Korg N1


I wanna thank you all for help me out making my first panel.

My N1 is an old synth, a 1997 model, from Korg, with one mini screen and a lot of buttons. Inside there are 1300 patches, 600 samples, 48 effects. Something have to be done. Two clicks later, I’m on my way to discover Ctrlr. NICE!

It was not an easy task. Bugs bugging me all the time. But in the end I was smart enough to predict were one could occur, so lots of them were exterminated! 🙂

My final panel in the Ctrlr don’t have bugs, indeed. But my standalone as. My uilistboxes don’t unselect. No problem, I’m not perfect either.

I was no experience in Lua, nor enough kwnoledge in MIDI and I’m not a designer, but I think that, in the end, it is a nice panel. A one week, sleeping fast, job.

I cannot upload it in the dashboard – maybe there is some internet problem -, so I upload it to my Drive! I hope you open it and enjoy it – even if don’t have the keyboard. Just follow the GoogleDrive’s link.

Thanks a lot, guys!

João Marco

Emagic AMT8 standalone patch editor

17.2 KB

This panel was made to edit the 32 standalone patches of the Emagic AMT8 midi-interface. These patches are stored inside the unit and are active whenever the interface is not running off a computer.

The panel reflects the state of the selected preset, and features an “initialise” button as found in the original Sounddiver-based editor, routing all inputs to all outputs except its own’s.

The labels displaying the port names can be edited to reflect your setup, so that instead of in/out 1… in/out 8 you can make them display the names of the devices connected to those ports. Just double-click on the name label and name it as you wish.

Currently only the routing matrix is implemented – i still have to decode the filtering matrix messages, i will add those once i figure it out.


Select AMT0(all) as midi-output device, input can be any of the 8 ports but one has to be selected for the updating of the panel to work.

ps: I was not able to test this panel on the Unitor because i do not own one, but the messages should be the same as they share the same driver/editing software, so i am 99% sure it will work for that device aswell.

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