JV PatchEd. – Roland JV-XP Patch Editor

JV PatchEd.
Patch Editor for Roland JV and XP Synths

Windows standalone Patch Editor for Roland JV and XP series.

Patch Editor for Roland JV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, XP-80.

With this panel you will have a complete control of  all Patch Configurations Parameters  on Roland JV-XP series and will really can explore the power of these fantastic synths.

Tone 1 to 4 Wave Set, LFO-1 and LFO-2, TVA, TVF, Pitch, Modulators, Expansion Boards, Common, Reverb, Chorus and EFX parameters will be managed from a single instance with support to expansion cards from series SR-JV80 and PCM-SO1.

All editions will work on Temporary Patch. 

At first time run, just configure your synth model and expansions. This will correctly set the patch lists on your editor and will give you a fast access to any patch from internal or expansion patches.

For start your edition, just select a patch from Factory Patch List and then use this patch as your start reference. All the parameters of patch will be imported by JV PacthEd.

At the end of edition, if you desire, you can store a new patch on Internal User Bank, Data Card or in your computer as sysex file.

Any feedback will be welcome and please, tell me what is your synth. I Hope you enjoy!

JV PatchEd. – JV-XP for Windows Users:

This work was useful for you? This software is free but maybe, you can donate for it!


 Version History:

JV PatchEd. – JV-XP – Version 1.76 (04/07/2020)

  • Initial Version

JV PatchEd. – JV-XP – Version 1.77 (13/07/2020)

  • Added a “Load” function to load sysex files from computer

JV PatchEd. – JV-XP – Version 1.78 (31/07/2020)

  • Bug correction on Wave Id for Expansion Pop – SR-JV80-01

JV PatchEd. – JV-XP – Version 1.79 (09/08/2020)

  • Bug correction for USB – Midi Controllers

JV PatchEd. – JV-XP – Version 1.80 (13/08/2020)

  • Added a “XY Surface” to control at same time Cutoff x Resonance of each tone


17 thoughts on “JV PatchEd. – Roland JV-XP Patch Editor”

  1. Hi @lecleto I tried out the app briefly and it is pretty good! Very clean and easy to follow how all the parameters are laid out.

    I am seeing a couple of issues, though (note: I am using a JV-1080). Namely, it looks like the app is trying to transmit sysex to the device at incorrect times, and it looks like it’s badly formatted data as well.

    Repro steps:

    1) Load custom patch to User Bank 002, e.g. `Afro Sax`.
    2) Open your editor app.
    3) Select User Bank -> Factory Patch Name 002 “Alternative”.
    4) Editor app correctly syncs with device: all the patch settings look correct in the editor according to `Afro Sax`’s configuration.
    5) Play a note on my midi controller.

    The sound is correctly played by the 1080, but there is some additional Rx/Tx that happens. Once it is done, the edit buffer on the 1080 has bad settings, e.g. the name on the 1080 display shows a junk string like `llto <`. Sometimes, if I play another note on my midi controller, another Rx/Tx cycle will happen, and the 1080 will report errors in the bulk dump process of a data format error, receive data error, and check sum error. Also: would it be possible to get a bank dump from the device to pre-populate the User Bank's patch name list? It would be very useful to select a patch from this dropdown without having to remember the individual patch numbers!

    • Hello chud_drums!

      Firstlly I really would like to thank you for test and report your impressions about JV-PatchEd – JV-XP and report the steps to get this very well decribed bug!

      About the problem, you are the second guy that report me this wrong messages. The first one described the same thing however he is testing on JV-2080. It´s very strange since I created this app using a JV-1080 and here I never get this problem. I treyed replicate your steps but to me works fine. You are using a USB Midi Controller and at the app configuring the controller or using a real Midi cable. I´m thinkig that a Midi controller are trigering something wrong. Here I use a real midi cable so I never tested with USB device. This can be a problem that I never seen before….
      One thing that you can test is repeat all the steps above to get a bug but after, try play on midi keyboard of app “Patch Test”. Check if this wrong messages are going to JV-1080. I also will try here use a USB controller to check this.

      Other thing is when you say:

      “Load custom patch to User Bank 002, e.g. `Afro Sax`.”

      You are loading from sysex file and storing at position 002? Is it, or just selectiong an aleatory patch from User 002?

      “Also: would it be possible to get a bank dump from the device to pre-populate the User Bank’s patch name list? It would be very useful to select a patch from this dropdown without having to remember the individual patch numbers!”

      This is an excelent idea that I will try implement it. My original idea was create an original factory user lists from definition of device in special for JV-1010 that you don´t have any information about patch names.

      One more time thank you!

  2. Hello chud_drums!

    Tested now with a USB keyboard and get the same problem!

    For the first note played the panel send a wrong message and chage the name of patch and goes 3 octaves down.

    The guy of JV-2080 told me about this 3 octaves down.

    I will investigate!

    Thank you!!

  3. Hi lecleto,

    I downloaded and tried your app, it’s very useful, thanks a lot !!

    I just have one little problem : I don’t have the “key follow cutoff” button for tone 3 (only!) in the TVF tab.
    It is possible to fix that ?

    Moreover, I would like to control the app with a MCU Pro. Is there a way to do it ?

    Regards from France 🙂

  4. Hello Gil!
    Thank you for use JV PatchEd for JV-XP and for your feedback.
    I´m tryed replicate your related bug but to me are ok!
    I tested here im my PC the “key follow cutoff” of TFV-Tone 3. To me are working and corretly changing the parameter.
    Can you give me a print screen of your PC with the problem? What is the version of JV PatchEd that you are using?
    Sorry by my “ignorance”, but what excatly is a MCU?
    Thank you!
    Best regards from Brazil!

    In time, I found this bug on version for Roland JV-880. That is in this version?
    If yes, I fixed the problem today on version 1.84. Thank you for your report!

  5. Looking good as a Stand Alone. I get error messages when trying to load as a VST though 🙁 Is there a different download other than the .exe for this, thanks – J

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