JV PatchEd. – Roland JV-880 Patch Editor

JV PatchEd.
Patch Editor for Roland JV-80 / JV-880

Windows and Mac standalone Patch Editor for Roland JV-880

Patch Editor for Roland JV-80 and JV-880 synthesizers.

With this panel you will have a complete control of all Patch Configurations Parameters  on Roland JV-880 and you will really can explore the power of this fantastic synth. 

Tone 1 to 4 Wave Set, LFO1  and LFO2, TVA, TVF, Pitch, Modulators, Expansion Boards, Common, Reverb and Chorus parameters will be managed from a single instance with support to expansion cards from series SR-JV80 and PCM-SO1.

All editions will work on Temporary Patch.

For start point, just select a patch from Factory Patch List and then use this patch as your start reference. All the parameters of patch will be imported by JV PacthEd. 

At the end of edition, if you desire, you can store a new patch on Internal User bank of JV-880, on Data Card or on your computer as a sysex file. 

The selected user patch position patch o JV-80/880 will be overwrited!

Any feedback will be welcome. I Hope you enjoy!

JV PatchEd. for Windows Users:

JV PatchEd. for Mac Users:

JV PatchEd. for JV-90  and JV-1000 Windows Users:

This work was useful for you? This software is free but maybe, you can donate for it!


Version History

JV PatchEd. Version 1.75 

  • Bug corretion on “Wave Selection” when expansion board SR-JV80 are present.
  • SR-JV80 selection board now are present. No more tabs for select waves of expansion.
  • Bug correction on wave list of SR-JV80-01 – POP
  • Bug correction on wave list of SR-JV80-09 – Session
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-13 – Vocal
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-14 – Asia

JV PatchEd. Version 1.76

  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-15 – Special EFX
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-16 – Orchestral II
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-17 – Country
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-18 – World Collection Latin
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-19 – House Collection
  • Added a section “Get Patch From JV” with auto-request patch data

JV PatchEd. Version 1.77 (02/03/2020)

  • Added function “Tone Copy”
  • Added function “Auto Request Data” when panel is loading
  • Minor interface modifications

 JV PatchEd. Version 1.78 (12/03/2020)

  • First version for Mac Users – Thanks to cowudders!
  • Added function “Tone Init”
  • Minor bug corrections
  • Exported with Ctrlr Stable Version – 5.3.201

JV PatchEd. Version 1.79 (24/03/2020)

  • Bug corretions on “Auto Request Data” on initialization of Panel
  • Some Init definitions
  • Minor graphical interface corrections

JV PatchEd. Version 1.80 (28/04/2020)

  • Added Store Function to save patch on Roland JV-880 or Data Card
  • Added Wave Lists to Suport to PCM-SO1 Series
  • New organization of Factory Patch Lists
  • More intuitive Wave Selection with dynamic list of waves
  • Ckecksum corrections on “Get Temp Patch Data”
  • Little graphical corrections on design

 JV PatchEd. Version 1.81 (30/05/2020)

  • Graphical User Interface changes for better experience
  • Added Output mode  selection
  • Bug corrections on Wave and Wave Group Modulators
  • Bug corrections on Copy Function
  • Bug corrections on JV PatchEd Initialization

 JV PatchEd. Version 1.82 (13/07/2020)

  • Added question before “Init” function to prevent acidental “Init” click
  • Modifications on functions “Init’ and “Copy” to prevent a Midi Overflow in specific devices
  • Name indication of “Random Pan” on position +64 on Pan knob
  • Possibility to save patches on computer as sysex file
  • New version for Mac Users. Thanks to cowudders!

JV PatchEd. Version 1.83 (24/07/2020)

  • Correction on “Internal” Wave List – Added wave name “REV Crash 1”
  • Added function Load Sysex from computer
  • New Darker Layout to better experience for eyes
  • New version for Mac Users. Thanks to cowudders!

JV PatchEd. Version 1.84 (31/08/2020)

  • Bug corretion at Tone 3 – TVF – Key Follow Cutoff – Missed Button 
  • Added a Tab Control with a XY Surface – Cutoff x Resonance

JV PatchEd. Version 1.85 (08/12/2020)

  • Bug corretion at Internal Wave List – Missed wave: Synth Saw 2

77 thoughts on “JV PatchEd. – Roland JV-880 Patch Editor”

  1. Thank you for your words!

    Yes! All of us JV-880 Owners now will can realy explore all the possibities of this fantastic synth. It´s so easy program a good patches!

    About VST version I think that can be possible but not now. First I have to fix all the problems of standalone version and after learn how to do this in VST since I don´t know how….

    I posted a new version 1.75 with some fixes. Try it! Will be much better.

