KORG DW-6000 Panel w. CC mapping

This is a panel for the KORG DW-6000 synthesizer. All parameters exposed by its System Exclusive specification are editable. In addition, I´ve added processing of incoming MIDI CC messages. The mapping is fixed and you can find a mapping list included in the zip file. Whenever the panel receives one of the mapped controllers it will output the corresponding SysEx message to the device. Thus you can control your DW using any hardware midi controller.

The panel also contains program select buttons that will send program dump requests to the DW. So if you set up a bi-directional connection between the synth and the computer a program change will update the panel controls to the values of the selected program.

The panel was created and tested with Ctrlr Build 1613 on Win7 64.


6 thoughts on “KORG DW-6000 Panel w. CC mapping”

  1. Hello, first I’d like to thank you for the precious job you’re doing. I’ve got a DW 6000 and the panel is fantastic. Unfortunately I’ve Got a problem with the CC mapping. The CC numbers in the list you supply , don’t match. In fact , for example, Chorus turns on/off with CC 12, not 34 as written in the list, same for Osc Wave which changes with CC number 14, not with CC number 1…and so on. I’m now checking out all the numbers one by one for remapping it. My question is: I’m I doing something wrong? Even in the editor, if I change the CC number of a specific Slider, or Switch, it doesn’t work. I’m not a programmer, as you can imagine, I’m doing my best. Waiting for answers, and thanks again.

  2. hey, thanks for this… its awesome and really unleashes this classic beast. for anyone else who may be having issues with the cc’s – I went through and marked what cc actually controls each parameter (for me at least – running on mac) MIDI CC Parameter
    3 VCF EG Int
    9 Resonance
    12 Chorus
    14 OSC1 Wave
    15 OSC2 Wave
    74 Cutoff
    75 OSC1 Lvl
    76 OSC2 Lvl
    77 Noise Lvl
    78 OSC1 Octave
    79 OSC2 Octave
    80 OSC2 Detune
    81 OSC2 Interval
    82 Bend2OSC
    84 Portamento
    85 VCF EG A
    86 VCF EG D
    87 VCF EG BP
    88 VCF EG SL
    89 VCF EG S
    90 VCF EG R
    91 VCF EG Polarity
    92 Bend2VCF
    93 VCF Kbd Track
    102 VCA EG A
    103 VCA EG D
    104 VCA EG BP
    105 VCA EG SL
    106 VCA EG S
    107 VCA EG R
    108 MG Frequ
    109 MG Delay
    110 MG OSC
    111 MG VCF
    35 Assign

  3. Hello Macrodx or whoever stumbles upon this message. I downloaded this panel and nothing would work at first.

    So I went looking into the xml file, I saw that all the sysex strings that are supposed to start with –F0 42 30 04 41– the 30 actually read 3y ? So I did a -find and replace- and now what I get is that I can change programs but nothing else works ? Anyone has a clue please. Thanks !

    • Also meant to ask, I see mentions of CCs in the above comments, am I supposed to be able to edit my DW-6000 through good old CC commands ? I tried programming my controller (Roland A800Pro) and the only CC’s that work are the generic ones (7 for volume, 64 for Hold, 1 for modulation etc.) Any help extremely welcome !

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