step 4. Start investing

Once you have saved some money, it’s time to start investing. Investing allows your money to grow by itself in the long term. If you keep investing and reinvesting your gains, soon you’ll have more than enough money for your retirement as well as other goals (buying a house or car). From stocks to real estate, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from.

This is the best way to put the money you worked for to work now for you instead. There are plenty of publications about that which you can easily find over the internet by yourself, as I figured out when looking for the best place to buy dogecoin for my investments, so there is no need that I cite some sites for you.

I would rather recommend you a life changing book, called “The Richest Man in Babylon”, by George Samuel ClasonThe-Richest-Man-In-Babylon-George-Clason.png


It is a very nice reading which you will for sure enjoy and at the same time it will change your view on your financial culture, from savings to investing.

Very important, stay away from scammers and “get rich quick” schemes. There is no trustful method to get rich over night. It is much easier to get poor over night. Most of the people seaking for this kind of fortunes end up losing everything.

Step 5. Diversify your investment

Investing is not that easy as it may seem. The first thing which might come to your mind when you hear the word “investing”, is the word “risk”. And that is perfectly right, it does come with a certain risk. For example, a drop in the stock market can affect your investments for a couple of years. 

The key to successful investing is diversification. You should spread your money across various asset classes such as stocks, real estate, gold, and cash. This way you may lose on some investments but at the same time, you might gain from the others.

I will give you the example of the well known “Housing Bubble” of 2008. 

The chart below shows the Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ), the S&P500 and the old good Gold.

It is not hard to see that during the period from 2007 until 2009 both S&P500 and VNQ had a dramatic nose dive, while on the other hand, Gold has significantly overperform.

This is not an investment guide and I am not advising you to invest in Gold. The scope is to simply show how diversification can help you face the red years of the stock market.

You can read more about S&P500 here:


More information about VNQ on their website: 


I have build the above chart using https://www.tradingview.com/

Step 6. Be consistent

This is where most people fail. Building wealth is not a one-time thing. You will have to save and invest every month in order to reach your goal. 

You are not going to make a profit out of your investments every time. This journey may show you a lot of ups and downs. But it’s important to stay focused and keep going.

Compounding is the best concept coming together with consistency when speaking about investments.

There is an impressive quote:

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it”

By Albert Einstein

I can recommend you to watch the following youtube video about compounding, to understand why it is so important and how you can get benefit of that:

Final thoughts:

What is your number one priority now? If you keep focusing on your goal and working towards it, there’s a good chance you will succeed! It’s never too late to start. 

If you follow these tips outlined above, it is very likely that in just a few years, you will be closer to financial freedom than ever before!

Thank you for reading and I hope it was useful for you.

Happy journey to freedom.

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Architectural 3D walkthrough

Architectural animation is a great tool that architects and artists can use to provide a detailed view of their work. In essence, it is a program or software that allows viewers to virtually walk through an architect or artist’s work. Most companies or businesses that offer this walk-through to their consumers are considered to be of a higher class or prestige. Those who offer this experience give their customers something more exciting to look forward to than if they had simply provided pictures or floor plans of their proposed projects.

Although the technology has been around for several years, not many professionals have yet discovered how to use these walkthrough animations. Perhaps they just don’t know how to do it, or they don’t know who to hire to provide such a service. After all, anyone with an architecture business would benefit greatly from a walkthrough of these animations.

The technology behind the 3D walkthrough allows artists or architects to give their audience a view, or even an experience, of what it is like to walk through their designs. Viewers can see actual paths and corridors. More importantly, in the case of a house or room design, the potential client can see the different areas that the architect has designed. This 3D walkthrough differs from a regular photo in that it shows many more angles and views, as if you were actually on the project. This technique really gives you a feel for the design of the project, even if you don’t have to actually execute the plan.

Clearly, this type of presentation can save architects a huge amount of money. Instead of showing clients actual projects, they can simply present this animation walk-through. Less time and energy is spent, and clients are still very interested in the project because they can already see how beautiful it is in the area without having been there yet. This element of giving customers the experience of almost being there gives them more reasons to want to actually be there, which makes the presentation very convincing.

The problem that most architects have with this method of presentation is that many do not have the time or patience to learn this entirely new technique. It is therefore very useful that other artists who specialise in 3D walkthrough are now offering their services to a variety of interested clients. One can simply visit a fine art shop and ask if one of their artists can render this 3D walkthrough. If there is no one in the area, architects and other interested customers need only look online. Many individuals and companies offer this service and even provide samples of their work online. Architectural 3D walkthroughs are indeed a great tool that can be used to promote the success of any artist’s business.