    What is your synth?

    Thank you!

    • Awesome man, downloading and testing it this week but honestly I havent found any defects with 1.74 one either 🙂

      As a feature proposal I had 3 ideas in mind that could improove the workflow but you decide if you like them:

      1. Copy/Paste between oscilators: All settings
      2. A bt more intuitive envelopes: If possible as a typical line chart for the ADSR
      3. Some sort of Bank/patch saving

      Previously I’ve been using JSynthLib but it was pain in the ass. Once the VST version is out I’ll support the project with a donation!

      Keep up awesome work!

      • Also, to export the VST>

        1. Find your “Ctrlr.dll” file or download some other Ctrl VST like for example this one:

        2. Open that Ctrlr.dll or VST in any DAW Like free REAPER DAW or Ableton etc.

        3. Within that .dll / VST plugin go to “Open” and select your “JV PatchEd.bpanel”

        4. Clik File>Export Instance (or something like thate) and it will prompt you a .dll save as form

        • Hello denmla!

          Thank you for instructions abou VST and previous sugestions!

          I will post a new version 1.76 that I added all wave lists from SR-JV80 and included a place to change the currrent patch by the JV Patched. This idea come when I trying to make a “save patch” from panel that you sugested me and now is much more easy to select a desired patch for start point. When you select a new patch the panel request data automaticaly.

          I tryed as well implement the copy function and works for modulators but not work at practice since I set the value of modulator but this change don´t send a sysex message. In other words on the Panel the values are copyed but at synth not works. Now I´m thinking how to implement this function. Maybe using the tone sysex that comes from JV.

          What your synth? JV-880?

          Thank you for all!

          • Awesome man! Jup I’m using JV880.

            Great to hear for patches list!

            About the “Copy” function….. maybe there could be the “automatic” “post” sysex send or even a “send” button?

            But ofcourse we want to keep a good user experience meaning: keeping it simlple…

            This guy here did something simmilar and it’s working great:

            Maybe you cen inspect what is going on with midi monitor but I’m sure it collects all the sysex changes and sends a little “sysex dump”.

            Copy/Paste is really handy action for Roland 4 oscilator (or wave) synths like JV series as you can easily create fat patches (just change detune after pasting) or create some nice chords with transposing oscilators after pasting etc.

            Keep up a great work man!

          • Been testing it yesterday and copy to oscilator works great. Now only that you could export the VST 64 and I would be happy JV user again 🙂

          • Hello denmla!! I´m trying to create a VST version, but I´m having some crash problems. I created a DLL as you teach me but when open in host and request a Midi port all the softwares that tryed are going down. Reaper, Acid and Sonar. I belive that will be more dificult than in thinked!! Maybe I will have to change all the variables name. I used long names…. Check the new version of JV PacthEd. . I put a Init Button to initialize all or tone 1 to 4. Is a version 1.78.

          • Hmm that is really strange. Do you want me to try it?

            I would need a .bpanelz I guess or I can maybe recor a video how I’m doing it if you would like to keep the panel private.

            Maybe it is some stupid mistake in the export workflow, I don’t know…

    • Hi~ I am really good at using the editor. I have a question
      Can I change the patch through the editor?
      In the editor
      The sound doesn’t seem to change even after selecting a patch.
      I use is the Mac version

      I don’t know English well so I wrote a translator, please understand

      • Hello Limpbizkia!
        Thank you for use JV PatcEd. Yes, you can change the patch and bank from editor.
        As you described that your synth don´t responde the patch change coomands but you are editing other parametrs of patches you will have to check on JV-880 these configurations.
        Click on [system] –> Program change = ON ; Program bank sel=ON; Control change=ON and all other options have to be seted ON to respond all configurations from editor.
        I hope that fix solve your problem and feel free to make some other questions!

    • Hello cowudders!
      Thank for reply! The JV-880 is a realy good synth. With this panel is realy easy to create some good patches with few work. One question: Is possible for you create a mac version to be published here? In the mac world what is .exe file? I can upload the redered file for mac on Google Drive? I´m having some questions about mac version…
      Thank you!

  2. Might be going the wrong way around this but, if I make some tweaks with this software, then save a patch on the 880 then using Midi-OX dump the SysEx data, then save the SysEx to PC, factory reset the JV-880, when I try to ‘Send SysEx’ from Midi-OX back to the JV-880 it won’t send. It says sending but not working. I have tried:

    ‘Patch Write’
    ‘Patch Copy’
    Patch Initialize’

    MIDI RX Switch / Program Change = On
    MIDI RX Switch / Program Bank Select = ON
    MIDI RX Switch / Control Change = ON
    MIDI RX Switch / Exclusive = ON
    Memory protect = OFF

    Midi 1, ID 17.

