How to resolve installing abs pdf driver issue in QuickBooks?

ABS PDF driver could be a windows component that’s required to execute pdf features within QuickBooks. It’s a windows component developed by Microsoft. During this blog, learn the way of installing ABS pdf driver in  QuickBooks.

A common installation error occurs while installing QuickBooks desktop. When a user is trying to install QuickBooks Desktop & the installation gets stuck in between. QuickBooks desktop requires the ABS Pdf driver component to complete the installation.

This problem usually occurs when there’s a slow internet connection or because of an inside system problem. Also, it’s important to install an ABS PDF driver because it helps print the transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

In this post, we’ve discussed the causes and solution steps to repair this issue.

Causes of QuickBooks Stuck on Installing ABS PDF Driver

  • Slow internet connection
  • QuickBooks installer not working
  • You are not connected to the net
  • QuickBooks Installer is corrupted

3 Simple Steps to repair When QuickBooks Stuck on “Installing ABS PDF driver” Screen

Performing these steps to fix your  problem QuickBooks stuck Installing ABS PDF driver, continue with QuickBooks desktop installation.

Step 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and move to your download by pressing CTRL+J
  • Under your downloads list click on QuickBooksToolsHub.exe
  • Click yes to permit this app to create changes
  • Now click on Next to install it then click Yes again for accepting the license agreement
  • Click on Next then Install (It may take some time)
  • Once the installation is complete click on Finish
  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub (Icon are available on the desktop)

Step 2: Run quick fix my Program

  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub (downloaded in step 1)
  • Go to the Program Problems tab and click on the fast Fix my Program
  • It may take a while to run
  • Once completed, proceed further with Step 3

Step 3: Run ABS PDF Driver Setup

  • Press Windows+R keys together to open the Run command
  • Type to try to click ok. This shortcut will open the Temp folder
  • Now search for PrX_usXXrX or Enterprise_usXXrX folder and open it
  • Note: X represents the version, year, and release of your QuickBooks Desktop. For instance, QuickBooks Pro 2020 R4 will show as Pro_us31r4.
  • Click on the Third-Party folder
  • Double clicks on ABSPDF412Setup to run the installation and once it’s completed.
  • You can open the QuickBooks Desktop and register your product
  • If an equivalent problem still occurs, it’s suggested contacting your IT person to diagnose your computer issue.

After performing these steps, continue with QuickBooks desktop installation.

If the above steps don’t assist you to install the ABS pdf driver in QuickBooks & you’re still stuck on the installer. you’ll need the support of an IT expert.

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