Find simple ideas for home decor

Home decor is a skill that you need to acquire from various sources. To acquire a comprehensive knowledge of home decoration, you can visit the home of your friends or colleagues; or you can even read magazines or books or browse the internet where you will find a plethora of ways to decorate your home.

In online and offline stores, you can find numerous decorating items that will not only give you ideas but also give you a variety of ways to decorate your home. Among them, you need to choose the best home decor to decorate your home.

How to decor your living room?

Decorating the home starts with the living room and ends with the bathroom. The first thing you need to think about is decorating your living room since this is the place where your guests will sit. So, your first step is to buy attractive furniture that will be part of the home decoration. So, look for beautiful designer sofas or other furniture that will best suit your living room. Also, make sure that both sofa and chairs are comfortable to sit for a long time.

After that, you need to think about decorating your tiles with beautiful rugs; and also think about decorating the corners of your living room with attractive corner stands where you can keep beautiful flower vases. Then it’s time to think about decorating the walls of your living room with artistic photo frames. Apart from that, you can even buy small electronic fountains that will impress your guests if you place them near the furniture.

How to décor your bedroom?

To decorate your bedroom, of course, you need an attractive crib, a bed with nice bedding, beautiful curtains for the windows, as well as a small table where you can keep the table lamp, a clock or jewelry. You can even buy a designer dressing table to add charm to your bedroom.

Along with these wall decorations will be very important. You can use different types of attractive wall stickers or wallpapers or use picture frames or any wall craft. Also you can make a small shelf where you can keep novels or other good books.

How to decor kitchen and bathroom?

To decorate kitchen and bathroom, you need beautiful colorful cabinets and attractive wall tiles. These two rooms need to be fresh, and you can use fresh flowers for decoration and spread the fragrance in these rooms.

planification financière

Après ses débuts en 1987 comme conseiller en sécurité financière chez London Life, Jean-François Salvail s’est spécialisé dans le marché des gens d’affaires après avoir fait équipe avec Gestion Privée 1859 de la Banque Nationale de 2011 à 2018. Depuis, il s’est, en tant que conseiller en sécurité financière ainsi que mon cabinet, au réseau du Groupe Financier Horizons.

Jean-Francois Salvail à la clientèle un service exclusif en tant qu’expert dans les dossiers complexes et avancés. J’agis avec un très grand professionnalisme auprès d’une clientèle fortunée. Il conjugue son expertise avec celle des professionnels qui entourent ces clients. Il est comme un chef d’orchestre et s’assure d’avoir une vision complète sur les affaires de ses clients. Jean-François Salvail a de la facilité à transformer certains concepts très complexes en solutions simples pour le client.

Les concepts sur les stratégies visent à être utilisés lors d’occasions de planifications précises et à offrir des solutions d’assurances efficaces pour les clients fortunés et d’affaires. Que les besoins soient de nature personnelle ou professionnelle, une vaste gamme de concepts novateurs appuie la possibilité d’intégrer des contrats d’assurance vie et d’assurance prestation du vivant, en montrant facilement aux clients et à leurs conseillers professionnels, la façon dont ces stratégies peuvent les aider à gérer leur situation particulière.

Mais avant de parler de concepts, il faut parler de planification successorale.

C’est quoi la planification successorale et pourquoi c’est important?

La plplanification financière successorale, c’est un plan de match ponctué d’actions et de décisions importantes à prendre. Le respect de votre vision : plus vos volontés sont précises, moins il y a de risques qu’elles ne soient pas honorées.

Une forme de protection en cas d’inaptitude : il peut s’avérer judicieux de désigner une ou plusieurs personnes qui veilleront sur vous et se chargeront d’administrer vos avoirs. Sans mandat de protection, aussi appelé mandat d’inaptitude, il pourrait être plus compliqué pour vos proches d’avoir accès à votre compte.

What does a quick sale on a house mean?

In the real estate world, a quick sale on a house means that someone has sold their home at or above the asking price. What does this mean for you? It’s important to know what this means to plan your next move. If you’re trying to sell your house and are not getting any offers, it might be because of these common misconceptions about what a quick sale entails.

The condition of the housing market has become volatile over time. This is what causes some homeowners to want to sell their property as soon as possible instead of waiting for it to go up in value. Others also tend to buy homes with this same intent by taking advantage of lower prices while they last.