    Any ideas would be amazing thanks. Trying to save patches.

    • Hello! I´m also use a Midi-OX to store the patches on my PC and works so well!! The JV-880 will always in a first momement store a patch on Temporary Patch. It means that if you send a patch for JV-880 this patch will be stored in a RAM area. Then you have to save this on User Memory area if you desire don´t lost the data when scrool Data Knob or turn off the unit.
      In order to store a o patch on JV-880 you have to open a Midi-OX –> Click on View Tab –> Click on Sysex –> File –> Send a Sysex –> Then you select a file –> Open –> At this momement the patch will be transfered and your JV-880 will show the message “Now buck receiving”. After this point the patch will be stored on Temp Area of memory of JV-880. To store in a specific user patch position click on “Utility” –> Patch Write –> TEMP –> IXX (position where you want store). Then click on “Enter” –> The message will be showed “Turn protection oof once?” Click on “Enter” one more time –> TEMP –> I01 –> Click on “Enter” one more time and the message “COMPLETE” will apper. Now you can turn off the JV-880 and your patch will stay stored.
      If you lost your data when turn off the unit JV880 maybe can be necessary replace a internal battery. It´s a common CR2032 and is very easy to replace but you have to open a metal cover of JV-880. In my JV-880, when I bought, the first thing that I change was this battery. In my was the original one!!! About your question and by your description I don´t think that is the case of replace Eprom. I hope that you fix yor problem. Feel free to ask me some other question! Best regards from Brazil!

      • Thanks for your reply 🙂

        The only part I am getting stuck on is, when I try to send back to the JV-880, I go to: Midi-OX: –> Click on View Tab –> Click on Sysex –> File –> Send a Sysex –> Then you select a file that I have saved in Sysex format –> Open –> In Midi-OX, I can see it is sending but nothing happens on the JV-880, the memory protect is turned off and all the other setting have been checked, so not sure what I am doing wrong.

        Thanks again lecleto 😉

        • Hi Thanks for all your help, it was the Midi Devices, I needed to select them all, not just my soundcard for some reason, but now all working 😉 Thanks again lecleto, stay safe bro

          • You´re welcome!! I´m glad that all are working now! Yesterday I discovered a very simple software that you can use for replace a Midi-OX and is perfect to work with JV-PatchEd. Maybe you know but here go the tip: Bome SendSX. It is realy simple for send sysex and receive the patches that you edit on JV-880 and you can store patches as sys.ex. Just open Bome configure your Midi Devices go to JV-880 click on “Utility” –> “Temporary Dump” — > Select “Patch” and “Enter”. Your patch will be displayed on Bome then you click in File –> Save Midi In as… That´s it!
            Maybe tomorrow I will post a new version 1.79 of JV-PatchEd. Just a little correcctions in design and init conditions.
            Stay conected and stay safe!

      • Hi Lecleto,
        I’m learning the Ctrlr environment, but I would expect that it would need to be the XML version of the panel so that the local Linux (Ubuntu) can generate the executables. I would expect that the steps should be similar to the Mac one.

        • Same – I’m new to Ctrlr, trying to figure out if I can load the panel in ctrlr but I don’t see them in the mac version. I thought Ctrlr itself would handle it from the panels, but I haven’t found anything I can load yet.

    • oh, maybe I misunderstood your notes: is it possible to load the wave files, if you do not have the expansion boards installed?

      ie: possible to transfer wav data via sysex

  3. I just spent some time with this. Amazing!!

    I didn’t realize there were that many stock sound sources inside the JV880, without an expansion. ( maybe someone will figure out how to hack a USB/SD card reader into it, so we can load our own samples )

    it would be useful to be able to save the presets to a local file somewhere, so you could keep track of your patches & save/load them into the patch editor independent of the JV880

    very excited to start generating my own sounds, this is so much easier than using the front panel. Thank You!

