Waldorf Microwave II / XT / XTk editor – monstrumWave 2.9

This is a limited demo version of monstrumMedia’s Waldorf Microwave II/XT/XTK editor. There’s on-screen control for literally every single editable parameter on the synth, including a wavetable and waveform editor. Also unique to this editor is an x-y editor for the free envelope and wave envelope which allows you to edit both time and level parameters by dragging the visual envelope editor. Alternatively you can simply adjust the time/level knobs in the editor to edit each parameter individually as on the physical synth.
While the layout of the editor might be overwhelming at first, you’ll quickly recognize the layout is very similar to the rack version of the XT. A quick glance at the sysex pages in the back of your microwave II/XT/XTk manual and you’ll recognize there are only about 1/4th of the synths editable parameters available through the dedicated knobs on the actual physical synth. With this editor, there’s no need to page through submenus to quickly adjust mod matrix assignments or arpeggitor settings.

Demo limitations include: (All fully featured in the full version)

*No parameters will update to current settings on synth on program changes
*No wavetable editor
*No waveform editor
*No panel reset/initiate
*No program – or + buttons
*Program names will not be displayed in the editor GUI

Many visual cues were implemented to make the editor as usable as possible, and you’ll likely find you gain a whole new understanding of some of what this synth is capable of doing at a much quicker pace than previously possible.

monstrumWave is essential for sound designing with this synth series.

Get the FULL version of this editor here

Or you can grab this stripped down demo and try before you buy:

Windows / Linux Demo Mac OS Demo

Note: This demo includes the monstrumwave demo panel, the upcoming monstrumWave 3.0 manual in PDF format as well as recommended fonts.

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  1. Please note, this demo panel was last qualified on ctrlr rev 1092 (mac/linux) and 1102 for Windows. . Please contact me @ http://www.monstrummedia.com if you have questions or need these revs of ctrlr. The current release of monstrumWaveXT now works as a standalone application w/ no ctrlr needed and also features the ability to import wav/aif/mp3 files to your microwaveXT!!! (not featured in this demo)

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