In general, if you’re looking to buy or sell your home quickly (in less than 30 days), then it means that something has happened and there’s no time left. For example, You’ve found out about an opportunity elsewhere – so even though you love where you live now, it doesn’t make sense to stay put anymore. Or maybe your family situation changed unexpectedly and suddenly more people are vying for space in the same place than before. Whatever the reason may be, these situations lead many homeowners to want to move as soon as possible – which can result in getting stuck with lower offers on their property because they don’t have the time to wait for a better offer.

How do you know if the price of your home is high enough to sell quickly? A recent study by Zillow showed that for homeowners to make more than six times their original purchase price, they need to wait at least five years. So what does this mean for sellers who want to get out as soon as possible and don’t mind taking less money from the transaction? It means raising prices may be necessary. However, it’s important not to jump into an inflated value without doing some research first; these are factors you will want to take into consideration: What can I afford month-to-month with my budget if I lose income due to paying off debt? What is the amount I can borrow without a down payment? What are the current mortgage rates and how does that affect my monthly payments? What property taxes do I need to pay for each year, based on different home prices in my area?

The amount of money that you make from selling my house as is quickly as possible, depends on the type of home. For example, if it is newer construction and in good condition then buyers may be willing to buy it at or below market value because they can move into their new place faster than waiting for months while trying to find such property. On the other hand, older residential homes with outdated features are often sold at just above current market prices due to buyer resistance when purchasing such properties.

Retirement: A Horror Novel

First, let’s define what retirement actually is. Retirement is a period of time when a person stops working. Retiring from a job doesn’t mean that a person will spend the rest of their lives sitting on the couch watching TV all day long. In fact, I think this would be pretty boring after about two weeks! Retirement can be much more than this. It can be an active lifestyle in which you engage in new hobbies and activities that make you feel fulfilled and happy with your life choices. Retirement can also involve going back to school to learn something new or learning something old that you weren’t able to study before due to your work schedule or other responsibilities. My bank has been offering me alternative financing options for several years, but I’ve always been afraid to look into them. A few months ago, I decided to gather the courage and look into my options for a home equity line of credit (HELOC). My bank offered me an interest rate that was lower than my current interest rate on my mortgage. I thought this was pretty awesome! It’s one of many financial products that retirees can use to their advantage when they’re finally done with work.

Retirement is also a time when people start doing things they’ve always wanted to do but didn’t feel like they had the free time or money for. My family wanted to go camping every summer growing up, but we never did because it involved getting up early in the morning and paying for campsites at places like Yellowstone National Park or Yosemite National Park (which would come out of our vacation budget). Now that we’re older, we could easily afford the campsite fees at those parks (although they are still very expensive) if we really wanted to go camping once or twice a year. We could also easily afford other vacations around the country without having too much of an impact on our savings plans if we got creative about how long our vacations were planned out. I’m not saying that we should go camping every year, but I think it’s a good example of how retirement isn’t necessarily a bad time in someone’s life.

Retirement can be great if you plan it out. But what happens when you don’t plan for retirement and it comes upon you? That’s where this horror novel part comes in: “Retirement: A Horror Novel”. (I hope my editor doesn’t hate me for using the word “novel” when I’m writing an article about something that isn’t fiction!) What do you need to know about retirement before your company offers it to you? You might want to read my post below about starting early on saving for retirement if that sounds like something that would interest you. It will hopefully give some insight into how long your savings will have to last and how much money is enough.

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) are another subject I’d like to discuss because they’re complicated and confusing, especially if a person has never used one before. One of our neighbors retired from his job at a local company recently after being there for more than 30 years! He was able to sell his stock options through his employee stock ownership plan before he left the job so he could start receiving income from them soon after retiring from work. This is a great benefit that some companies offer their employees. It’s a good idea to ask your boss about it so you can get more information if this interests you.

If you want to retire early, I recommend reading some books on the subject and talking to some experienced people who have already retired. You can also create a retirement budget and try living off of it for a while before actually retiring so that you know what expenses are going to be coming out of your pocket from here on out, including taxes on withdrawals from your retirement plan at work. Also consider how much money will be coming into your account every month after you stop working (such as pension payments) and factor that into the budget too! If this doesn’t sound like something that interests you, then don’t worry about it! Just create an emergency fund of three months’ salary in case something happens in which you can’t work anymore or another emergency occurs due to tragic circumstances or bad luck (which is always possible). That’s enough for us at this point in our lives. We don’t need any more than that just yet because we’re still young with no kids or pets yet!

If I had done all the things I just said above when I was younger, maybe my novel would’ve been less scary by now.

I hope I’ve been helpful! If you have any advice or comments about retirement, please share them with me in the comment section below. I’m always interested in hearing what other people have to say about these kinds of things.