    • Hello Bananarama! Firstly I would like to thank you for use and test JV PatchEd!! I´m so glad that you spent some time trying to make your own patches! I realy belive that the power of JV-880 only can be explored with this tool. No way to change all this parametes with a LCD display and 3 switchs.
      About your questions here go the answers:
      Any chance you could add the vintage synth wave list?
      The wave list is listed when you select a choice SR-JV80-04 on “Expansion Select Combo”. This is a list of waves and not the wave. The waves or samples are “recorded” on physical ROM chips on SR-JV80-04 board then you have to install the board on your JV-880 to hear the sounds.
      Is it possible to load the wave files, if you do not have the expansion boards installed?
      As I said, unfutunately, is not possible. You have to install the board on JV-880 and JV PatchEd will suport all expansions boards with a complete set of wave list to create your own patches using the waves.
      Possible to transfer wav data via sysex?
      Not possible transfer waves with a sysex on JV-880 but you can transmit a patch bank or a single patch if you have a sysex file. I´m using a fatastic software “Bome SendSX” to send and receive a sysex files. I´m working with a JV PatcEd and Bome at same time. With this pair software is very easy create and modify your patches with JV PatchEd and after all store a sysex file on your pc.
      I´m working on version 1.80 of JV PatchEd. In this new version you will can store your patches on User Memory 1-64. Maybe I will publish it tomorrow.
      About internal waves of JV is not too much realy but i think that you can create many good sounds with this set. I have in my JV-880 a Pop Expansion – SR-JV80-01 and have 143 more waves to expand your possibilities. Is perfect for this synth but my dream is Vintage Synth on slot! Maybe one day!
      If you have some other question feel free to ask me!

      • ok thanks for the tip!

        right now I am just saving the patches internally on the JV880 from the temp space, where your editor generates them. it works pretty well. looking forward to V1.80 !!

        I wonder if anyone will ever make it possible to overwrite the A & B preset banks ( 1-64 each )

        I don’t have much use for the stock sounds. although I did a bulk sysex dump before I started messing with it, so always possible to retrieve

        very impressive amount of modulation on the JV880. and your program lays it out nicely, very easy to understand everything

  4. thanks for the tip!

    right now I am just saving the patches internally on the JV880 from the temp space, where your editor generates them. it works pretty well. looking forward to V1.80 !!

  5. Made an account to express my gratitude! Thanks a lot!

    I use this with my JV-80, and it works perfectly together with my E-MU 1×1 Tab USB Midi converter. At this moment I have a faulty button for Bank #3, so it even helps my out reaching the patches and performance 3, besides the better tweaking functionalities. So, my deepest thank you!!!

    The only thing that could use a bit of improvement is the GUI design. And for the record, that’s just the smallest and minor detail. Not even important. But would love to have a black menu, similar to that of the Roland JV. As a graphic designer, I can maybe help you out if you want. Just tell me what you need and want, and maybe I can make your program look like a Roland JV environment. Nevertheless this program is very useful and haven’t found any bug.

  6. Hello Panta! Thank you for use, test and comment about JV PatchEd! I´m glad that the software are usefull for you and I´m happy that are working well with JV-80. All feedbacks that I received are from JV-880 users then is important to me know that this software are also working well with JV-80.
    Your comment of GUI design are welcome! I´m an engineer that loves music, so design is not my major quality! When you say “Black Menu” is do you want all the software in a black color? Is this? I will post a new version 1.81 since I found a bug on version 1.80 when you try to make a “copy tone” with expansion waves. It´s a colateral effect when I upgraded version 1.79. So thank you give me feedback!

  7. Hi again Lecleto,

    Been watching the space and updating on each release!

    However, I’m haveing a few issues:

    1. Copy tone does not copy TVA/TVF/MOD etc, jut the wave and with this I need to mannually set the knobs looking at previous tone etc.

    2. Get data function does barely anything here (JV880), does not load even waves, wave on off state etc.
    – it does seem to pull the TVF/TVA etc. settings however

    3. Patch initialize also does almost nothing except setting all the Waves to piano + TVF/TVA etc. settings get some wierd values where one tone is louder than other, another has random pan settings, different envelopes etc. I would ecpect all the tone be the same in terms of all settings..

    4. When setting a tone pan to + or – 64, the tone gets some kind of velocity sensitive random pan. If I set it to e.g. + or – 60 then everything is allright.

    Hope this helps in tracking some of issues…

    Store patch works awesome, it was a great additino few releases ago!!

    BTW, any news about VST?

  8. Hello Denmla!

    I´m glad that you still following the updates of JV-Patched!! Many of them comes from your ideas!!! Also thank for your rich descripion about problems that you had. This is all that I need to improve the software.
    Yesterday I published the version 1.81. I found some bugs on version 1.80. The update from version 1.79 to 1.80 was more deep and gives some colateral efects or defects…
    I´m working now on JV-PatchEd for JV-1010/JV-1080/XP-30/50/80 and JV-2080 and this project stoled all my time to find problems on version 1.80 and the fact is the version 1.80 have a serious problems.
    The problems that you related was with a version 1.81? Do you have the same problems on version 1.79?
    By your descprition It seems that you are receiving only a part of Dump… This can be a problem of your buffer size configuration. In my I´m use 8192 on Preferences Tab and are working well.

