Korg DS-8 Panel


Download the latest version of my Ctrlr Panel from http://ctrlr.martintarenskeen.nl

Editor panel for Korg DS-8 (version 20150223b)


  • editing of single voice parameters
  • get sysex dump of current voice
  • put sysex dump of current voice
  • save current voice as .syx file
  • load current voice from .syx file
  • initialize current voice to create new voice from scratch

Please report any issues

history since 20150104:

  • several fixes (bugs reported by Justin Evans) (20150107)
  • imports Single Voice SysEx files from Korg 707
  • Midi channel can be changed. (20150111)
  • greatly improved Multi FX editor (20150112)
  • FX Delay Time and other parameters displayed with real values using Fixed Sliders (20150114)
  • Automatic remore switching between Program and Voice Edit modes (20150114)
  • Bank manager (work-in-progress. Put and Get doesn’t work yet.)  (20150223b)

7 thoughts on “Korg DS-8 Panel”

  1. Looks cool. Great job! Unfortunately I can’t start it on Win 7 64bit. I get an error message:
    [string “–…”]:6: attempt to call method ‘getRestoreState’ (a nil value) Metod disabled.

    On my Win 7 32 bit laptop it just crashes the Ctrl app.

  2. Hey,

    Wanna say, great work here, patch loading/saving everything working fine… but I’m having trouble with restoring and saving states within my daw using the vst… it seems to always load to the initial values overtime… any ideas?

  3. I’m having some problems with this panel recently, upon saving a bank I get a “Callback error: saveBank”. Also this happens when I save the daw-project wherein the panel is used. Here’s a screenshot of the error message: https://pasteboard.co/GUPjVMp.jpg.

    Any thoughts? I’m using Ctrlr 5.3.198, Logic pro 10.3.2, macos 10.12.6.

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