JV PatchEd. – Roland JV-880 Patch Editor

JV PatchEd. - Patch Editor for Roland JV-880

Windows and Mac stand-alone Patch Editor for Roland JV-880

Patch Editor for Roland JV-80 and JV-880 synthesizers.

With this panel you will have a complete control of  all Patch Configurations Parameters  on Roland JV-880.

Tone 1 to 4, LFO, TVA, TVF, Pitch, Modulators, Expansion Boards, Common, Reverb and Chorus parameters will be managed from a single instance. 

All editions will work on Temporary Patch. 

For start point, just select on JV-880 a patch that you like. Select on “JV Patch Load” section and select your start point patch. All the parameters of patch will be imported by JV PacthEd. At the end of edition, if you desire, you have to save manualy a new patch on “User Bank” area directly on JV-880.

“Utility” –> “Patch Write” –> “TEMP–> Ixx” – The selected user patch will be overwrited!

Any feedback will be welcome. I Hope you enjoy!

JV PatchEd. Version 1.75 

  • Bug corretion on “Wave Selection” when expansion board SR-JV80 are present.
  • SR-JV80 selection board now are present. No more tabs for select waves of expansion.
  • Bug correction on wave list of SR-JV80-01 – POP
  • Bug correction on wave list of SR-JV80-09 – Session
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-13 – Vocal
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-14 – Asia

JV PatchEd. Version 1.76

  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-15 – Special EFX
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-16 – Orchestral II
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-17 – Country
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-18 – World Collection Latin
  • Added wave list from SR-JV80-19 – House Collection
  • Added a section “Get Patch From JV” with auto-request patch data
JV PatchEd. Version 1.77 (02/03/2020)
  • Added function “Tone Copy”
  • Added function “Auto Request Data” when panel is loading
  • Minor interface modifications
 JV PatchEd. Version 1.78 (12/03/2020)
  • First version for Mac Users – Thanks to cowudders!
  • Added function “Tone Init”
  • Minor bug corrections
  • Exported with Ctrlr Stable Version – 5.3.201
JV PatchEd. Version 1.79 (24/03/2020)
  • Bug corretions on “Auto Request Data” on initialization of Panel
  • Some Init definitions
  • Minor graphical interface corrections

24 thoughts on “JV PatchEd. – Roland JV-880 Patch Editor”

  1. Thank you for your words!

    Yes! All of us JV-880 Owners now will can realy explore all the possibities of this fantastic synth. It´s so easy program a good patches!

    About VST version I think that can be possible but not now. First I have to fix all the problems of standalone version and after learn how to do this in VST since I don´t know how….

    I posted a new version 1.75 with some fixes. Try it! Will be much better.

    What is your synth?

    Thank you!

    • Awesome man, downloading and testing it this week but honestly I havent found any defects with 1.74 one either 🙂

      As a feature proposal I had 3 ideas in mind that could improove the workflow but you decide if you like them:

      1. Copy/Paste between oscilators: All settings
      2. A bt more intuitive envelopes: If possible as a typical line chart for the ADSR
      3. Some sort of Bank/patch saving

      Previously I’ve been using JSynthLib but it was pain in the ass. Once the VST version is out I’ll support the project with a donation!

      Keep up awesome work!

      • Also, to export the VST>

        1. Find your “Ctrlr.dll” file or download some other Ctrl VST like for example this one:

        2. Open that Ctrlr.dll or VST in any DAW Like free REAPER DAW or Ableton etc.

        3. Within that .dll / VST plugin go to “Open” and select your “JV PatchEd.bpanel”

        4. Clik File>Export Instance (or something like thate) and it will prompt you a .dll save as form

        • Hello denmla!

          Thank you for instructions abou VST and previous sugestions!

          I will post a new version 1.76 that I added all wave lists from SR-JV80 and included a place to change the currrent patch by the JV Patched. This idea come when I trying to make a “save patch” from panel that you sugested me and now is much more easy to select a desired patch for start point. When you select a new patch the panel request data automaticaly.

          I tryed as well implement the copy function and works for modulators but not work at practice since I set the value of modulator but this change don´t send a sysex message. In other words on the Panel the values are copyed but at synth not works. Now I´m thinking how to implement this function. Maybe using the tone sysex that comes from JV.

          What your synth? JV-880?

          Thank you for all!

          • Awesome man! Jup I’m using JV880.

            Great to hear for patches list!

            About the “Copy” function….. maybe there could be the “automatic” “post” sysex send or even a “send” button?

            But ofcourse we want to keep a good user experience meaning: keeping it simlple…

            This guy here did something simmilar and it’s working great:

            Maybe you cen inspect what is going on with midi monitor but I’m sure it collects all the sysex changes and sends a little “sysex dump”.