    About your topics:

    1. Copy tone does not copy TVA/TVF/MOD etc, jut the wave and with this I need to mannually set the knobs looking at previous tone etc.

    I test here with version 1.81 and works for all.

    2. Get data function does barely anything here (JV880), does not load even waves, wave on off state etc.
    – it does seem to pull the TVF/TVA etc. settings however

    By this description I belive that can be a problem on receive Dump. When you click in Get All or select a new Factory Patch the JV-PatchEd sends a request of dump to JV-880 that send back 5 sysex messages. The first one, with 45 bytes, is a Common Parameters of patch as patch name, chorus, reverb and 4 messages with 127 bytes that is Tone 1 to Tone 4 Data. As you are receiving part of data if your buffer is setted for too small values maybe you can be losting part of this messages. You can check the received messages by the Tool Midi Monitor.

    3. Patch initialize also does almost nothing except setting all the Waves to piano + TVF/TVA etc. settings get some wierd values where one tone is louder than other, another has random pan settings, different envelopes etc. I would ecpect all the tone be the same in terms of all settings..

    Very strange, but one of the problems of version 1.80 is the fact the JV-PatchEd are generating an excessive volume of MIDI data when you use the function Init in specific on “Tone Init All”. I solved this on version 1.81.

    4. When setting a tone pan to + or – 64, the tone gets some kind of velocity sensitive random pan. If I set it to e.g. + or – 60 then everything is allright.

    The JV-80 /880 have a very strange mode for the function “Random Pan” . If you set +64 on Tone 1 Pan you get a Random Pan to this Tone. Only in +64. If you set +63 the tone sound goes to full right. When you set -64 means that you set to full left. In practice if you set a wave “ST.Strigs-L” on tone 1 you have to set Tone 1 Pan to -64 and in Tone 2 you set a wave “ST-Strings-R ” to Tone 2 Pan -63 to get a full stereo strings. If you want a Random pan set the Pan to +64. Many Eps use this. The Roland changed this concept in your next version as Jv-1080.

    About VST version, as I said, I´m started this project for JV-1010/1080 and not tryed more create a VST. I´m not a VST expert but with your instructions I created a .dll on Reaper but the JV-PatchEd send the commands to JV but not actualize the moduladors on panel. I read on forum that the variables on panel have to have names with only 7 letters. The problem is JV-PatchEd not was created with this concept, then I belive that I will have to change all modulators names to implement a full functional VST version!! Will be much more complicate that I thinked. How I´m also have a JV-1080 and JV-1010 I decided for a moment start this project for JV-1080 that now is ready and working but in tests and stop, for a moment, a VST version.

    Sorry for a long text!!

    Let me know if the things works better with a version 1.81.

    • Holly s.it man, that is one hell of an answer! 🙂

      MIDI buffer size is actually something that came across my mind as well, but assumed it was not the case as all my other synths are working normaly. Will check that.

      Also I use MIDI-OX with LoopMIDI and I’m setting the buffer size there. Any other place I shuld check for buffer size in particular?

      Working on JV/XP editor I hear! Great but there is one already here BTW, just look for it in the pannels page (Its great btw).

      Thanks again man for all your work and help!

    • Hi Lecleto, I replied on this one because I wanted to explain you why Roland has that weird +64 panning ‘problem’. It isn’t a problem actually. But Roland made it so that -64 is far left, and +63 is far right. The reason is because +64 is reserved for the function: “Pan ROUND”, which basically pans automatically. Hence why you got this weird thing. But it is actually perfectly normal. Actually, it’s a great function.

      Anyway to come back on what you said on my message about the GUI: I am just perfectionistic. Seeing other ctrlr programs with a GUI based on its instrument, it would be cool to have a program running that is looking like a JV 880 / 80 unit. Mix and match up, sort of speak. 😀

  9. Hello Denmla!

    When I started this project I used MIDI-OX and Loop-Be. I remember that I had problems with Loop Be and JV-880 and I had to uninstall this program. This virtual loop not works with a Coolsoft MidiMapper that was necessary to be possible use JVEdit that is an old software to edit patches on JV-880. This was my inspiration to create a JV PatchEd for JV-880. One thing that you also can try is chek in your driver of your midi device if have some type of midi buffer size. If you on version 1.81 of JV-PatchEd. in theory you don´t have to have problems!

    About JV/XP Editor, yes the editor is ready!! Quarentine Times! I´m using to test on JV-1010 and JV-1080. Is the same concept of JV-PatchEd for JV-880 but much more dense! If you have some JV-1010, JV-1080, XP-30, XP-50, XP-80 or JV-2080 to test I can send to you a link for this first version before publish. The software comes with the same good ideas that you give me for the first JV-PatchEd.

