Korg 707 Panel


Download the latest version of my Ctrlr Panel from http://ctrlr.martintarenskeen.nl

Korg 707 Editor Panel (latest version: 20190527)


  • edit Single Voice parameters
  • get Single Voice SysEx dump from MIDI
  • put Single Voice SysEx dump to MIDI
  • load Single Voice SysEx dump from disk
  • save Single Voice SysEx dump to disk
  • initialize current voice to start a new voice from scratch

Please report any issues

history since 20150104:

  • several bugfixes (reported by Justin Evans)
  • imports Single Voice SysEx file from Korg DS-8
  • Inititial voice: Octave range=Middle
  • Midi channel can be changed (20150111)
  • PUT and SAVE broken in 20150111 – fixed (20150114)
  • PB range 0, 0.5, 1-12 differs from DS-8 (20150114)
  • Unison detune and Unison trigger mode disabled in Poly assign mode (20150114)
  • Automatic remote switching between Voice Edit mode and Program mode (20150114)