Jay-V (Roland JV/XP family panel)

Jay-V a HUGE panel for the Roland JV / XP family of synths which has pages for each of the four ‘tones’, an effects/common page & an ‘all tones’ page which edits the parameters of all four tones simultaneously. The panel parameters & patch names update when you change the preset via the panel so to make the best of the editor you will need bi-directional MIDI communication between your JV/XP & your computer.

The panel also requires the ‘LCDdot’ font to operate, here’s a (legal) link….



Download Jay-V here.


Enjoy, best…. Pat & Zoltan. ( @King PP & @zoldalma )



20 thoughts on “Jay-V (Roland JV/XP family panel)”

  1. Thanks for making this, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with my JV 1010. Changing patches with the plus and minus buttons throws random numbers and is stuck at the “Reading data…” message.

  2. Okay, so I hooked it up with an emagic amt8 MIDI patchbay with the korg taktile 49 and it works…. BUT the patches aren’t corresponding to the banks/categories. I want to edit in the synth/pad category, but it’s in the guitar/bass instead. :/

  3. Hi there – so this thread is really old but hopefully someone is still reading it. I love the Jay-V panel! But I can’t for the life of me figure out if/how I can save an edited patch to a user slot! Can this be done?

  4. Just copped a JV-1080, trying to use this panel I get :

    [LUA ERR ][14:00:11:000790]: Callback error: [initializeValues]
    At line [-1]: [C]
    What: C
    Namewhat: method
    Name: getMidiMessage
    Error message: No matching overload found, candidates:
    CtrlrMidiMessage* getMidiMessage(CtrlrModulator&,custom [enum CtrlrMIDIDeviceType])
    At line [-1]: [C]
    What: C
    Namewhat: method
    Name: getMidiMessage
    Error message: No matching overload found, candidates:
    CtrlrMidiMessage* getMidiMessage(CtrlrModulator&,custom [enum CtrlrMIDIDeviceType]).
    Method disabled

    So, being a tinkerer I opened up the panel in a text editor and replaced the trouble part with the candidate :

    CtrlrMidiMessage* getMidiMessage(CtrlrModulator&,custom [enum CtrlrMIDIDeviceType])

    And that got rid of that message, but gave me issues with ‘getData’ instead.

    Any clues?

  5. I downloaded build 1655, which seems like it would have been current when this was initially made. Then I factory reset the JV-1080 and it’s now working 🙂

  6. hey this works nicely for me! thanks for this, defs the easiest way to get at all the params in patch mode. I noticed a couple of the output / effect send knobs on the effect tab would max out at a value of 14, making the signal very quiet. i’ve fixed them to go to 127 on my end but thought you might want to look at it still.

  7. I’m having a few issues with snapshots.

    If I have the midi input set to the JV1010 then when I send a snapshot, the knobs flick to a different value and back again. No change in sound occurs.

    If I turn off the midi input then the snapshot will send, but the output form the JV is silenced after the snapshot is transferred.

    This is on OSX Ctrlr version 5.3.198

  8. Hi King PP,
    Thank you for your great pannel Jay-V. I tried it on my JV1080 and it works wonderfully.

    One question since I’m new to the Ctrl world. Its easy to move the control on the panel with the mouse but is it also possible to link these to a harware midi controller interface. If yes how do I assign one control to a given CC ?

    Thanks and Best Regards

  9. This is absolutely wonderful. THANKS!!!

    Just some notes:
    -A list menu for selecting bank / patches would be awesome
    -A perform mode in the future would be awesome++

    Thanks again!

  10. Hi! Wonderful work, just got it communicating with my JV1010. One question: once I have requested a patch with the +/- signs at the bottom of the screen and having tweaked parameters to my liking, how will I then go about saving that patch in the 1010? I thought it would work to turn the category/bank knob on the 1010 to USER and then use Programs/send snapshot, but this doesn’t seem to work… Anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks! /Niklas

  11. This is a fantastic editor, but like a few others who have posted here, I’m having trouble saving any patches to the JV1010 itself. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks again!!

  12. Hello,
    When I try to use the editor in stand alone or plugin, it gives me a “Callback Error – Initialize Values”. And a bunch of code values.

    Any idea on how to get around this?

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