    • At first, of course I’m using the latest version and in this case 1.81! I wouldn’t miss an update 🙂

      Also I’m using a “LoopMIDI” instead of “Loop-BE” but it is nearly identical. I have an Korg Prophecy and that synth has a REALLY slow MIDI transfer rate and a TON of parameters for sysex to transmit but it is still working well (editor is called Progenie).

      I have NO parameters for MIDI buffersize on the interface as it is “Winows compliant” device so no driver is needed.

      I’ve been using the “JVEdit” as well as “jSynthLib” both on the same ports as your editor and all the same settings etc. and both worked….

      The problem is I don’t know which buffer to change except the one on the MIDI-OX in sysex tab. That is the only MIDI buffer I have (I guess) and it is set to 256 Bytes in 32 buffers and 500ms delay after F7.

      As far as mention of JV/XP editor, unfortunately I dont have one so I can’t test but I ment to tell you about this other JV/XP editor made with ctrlr by the same guy I’m using JX/MC editor (as I own JX305).

      Keep up man, great stuff regardless!!

  10. Hello Denmla!!!
    Thank you for your video! Nothings is better to understand!!
    Really, really, very strange!!! I tryed replicate the problem here but in my set works perfectly.
    In theory the copy function take the current value of each modulator of origin and set the same value to correspondent modulator on destiny then transmit a midi message with a new value that is equal of the origin.
    By your video it seems that the values are changing for each copy. Do you had the same problem on version 1.78 or 1.79?
    In your MIDI setup do you have equipaments in cascade by MIDI THRU?
    In my setup I have a Roland W-30 as my main controler and Roland UA-55 as MIDI Interface. The MIDI Out from Roland UA-55 goes to MIDI in of Roland W-30. The MIDI Out of Roland W-30 goes to MIDI in of JV-880 and with this configuration I can play on keyboard an edit on JV-PatchEd at same time but sometimes I got an overflow MIDI message on W-30 to specialy when I call the “Init Tone” function and when I get this error message the init is partial, so just part of parameters are setted. This was the main problem of “Init All” that I told you on last message. Lot of MIDI messages at the same time. In the copy process all parameters of destiny are transmited at the same time and maybe this can be a problem. I will research if it´s possible on Ctrlr config the TX rate and then slow this velocity of transmission. This is the only thing that I my mind for now!

    PS: My configs on Midi-OX

    Low Level Input Buffers: Size=256 , Num=32
    Low Level Output Buffers: Size=256 , Num=32
    Delay 60mS
    Check on: Delay After F7 = 60mS
    Check on: Show F0-F7 in colored text

    • Thanks again man!

      I have 1 synth per one MIDI IN/OUT so no cascading (no daisy-chain) with MIDI thru. That makes it even more weird, I know. There is no thru option even in editor it self in the MIDI preferences (input device->output device ticked OFF).

      BTW i tried:
      1. Factory INIT of the JV880
      2. Exchanging the ports on the interface with other synths
      3. Tried different DAW (REAPER)
      4. Tried bunch of different MIDI-OX settings etc.

      I really have a feeling that JV gets kinda overloaded with sysex info or even truncates some of the info because I can see knobs on the Editor actually move to the right positions but JV just gets partial data. I have the feeling it gets the tone WAVE info and quits there. That’s wall 4 tones sound differently: because they KEEP the “Old” settings – i.e. settings BEFORE tone copy.

      “I will research if it´s possible on Ctrlr config the TX rate and then slow this velocity of transmission.” -> that would be amazing man, looks like last option for me…

      Thanks for MIDI-OX settings but, funny thing is that those are my “Regular” ones (256/32) and all synths work great.

      Cheers bro

      • PS 1: Your PayPal Donate is not working, it says “session expired” etc.

        PS2: Forgot to mention that problems with copy have been persistant since introduction of the feature (1.7X etc.) but I just assumed it needed more work…

