OB-6 editor

OB-6 editor

Editor for OB-6

Supports all parameters except the sequencer. Can only send/receive/save single patches. Can load sysex files with multiple patches.

In the Globals section on the device, set “Param Xmit” and “Param Rcv” to “nr” (NRPN), set “MIDI SysEx” and “MIDI Out” to match your input in Ctrlr.

Tested with OS 1.5.8 and Ctrlr 5.4.16, 5.4.29.

Consider it beta-quality. Provided as-is. Feel free to improve it.

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3 thoughts on “OB-6 editor”

  1. It’s working here on 1.5.5 but no knobmovement in the software when you turn knobs on the ob-6.
    Other direct works great.
    Only tested with Version = 6.0.4

    • Do you have more than one panel open in Ctrlr at the same time? It will only respond to knobs on the hardware if you have one panel open OR this panel is the first one that is open since the VST index property on the parameters in the panel can collide with other open panels.

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