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This is a simple Lua method for panels that have a broken mouse cursor for some or all components.

The mouse cursor disappears when mouse is over it. Just paste this method to the console and run it (that means, paste this code, press enter, this will compile the code, then remove the input from the console and run the method by typing “fixMouseCursor()” and pressing enter)

function fixMouseCursor()
	-- Your method code here
	for i=0,panel:getNumModulators()-1 do

		m = panel:getModulatorByIndex(i)
		if m ~= nil then
			c = m:getComponent()

			if c ~= nil then
				c:setProperty("componentMouseCursor", 2,false)


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  1. mards

    open the app, from Panel menu select LUA Console, then from View select “toggle input removal..” then paste the code into the lower half window, Enter, then paste fixMouseCursor() and Enter.

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