        • Hello Denmla!
          Thank you for all informations!
          The fact that you have this problem since the version 1.7X exclude a problem with my last changes. This is very good for me but at the same time shows that I have a problem and have to fix it!
          In my last post I wold like sugst also sugest a factory init on JV-880 but at the end I forgot it! Good that you tryed! Exclude one more thing.
          One thing that you also can check is the Firmware Version of your JV-880.
          To check follow this steps:
          1 – Turn off JV-880.
          2 – Press “Edit” and “Compare” switchs at same time and Turn on the unit.
          You will see the version on LCD Display. In my case:
          Version 1.01 92/12/14
          ” really have a feeling that JV gets kinda overloaded with sysex info or even truncates some of the info because I can see knobs on the Editor actually move to the right positions but JV just gets partial data.” I think the same thing!!
          As you said when knobs goes to the right place means the modulator was setted in right way. After this is sended the midi message to configure JV. The view of movement is a local action on JV-PatchEd. and the Midi message configure the remote hardaware in case JV-880. In your video try to put TVF-ENV at the same time on Tone 1 and Tone 2. Set values on Tone 1 and copy to Tone 2 and verify if after copy if you will have the same values of origin.
          By the video I can see that Reverb Send a Chorus Send FXM getting the same value after a copy but on TVF-ENV was not possible.
          About Paypal thank yoy for warn me! I really copy a Token link that obviusly will expire.
          Here is the correct link:


          Some other questions…

          The “Get All” are working? Do you can get all patch parameters of patch?

          One test that you can do is:
          Get data of any patch then you click on “Tone Init” and after in “Get All” and observe if the parametrs received on knobs that you Init will change, in other words, If what are you seeing on panel is what are inside the JV-880. This will check if your Tone Init are having the same problem of copy since are similar.

          • DUUUUDE IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            This last version you put on GDrive (1.82) actually works awesome!

            I cant believe it, you are genius! 🙂

            Now not important but my JV has the exact same firmware on the exact date: Version 1.01 92/12/14

            But why would that be important now 😀

          • Just a side note, T1 to T2 and T1 to T3 copy works as you mentioned. So “Tone INIT ” still doesnt init properly (again TVF/TVA etc.) but “GET ALL” seems to work well (was perviously as well). INIT Common initializes only Common settings right? I’ts not like INIT ALL? If just common then works fine.

            So I would assume that all functions regarding too much sysex are a problem. Copy deals with lot of (OUT) sysex as well as Tone INIT.

            Test version has however a really long time between buffers, maybe it can be a variable somewhere in the menu? Or custom input field or a slider? Probably not all settings are going to be the same for all users so migt be a wortwhile for each user to find a minimum working setting….

            But man, did you make my day 🙂

  11. PS testing it ever since and its working great. I believe it’s not even needed to have a slider or configurable buffer delay time… This one tkes like 6-7 seconds at most so it is more than bearable!

  12. Hello Denmla!!
    First of all, I wold like to thank you for donation and for your always constructive feedbacks and excelent ideas!!
    I´m soo glad that Copy Function are working now! I created a delay beteween each message of 125ms.
    As this modification worked for you, and we found solution to problem, now is time to find a compromise solution testing a lower time for this delay. I reduced now for 20ms and for this test I created a new version 1.82A. Now the copy will work for all tones. I don´t upgraded, for now, for Init Function.

    Here is the link for version 1.82A:

    The “Init Common” init just Common area. Reverb, Chorus, Patch Name, Portamento. I belive that this work because the number of parameters is much lower than a Tone then don´t overload the MIDI buffer. The “Init all” is no more available.I had some problems with it. My Roland W-30 always give an error with this.

    Let me know if stills working with this new Time. If not, I will create a new with more delay. Maybe 50ms.

    • And IT WORKS! 20ms works great and it doesn’t feel slow )as 125ms version did).

      So, from what I can tell, only “INIT Tone” is not working and should have same treatment (20ms delay).
      It is the same type of a problem for sure.

      We’re getting there man, almost done 🙂

      • PS upon loading the editor for the first time, it sends patch initialize. That is new I believe since version 1.80 or 1.81 not sure.

        Sometimes, if you were in the middle of programing the patch and accidentally close the editor, then reopen it, the patch will be initilised. I mean, it’s not a deal breaker for sure but (in my oppinion) might be a better UX if “Get All” was performed instead of INIT….. Then you can immediately start changing the current patch and you can always init if you want to start from scratch….

        Just an observation…. 🙂

  13. Hello Denmla!
    Good that works with a 20ms and now I expanded this for all “Tone Init 1 to 4” and “Init Common”.

    Here is the link to test:

    “PS upon loading the editor for the first time, it sends patch initialize. That is new I believe since version 1.80 or 1.81 not sure”

    You are right! From version 1.79 to 1.80 I had to chage the concept of loading panel since from this version I used a dynamic Patch List. How is dynamic I have to initialize on loading panel process the “BANK” and “FACTORY PATCH” and I set this for Bank A and Patch 1 as JV-880 do when in Default. When “Factory Patch” is setted on JV-PatchEd this calls the Get All Function and refresh the values of each parameter. In version 1.79 I just calls for “Get All” I think in first versions as you. In any time that you open an editor you will get all present data. In a version 1.80, I created a dynamic menu, Bank A,B and User with correspondent patch list and this, to work well, have to be initialized. This is the reason that this concept changed.

