How to fix it if Google Docs are not working?

Google Docs is like a word doc that allows for editing and sharing doc files with another. You can also use the Google app for online collaborating. If you have been using Google Docs and know how to transfer ownership of a Google Doc, you must have witnessed how beneficial this feature is to make your work easier. However, sometimes, it just stops loading and doesn’t work; there could be various possible reasons and solutions behind the issue. So, read this blog to know more about fixing a frozen Google Doc.

No or unstable internet connection:

Suppose you have a poor internet connection, which is one of the most common reasons your Google Docs are not working. If you feel that there is instability or shows “trying to connect,” then make sure you reconnect and try restarting the Google Doc.

Extensions and Plugins:

Third-party plugins and browsers can cause issues with Google and create errors while Google Docs are opening up. So make sure you delete unnecessary extensions from your device.

Cache and Cookies:

Caches and cookies are built from websites that you visit. So make sure that cache data and cookies are deleted when you re-access the browser to fasten up your loading as it may take up a lot of space on your device.

Outdated Browser

Your web browser may be old and have common bugs that are not resolved. Try to update your rbrowser frequently, which will help you load heavy files and applications on our device quickly. If your browser is updated, make sure you open from another browser as it may be possible that the browser may be incompatible with Google Docs for the time being.

Firewall settings

The firewall settings on your browser may be one of the reasons that can block access to your Google drive, so delete the unnecessary settings and reset by customization on the browser.

If you are using many resources, extensive apps, or sources on the docs, it is heavier.

It may also be possible that you have opened too many tabs or made the Google Doc heavy, which can also cause the Google Docs to lag while editing and opening.

Follow these steps mentioned above to know how to fix the issue of Google Docs not loading. You can also take the help of the professionals to fix up problems like how to If you wish to change margins in Google Docs or what to do if Google Docs are not responding.

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