Peavey Spectrum Synth Editor

A panel for the Peavey Spectrum Synth, a 1U multi-timbral rack unit.

This panel uses Sysex commands to control the synthesizer parameters on Spectrum Synths running version 1.2.4 firmware. All patch parameters are accessible, however existing values are presently not displayed in the panel.

You can easily select presets via the Preset Menu, save any changes via the Save button and start presets from scratch via the Initalise button.

This panel was created and functions in Ctrlr version 1590.


Download Peavey Spectrum Synth Ctrlr bpanelz

Download Peavey Spectrum Synth Editor App Mac OSX



Goom editor

GoomGoom is a few component very low cost diy synthesizer. It is 16 voice polyphonic and multitimbral. You can find it at

The panel can directly control all parameters. Store each voice on its own. Put it in a bank of 16 channels. Store the complete bank on your harddisk. I have had contact with the inventor of the Goom and he made a special edition of the firmware for me so it can be controlled by the panel all the way, without the hardware panel.