Roland TB-3 Editor v1.4.1

Roland TB-3 Editor has the following features.
– Edit TB-3 parameters including many hidden parameters
– Recieve parameters from TB-3

 – Initially released

 – Add some parameters to LFO
 – Support Distortion parameters

 – Support EFX1 and EFX2 parameters

 – Add parameter assign function
 – Add MIDI setting function
 – Fixed some bugs

 – Fixed a bug.


9 thoughts on “Roland TB-3 Editor v1.4.1”

  1. In your sysex messages, what does the variable z6 do?

    For example in your VCF Cutoff uiSlider, you have the formula:

    F0 41 10 00 00 7B 12 10 00 0A 00 ms ls z6 F7


  2. Hi dnaldoog,

    z6 is check sum.
    z means Roland style, 6 is bytes to calculate check sum.
    In this example, check sum is calculated from “10 00 0A 00 ms ls”.


  3. Well I knew about z5, but not z6! I didn’t realise the number indicates how many bytes to check!

    I wrote a rather difficult (for me) function to calculate the checksum of combined MSB and LSB values, but I could have done this all along!

    Thank you!

  4. hi, how can save a patch in the editor ? i try send a snapshot but not work (AU Ctrlr plug), i don’t know why change midi channel and the Tb go crazy in midi panic thx

  5. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. this inspired me to go buy another TB-3 (i had sold mine) and use my A-01 to control it… but i’m still having a blast with this. wish i could use this on an iPad. one thing: you should use the classic Roland font for the title “TB-3 SOUND EDITOR” section:

    ok thanks again

  6. This is the best free editor I’ve found! Really opens up the TB-3 and makes it more than *just an acid machine* I especially like the addition of the sine wave, cross modulation, and pitch offset settings 🙂 thank you so much!

    I did notice a bug though..when opening a previously saved panel, all four assignable parameters are set to the default “EFX 2 TR PAN SELECT” instead of the previously assigned parameters. This would require reassigning of the parameters every time a saved patch is sent to the TB-3. I hope this is something that you could address.

    Thanks again!

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