            Copy/Paste is really handy action for Roland 4 oscilator (or wave) synths like JV series as you can easily create fat patches (just change detune after pasting) or create some nice chords with transposing oscilators after pasting etc.

            Keep up a great work man!

          • Been testing it yesterday and copy to oscilator works great. Now only that you could export the VST 64 and I would be happy JV user again 🙂

          • Hello denmla!! I´m trying to create a VST version, but I´m having some crash problems. I created a DLL as you teach me but when open in host and request a Midi port all the softwares that tryed are going down. Reaper, Acid and Sonar. I belive that will be more dificult than in thinked!! Maybe I will have to change all the variables name. I used long names…. Check the new version of JV PacthEd. . I put a Init Button to initialize all or tone 1 to 4. Is a version 1.78.

          • Hmm that is really strange. Do you want me to try it?

            I would need a .bpanelz I guess or I can maybe recor a video how I’m doing it if you would like to keep the panel private.

            Maybe it is some stupid mistake in the export workflow, I don’t know…

    • Hello cowudders!
      Thank for reply! The JV-880 is a realy good synth. With this panel is realy easy to create some good patches with few work. One question: Is possible for you create a mac version to be published here? In the mac world what is .exe file? I can upload the redered file for mac on Google Drive? I´m having some questions about mac version…
      Thank you!

  2. Might be going the wrong way around this but, if I make some tweaks with this software, then save a patch on the 880 then using Midi-OX dump the SysEx data, then save the SysEx to PC, factory reset the JV-880, when I try to ‘Send SysEx’ from Midi-OX back to the JV-880 it won’t send. It says sending but not working. I have tried:

    ‘Patch Write’
    ‘Patch Copy’
    Patch Initialize’

    MIDI RX Switch / Program Change = On
    MIDI RX Switch / Program Bank Select = ON
    MIDI RX Switch / Control Change = ON
    MIDI RX Switch / Exclusive = ON
    Memory protect = OFF

    Midi 1, ID 17.

    Any ideas would be amazing thanks. Trying to save patches.

    • Hello! I´m also use a Midi-OX to store the patches on my PC and works so well!! The JV-880 will always in a first momement store a patch on Temporary Patch. It means that if you send a patch for JV-880 this patch will be stored in a RAM area. Then you have to save this on User Memory area if you desire don´t lost the data when scrool Data Knob or turn off the unit.
      In order to store a o patch on JV-880 you have to open a Midi-OX –> Click on View Tab –> Click on Sysex –> File –> Send a Sysex –> Then you select a file –> Open –> At this momement the patch will be transfered and your JV-880 will show the message “Now buck receiving”. After this point the patch will be stored on Temp Area of memory of JV-880. To store in a specific user patch position click on “Utility” –> Patch Write –> TEMP –> IXX (position where you want store). Then click on “Enter” –> The message will be showed “Turn protection oof once?” Click on “Enter” one more time –> TEMP –> I01 –> Click on “Enter” one more time and the message “COMPLETE” will apper. Now you can turn off the JV-880 and your patch will stay stored.
      If you lost your data when turn off the unit JV880 maybe can be necessary replace a internal battery. It´s a common CR2032 and is very easy to replace but you have to open a metal cover of JV-880. In my JV-880, when I bought, the first thing that I change was this battery. In my was the original one!!! About your question and by your description I don´t think that is the case of replace Eprom. I hope that you fix yor problem. Feel free to ask me some other question! Best regards from Brazil!

      • Thanks for your reply 🙂

        The only part I am getting stuck on is, when I try to send back to the JV-880, I go to: Midi-OX: –> Click on View Tab –> Click on Sysex –> File –> Send a Sysex –> Then you select a file that I have saved in Sysex format –> Open –> In Midi-OX, I can see it is sending but nothing happens on the JV-880, the memory protect is turned off and all the other setting have been checked, so not sure what I am doing wrong.

        Thanks again lecleto 😉

        • Hi Thanks for all your help, it was the Midi Devices, I needed to select them all, not just my soundcard for some reason, but now all working 😉 Thanks again lecleto, stay safe bro

          • You´re welcome!! I´m glad that all are working now! Yesterday I discovered a very simple software that you can use for replace a Midi-OX and is perfect to work with JV-PatchEd. Maybe you know but here go the tip: Bome SendSX. It is realy simple for send sysex and receive the patches that you edit on JV-880 and you can store patches as sys.ex. Just open Bome configure your Midi Devices go to JV-880 click on “Utility” –> “Temporary Dump” — > Select “Patch” and “Enter”. Your patch will be displayed on Bome then you click in File –> Save Midi In as… That´s it!
            Maybe tomorrow I will post a new version 1.79 of JV-PatchEd. Just a little correcctions in design and init conditions.
            Stay conected and stay safe!

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