Kiwi-3P Editor Update Version 3.0

Kiwi-3P Editor Update Version 3.0

This panel is an update to the previous version of the Kiwi-3P Editor created in 2013.
Designed to allow easy access to all the sound parameters of the Kiwi-3P synthesizer. Presets can be saved, moved, initialised and renamed via the preset menu, this includes saving Sysex files to and from disk.

Updated features include:
• Standalone and VST versions available for Mac OSX and Windows 10.
• Now uses MIDI CC messages to edit sound parameters.
• MIDI CC messages can now be transmitted across all sixteen channels.
• Preset Menu rationalised to simplify use.
• Global Menu added to address Kiwi-3P hardware settings.
• Addition of MIDI Panic button.
• Addition of Kiwi-3P Sequencer Transport buttons.
• Various small bugs and errors fixed

This panel has been created for Kiwitechics 3P Upgrade version 2.5 firmware and has been created using   Ctrlr version 1590.


Kiwi-3P Editor Ctrlr Panels


Kiwi–3P Editor App Mac OSX


Kiwi-3P Editor App Windows 10


Kiwi–3P Editor VST Mac OSX


Kiwi–3P Editor VST Windows 10

4 thoughts on “Kiwi-3P Editor Update Version 3.0”

  1. Hello – I wonder if you can confirm a couple of bugs?

    1) Selecting waveform on DCO2 seems to be messed up – i.e. selecting “Square” will select “noise” on the synth.

    2) Connected to the above, the DCO Mix seems to move to DCO2.

    This is with the latest Kiwi-3P firmware.

    Very noticeable if you load B12 Sync Sweep from the Kiwi 3P and change DCO-2 Waveform to square.


  2. Update to above.

    1) This is also a bug iPG800 on the iPad. I suspect something to do with this code change in the Kiwi firmware:

    Ver 3.00Build 2
    Status – Released May 2019
    Wave Select via Midi fixed

    2) My bad. Ignore! It’s late… 😉


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