    One question: Do you use any expansion in JV-880?

    I´m having used a software that calls Bome SendSX. Maybe you know about this software but is perfect to work with JV-Pacthed. I´m send a sysex patch from PC to JV-880 and after send I click in Get All to edit a patch. At the end of edition I clean the “MIDI IN” Window in BOME ang click in “Get Al” on JV PacthEd. This sends all Patch Data to Window on BOME then you click in FILE->Save Midi In As. Is perfect to store your patchs on PC. Sorry if you know all this!!!

    That´s it for now! I hope that now you use the software with full features!

    • Downloading, gonna try it withing an hour!

      “One question: Do you use any expansion in JV-880?”

      Yes I do, I have a POP expansion.
      I know for Bome SendSX but didn’t use it for a while. Actually this is the great way to store sysex on the PC! Thanks for the tip!

      Gonna report back.

  14. Happy that all are working now!!
    Thank you for your always excelent and construtive feedbacks! Now is publish the version 1.82 for all users!!
    I also have a Pop Expansion on my JV. Is a good expansion for JV-880!
    If you find something more please, let me know!

    PS:I tryed one more time a VST version and now worked on Sonar and Reaper in two ways. Hardware to software and software to harware. As I said I´m not expert with VSTs but worked for me. Here is the link for test a dll.


    • No way man that’s a brilliant news for the VST!

      Hoever I would need x64 version (Ableton x64 here as main DAW) BUT I loaded this one x86 in REAPER and no problem what so ever!
      Will also test it with JV soon.

      Generally speaking, exporting x64 version would be as easy as loading x64 CTRLR VST and exporting there….

      Will report back.

      • Aaaand guess what 🙂

        It works PERFECT in Reaper. I have to use Reaper as it is the only DAW running natively 32bit x86 plugins inside of x64 OS / DAW.

        Am I getting to spoiled by awaiting the 64bit version??? Hahaha

        The main problem of not having the VST is that I have to flip between Ableton window and Exernal JV editor, which won’t stay on top and sometimes I accidentally close it etc.

        Even more, if editor is in VST format, you just need to turn the knob in Ableton and it automatically recognizes moved parameter so you can automate it in the arrange view.

        Another plus is that all editors are the part of my Template or Autoload so I don’t have to run them explicitly they are all inside template ready to go..

        There are probably some other benefits bu I believe you got the point 🙂
        All in all it is really really convenient to have it as VST.


        • Hello Dnamla!
          I´m soo glad that VST version worked for you! I really thinked that I will be necessary change all variables names to create a VST version. This will be insane!!
          Thank for your all informations about advantages of VST.
          You answered my question before I ask!!!
          In these days I´m back to old school and had working more with hardware and, in my mind, if you are working wtih hardware why you need a VST to control a hardware? You answered!!
          About 64bit version of JV PatchEd. I had a problem… I´m on Windows 7-32bit… Is possible create a 64bit version from Windows 32? In my Sonar or Reaper I had only Ctrlr-VST-Win32 option. If not possible send me a PM.

          • Yeah, I’m also going to hardware and allmost exclusively as sond sources. However Ableton is really convincing as it comes to arranging….

            x64 on x86 .. I don’t think so…. sen’t you a PM.


    • Sent you an email on Paypal email. This site is totally unintuitive (or I’m idiot) and wasn’t able to find anything more on your profile excep all your posts (this one).

      Hope you get the email.

  15. Version 1.82 – “store patch” function has been fix and now works using Windows 7 on service pack 1. I would suggest to notify the user that the new patch sent to the JV-880 needs to be saved on the JV-880 by using the JV-800 utility.

    • Hello Bobcat! Glad to see you here in our community! Thank you for comment!
      Glad that are now fully functional for you!
      Download this latest version 1.82. Minor corrections on init from your beta test version.
      A doubt about this: “notify the user that the new patch sent to the JV-880 needs to be saved on the JV-880 by using the JV-800 utility.”
      In theory, in this version 1.82, when the user define to store on “Internal Memory” after the patch is sent is no more necessary goes to utility to store. This will be an automatic process. In the earlier versions, yes is necessary goes to utility to store.

  16. Hello tpinel!

    First I would like to thank you for use JV -PatchEd. This editor is for use on JV-80 and JV-880, the first JVs. These model have only two effects sections. Chorus and Reveb.

    For Roland JV-2080 exist another version of JV-PatchEd. It is a JV PatchEd JV-XP and this version have a 3 effects sections. Chrorus, Reverb and EFX.

    This is the version for you:

    Try this!

    If you have any question fell free to ask me!

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