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Panel Editor for the Roland VR09 and VR730 V-Combo stage organs.


UPDATE: 13th. Jan 2018: v 1.12 (3) fast fix for wrong workspace geometry, please download again

ANNOUCEMENT 13th. Jan 2018: new  feature update v 1.12 (3)  ready 4 download (see below)


This is the continued development of Mauros initial VR-Combo panel (mille grazie Mauro!)

  • Update to Roland keyboard firmware v.1.12 (VR09, VR09B, VR730)
  • Access to the huge ‘internal’ soundbanks of the VR09/730 not accessible through the keyboard:
    • Roland ATLELIER concert organs sounds (ca. 600)
    • additional keyboard sounds (several hundret accoustic instruments and synth sounds)
    • standard GM2 sounds (ca. 300)
    • additional GM-sounds (several hundret accoustic instruments and synth sounds)
  • Fully featured software synthesizer
  • Direct access of parameters instead of diving into VR keyboard submenus
  • Increased timbrality (polyvoices) from 2 (keyboard without app) to 6 voices and even 21 when using GM2.
  • Save of the ‘internal’ and modified sounds and voices to the VR-registration banks for use without laptop/tablet
  • Live-play of the GM2-sounds using a simple midi-toolchain.
  • NEW:  simple registration for preferred sounds (patches)
  • Tutorial in english and german.
  • Recommended software: Windows-10: CTRLR v5.4.29 (not v5.5.x !), IOS: CTRLR v53.198

Note: there will be regular feature and bugfix updates . Check this site from time to time.

Critics, bugreports etc are highly appreciated 🙂


Download     (LATEST: v1.12.3 01/2018)

Download     (v1.12.2 12/2017)


Version history:
v1.12.3 01/2018: added: patch registration, selector for VR-Key sounds, controls. Improved work space.
v1.12.2 12/2017: modified panel surface, del. KBD/GM2-Tabulator, moved GM2 to main-tabulator
v1.12.1 12/2017: initial beta version
planned: integration of DRUMS. registration editor for VR-registrations (using upg-files). Controler for V-Beam



what you’ll never experience sans V-Combo Editor 🙂



ORGAN section:


ATELIER section:

SOUNDS section:

GM2 section:

4 Responses to “Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo Editor v1.12 (Win, IOS)”

  1. jonathanf

    Sorry for the newbie question, butI am trying to use CTRLR for the first for my VR-09. I have a MAC, and the general CTRLR instructions say that I need to download the .APP file for the MAC. Where can I find the .APP file? I can’t find it in the Downloads section of the website.

    • higgy

      Hello Jonathan,
      it seems you got help from the forum 🙂
      Never thought about V-Editor on IOS, so I’d appreciate if you could report your experience!

  2. Mikinova

    Hi higgy
    I just created an account here to thank you for this nice job.
    What you have done is really appreciated.
    It opened new beautiful doors to all Roland VR owners. I’ve benefited a lot from all your released versions.
    You did and still do a great job, man!
    I’m sure that all Roland VR community, including me, are appreciating your work.
    Thank you.
    You are proud of you. and you should be proud of yourself.

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